Published: 20-04-2021

Commentaries, Perspectives, Insights

Original articles

Modified full-face snorkeling mask for thoracic surgery and otolaryngology surgical use: comfort and usability assessment during the COVID-19 pandemic

Tommaso Cacco, Marco Fragale, Claudio Sampieri, Eolo Castello, Carlo Risso, Maria Teresa Piras, Paolo Durando, Alfredo Montecucco, Gian Luca Pariscenti, Giorgio Peretti
Abstract 426 | PDF Downloads 187 | DOI

Page 107-114

Clinical and radiological criteria for the differential diagnosis between asbestosis and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: Application in two cases

Angela Stufano, Arnaldo Scardapane, Maria Pia Foschino Barbaro, Leonardo Soleo, Massimo Corradi, Piero Lovreglio
Abstract 275 | PDF Downloads 188 | DOI

Page 115-122

Thermal discomfort in healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Marco Lembo, Carmela Vedetta, Umberto Moscato, Michele del Gaudio
Abstract 601 | PDF Downloads 212 | DOI

Page 123-129

Workplace physical aggressions in Italy and Emilia Romagna region

Francesca Zanardi, Marco Broccoli, Giovanni Falasca, Stefano Toderi
Abstract 138 | PDF Downloads 92 | DOI

Page 130-140

Implementing Smart Working in Public Administration: a follow up study

Cristina Di Tecco, Matteo Ronchetti, Simone Russo, Monica Ghelli, Bruna Maria Rondinone, Benedetta Persechino, Sergio Iavicoli
Abstract 200 | PDF Downloads 114 | DOI

Page 141-152

Case report

Lead poisoning from Ayurvedic treatment: a further case.

Catalina Ciocan, Ihab Mansour, Alessandro Beneduce, Riccardo Corgiat Loia, Nicolò Milanesio, Michael Declementi, Alessandro Godono, Giacomo Garzaro, Enrico Pira
Abstract 320 | PDF Downloads 159 | DOI

Page 162-167

Guttate psoriasis: a case of unusual evolution of an occupation-related skin chemical burns

Azzurra Schicchi, Marco M Tresoldi, Valeria M Petrolini, Davide Lonati, Maria Perrone, Carlo A Locatelli
Abstract 170 | PDF Downloads 86 | DOI

Page 168-170

Occupational Medicine practice

Contribution of Occupational Health to multidisciplinary team work for COVID-19 prevention and management

J Valérie Gross, Lin Fritschi, Judith Mohren, Ursula Wild, Thomas C Erren
Abstract 382 | PDF Downloads 196 | DOI

Page 171-176