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La Medicina del Lavoro is a bimonthly magazine founded in 1901 by L. Devoto, and then directed by L. Preti, E. Vigliani, V. Foà, P.A. Bertazzi (Milan), and now by A. Mutti (Parma). It is owned by and is the official journal of the Italian Society of Occupational Medicine (SIML), aimed at training and updating professionals concerned with Occupational Health.



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Over a Century of Occupational Medicine Research in Italy: La Medicina del Lavoro's Entire Digital Archive will be Available Online

Antonio Mutti, Giovanna Spatari
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Excess Total Mortality in Italy: An Update to February 2023 with Focus on Working Ages

Gianfranco Alicandro, Alberto Giovanni Gerli, Stefano Centanni, Giuseppe Remuzzi, Carlo La Vecchia
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Mesothelioma Risk among Construction Workers According to Job Title: Data from the Italian Mesothelioma Register

Luigi Vimercati, Domenica Cavone, Luigi De Maria, Antonio Caputi, Floriana Pentimone, Stefania Sponselli, Giuseppe Delvecchio, Elisabetta Chellini, Alessandra Binazzi, Davide Di Marzio, Carolina Mensi, Dario Consonni, Enrica Migliore, Dario Mirabelli, Alessia Angelini, Andrea Martini, Corrado Negro, Flavia D'Agostin, Iolanda Grappasonni, Cristiana Pascucci, Lucia Benfatto, Davide Malacarne, Veronica Casotto, Vera Comiati, Cinzia Storchi, Lucia Mangone, Stefano Murano, Lucia Rossin, Federico Tallarigo, Filomena Vitale, Marina Verardo, Silvia Eccher, Gabriella Madeo, Tommaso Staniscia, Francesco Carrozza, Ilaria Cozzi, Elisa Romeo, Paola Pelullo, Michele Labianca, Massimo Melis, Giuseppe Cascone, Alessandro Marinaccio, Giovanni Maria Ferri, Gabriella Serio
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Factors Associated with SARS-CoV-2 Infection before Vaccination among European Health Care Workers

Ihab Mansour, Alessandro Godono, Emanuele Sansone, Giovanni Visci, Gianluca Spiteri, Maria Grazia Lourdes Monaco, Dana Mates, Agripina Rascu, Xavier Duval, Enrico Pira, Catalina Ciocan, Francesco Violante, Vittorio Lodi, Giuseppe De Palma, Emma Sala, Marco Dell'Olmo, Corrado Negro, Loretta Casolari, Masha Abedini, Giorgia Ditano, Shuffield Asafo, Orchestra Wp5 Working Group, Paolo Boffetta
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Diversity & Inclusion: Fitness for Work Through a Personalized Work Plan For Workers With Disabilities and Chronic Diseases According to the Iso 30415/2021

Alfonso Cristaudo, Giovanni Guglielmi, Rudy Foddis, Fabrizio Caldi, Rodolfo Buselli, Cinzia Brilli, Maurizio Coggiola, Gianluca Ceccarelli, Giuseppe Saffioti
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A Relative Importance Index Approach to On-Site Building Construction Workers’ Perception of Occupational Hazards Assessment

Maxwell Boakye, Selase Kofi Adanu, Christopher Adu-Gyamfi, Richard Kwadzo Asare, Patricia Asantewaa-Tannor, John Coker Ayimah, Worlanyo Kwabena Agbosu
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Evaluation of Sleep Quality, Work Stress and Related Factors in Hospital Office Workers

Nejdiye Güngördü, Seher Kurtul, Mehmet Sarper Erdoğan
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The Impact of Lower Extremity Fatigue on Lower Quadrant Dysfunction and Health Profile in Hairdressers

Tuba İnce Parpucu, Sabriye Ercan , Zeliha Başkurt, Ferdi Başkurt
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To Work or Not to Work Remotely? Work-to-family Interface before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic To work or not-to-work remotely?

Chiara Ghislieri, Monica Molino, Valentina Dolce
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News 2023-05-31
The historical series of Occupational Medicine is available in digital format


The Italian Society of Occupational Medicine and the editorial staff of La Medicina del Lavoro proudly announce that the entire collection of the journal since 1901 is now available in digital format. The years up to 1925 were published under the masthead "Il Lavoro", which became the current one from 1925, i.e., from volume 16.

The link to the historical series of the magazine can be obtained through the Libraries Service of the State University of Milan at the link https://collezioni.unimi.it/dcb/rivlavoro/index.php. Pending IT developments, access to all volumes identified by year is guaranteed. Once you have obtained access to the volume (all years) or the file (from 1972 to 2002), you can search for individual words or strings by typing Ctrl+F and filling in the window that opens at the top right. From 2003 onwards, the journal is now accessible at https://mattioli1885journals.com/index.php/lamedicinadellavoro.

Our journal can fully adhere to the Open Science process thanks to the agreement between SIML, the State University of Milan, and the publisher "Mattioli 1885". This philosophy encourages transparency, reproducibility, and responsibility in scientific research. It aims to make the research results accessible to all in a free and open way, respecting the authors’ intellectual property to be acknowledged through the citation of their work.

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Current Issue

Vol. 114 No. 2 (2023)

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Traduzione in italiano

Cristina Di Tecco, Benedetta Persechino, Sergio Iavicoli - Rischi psicosociali nel mondo del lavoro che cambia: dalla cultura della valutazione dei rischi alla gestione delle opportunità
You can find the original article in Med lav 2023; 114 (2): e2023013  DOI: 10.23749/mdl.v114i2.14362


Published: 13-04-2023


Hey James, Write an Editorial for “La Medicina del Lavoro”

Antonio Mutti
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Page e2023014

Reviews, Commentaries, Perspectives

Psychosocial Risks in the Changing World of Work: Moving from the Risk Assessment Culture to the Management of Opportunities

Cristina Di Tecco, Benedetta Persechino, Sergio Iavicoli
Abstract 183 | PDF Downloads 196

Page e2023013

Assuming the Challenge of Developing Research Projects in Occupational Health Nursing

Javier González-Caballero
Abstract 189 | PDF Downloads 238

Page e2023018

Original articles

Health Promotion Interventions in Occupational Settings: Fact-finding Survey among Italian Occupational Physicians

Veruscka Leso, Maurizio Coggiola, Enrico Pira, Alberto Pollone, Silvia Simonini, Donatella Talini, Giovanna Spatari, Ivo Iavicoli
Abstract 223 | Supplementary file Downloads 136 PDF Downloads 209

Page e2023017

Differences in the Long-term Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Mental Health and Professional Quality of Life of Resident and Specialist Physicians

Valentina Delle Donne, Valentina Massaroni, Nicoletta Ciccarelli, Alberto Borghetti, Arturo Ciccullo, Gianmaria Baldin, Gabriele Giuliano, Alex Dusina, Elena Visconti, Enrica Tamburrini, Simona Di Giambendetto
Abstract 251 | PDF Downloads 214

Page e2023012

Combined Effects of Noise and Hand-transmitted Vibration on Workers’ Muscle and Mental Fatigues in a Simulated Construction Operation

Seyed Hojat Mousavi Kordmiri, Mohsen Aliabadi, Rostam Golmohammadi, Massimo Bovenzi, Maryam Farhadian
Abstract 122 | PDF Downloads 168

Page e2023021

Is a Dry Eye Disorder in Firefighters an Occupational Disease?

İbrahim Ethem Ay, Yiğit Şenol, Hamidu Hamisi Gobeka, Mustafa Doğan
Abstract 197 | PDF Downloads 155

Page e2023020

Prevalence of and Risk Factors for Hepatitis C Virus Infection in World Trade Center Responders

Stephanie H. Factor, Vimi Desai, Michael A. Crane, Douglas T. Dieterich, Paolo Boffetta
Abstract 95 | Supplementary file Downloads 123 PDF Downloads 119

Page e2023016

Alarm Fatigue in Nursing Students Undertaking Clinical Training in Intensive Care Units: A Multicenter Study

Paolo Ferrara, Lara Carelli, Federico Ruta, Alessandro Delli Poggi, Milannie Marasigan, Barbara Pinna, Anne Destrebecq, Stefano Terzoni
Abstract 117 | PDF Downloads 165

Page e2023015

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