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Medicina Historica. Studies in History, Paleopathology, Bioethics and Anthropology of Health started in 1910 as Rivista di Storia delle Scienze Mediche e Naturali, and it changed its title in Rivista di Storia della Medicina in 1957. The Journal continues focusing on the history of medicine, in all its aspects. The Medicina Historica publishes original and significant articles on Hist
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Vol. 4 No. 3 (2020)

Published: 2021-02-18



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Original articles: History of Medicine

Antonio Scarpa: an ethnophysician, a doctor-periodeuta, a disease ecologist

Antonio Guerci
Abstract 71 | PDF Downloads 17

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Healthcare-related Itinerary in a Multicultural City in Northern Italy

Paolo Petralia, Alberto Macciò
Abstract 65 | PDF Downloads 12

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Francesco La Cava (1877-1958): humanist physician of the early twentieth century

Paola Badino, Barbara Pezzoni
Abstract 22 | PDF Downloads 9

Page e2020017

The Italian National Antarctic Museum (MNA, Section of Genoa): a national heritage and a scientific resource for the study of Antarctic biological samples

Stefano Schiaparelli, Maria Chiara Alvaro, Cristina Carbone, Matteo Cecchetto, Donato Belmonte, Alice Guzzi
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Letter to Editor: History of Medicine

Communication in the context of scientific museums

Guido Franco Amoretti
Abstract 27 | PDF Downloads 12

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A brand-new stethoscope for John Keats

Luca Borghi
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Original articles: Paleopathology

Body petrification in Italy. Another recipe of the 19th century revealed.

Omar Larentis, Chiara Tesi, Marta Licata, Roberta Fusco, Ilaria Gorini, Chiara Rossetti, Enrica Tonina
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Page e2020020

Case report: Paleopathology

The mummy of the Lebanese national hero, Youssef Bey Karam (1823-1889): an emblematic palaeopathological case.

Luigi Capasso, Fadi Fenianos, Ruggero D'Anastasio
Abstract 43 | PDF Downloads 16

Page e2020021

Original articles: Bioethics

Sharing ethics of displaying human remains in museums

Rosagemma Ciliberti, Ezio Fulcheri, Paolo Petralia, Anna Siri
Abstract 33 | PDF Downloads 15

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