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La Medicina del Lavoro is a bimonthly magazine founded in 1901 by L. Devoto, and then directed by L. Preti, E. Vigliani, V. Foà, P.A. Bertazzi (Milan), and now by A. Mutti (Parma). It is owned by and is the official journal of the Italian Society of Occupational Medicine (SIML), aimed at training and updating professionals concerned with Occupational Health.



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Online First

Per- and Poly-fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Exposure and Risk of Kidney, Liver, and Testicular Cancers: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Monireh Sadat Seyyedsalehi, Paolo Boffetta
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Moldy Hazelnut Husk and Shell Related Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis: A Possible Novel Occupational Causative Agent

Ozlem Kar Kurt, Neslihan Akanil Fener, Erdogan Cetinkaya
Abstract 0 PDF | Downloads 2

Mesothelioma Risk Among Maritime Workers According to Job Title: Data From the Italian Mesothelioma Register (ReNaM)

Luigi Vimercati, Domenica Cavone, Omero Negrisolo, Floriana Pentimone, Luigi De Maria, Antonio Caputi, Stefania Sponselli, Giuseppe Delvecchio, Francesco Cafaro, Elisabetta Chellini, Alessandra Binazzi, Davide Di Marzio, Carolina Mensi, Dario Consonni, Enrica Migliore, Carol Brentisci, Andrea Martini, Corrado Negro, Flavia D'Agostin, Iolanda Grappasonni, Cristiana Pascucci, Lucia Benfatto, Davide Malacarne, Veronica Casotto, Vera Comiati, Cinzia Storchi, Lucia Mangone, Stefano Murano, Lucia Rossin, Federico Tallarigo, Filomena Vitale, Marina Verardo, Silvia Eccher, Gabriella Madeo, Tommaso Staniscia, Francesco Carrozza, Ilaria Cozzi, Elisa Romeo, Paola Pelullo, Michele Labianca, Massimo Melis, Giuseppe Cascone, Giovanni Maria Ferri, Gabriella Serio
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Developing a Feasible Integrated Framework for Occupational Heat Stress Protection: A Step Towards Safer Working Environments

Georgios Gourzoulidis, Flora Gofa, Leonidas G. Ioannou, Ioannis Konstantakopoulos, Andreas D. Flouris
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Serum Specific Antibodies Do Not Seem to Have an Additional Role in the Diagnosis of Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis

Baris Demirkol, Celal Satici, Elif Tanriverdi, Ramazan Eren, Elif Altundas Hatman, Hande Aytul Yardimci, Halide Nur Urer, Kursad Nuri Baydili, Erdogan Cetinkaya
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Current Issue

Vol. 114 No. 4 (2023)

Published: 02-08-2023


Reviews, Commentaries, Perspectives

Shoulder Tendinopathies and Occupational Biomechanical Overload: A Critical Appraisal of Available Evidence

Stefania Curti, Stefano Mattioli, Francesco Saverio Violante
Abstract 354 | PDF Downloads 251

Page e2023033

Occupational Exposure to Solar Radiation and the Eye: A Call to Implement Health Surveillance of Outdoor Workers

Alberto Modenese, B. Ralph Chou, Balázs Ádám, Tom Loney, Marilia Silva Paulo, Thomas Tenkate, Fabriziomaria Gobba
Abstract 209 | PDF Downloads 226

Page e2023032

Original articles

The Professional Future in Operated Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Cross-Sectional Study of Recognized Occupational Cases

Hanene Ben Said, Khaoula Kaabi, Neila Kerkeni, Imen Youssef, Najla Mechergui, Dorra Brahim, Imen Youssfi, Meriem Mersni, Ghada Bahri, Mongi Hamdouni, Nizar Ladhari
Abstract 184 | PDF Downloads 181

Page e2023031

To Work or Not to Work Remotely? Work-to-family Interface Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Chiara Ghislieri, Monica Molino, Valentina Dolce
Abstract 115 | PDF Downloads 153

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Work-Family Boundaries in the Digital Age: A Study in France on Technological Intrusion, Work-Family Conflict, and Stress

Marianna Giunchi, Marco Peña-Jimenez, Sara Petrilli
Abstract 133 | PDF Downloads 173

Page e2023039

Chromosomal Aberrations, Micronuclei, Blood Parameters and Received Doses in Workers Exposed to Ionizing Radiation

Jelena Dj. Djokovic, Srdjan M. Jankovic, Aleksandar P.S. Milovanovic, Petar Bulat
Abstract 169 | PDF Downloads 182

Page e2023036

Short communications

Trends in Occupational Diseases in Italian Industry and Services From 2006 To 2019

Francesca Larese Filon, Ottavia Spadola, Claudio Colosio, Henk Van Der Molen
Abstract 202 | PDF Downloads 189

Page e2023035

Letters to the Editor

Shift Office Work | Authors’ reply

Nicola Magnavita, Francesco Chirico
Abstract 148 | PDF Downloads 177

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The historical series of Occupational Medicine is available in digital format

The Italian Society of Occupational Medicine and the editorial staff of La Medicina del Lavoro proudly announce that the entire collection of the journal since 1901 is now available in digital format. The years up to 1925 were published under the masthead "Il Lavoro", which became the current one from 1925, i.e., from volume 16.

The link to the historical series of the magazine can be obtained through the Libraries Service of the State University of Milan at the link https://collezioni.unimi.it/dcb/rivlavoro/index.php. Pending IT developments, access to all volumes identified by year is guaranteed. Once you have obtained access to the volume (all years) or the file (from 1972 to 2002), you can search for individual words or strings by typing Ctrl+F and filling in the window that opens at the top right. From 2003 onwards, the journal is now accessible at https://mattioli1885journals.com/index.php/lamedicinadellavoro.

Our journal can fully adhere to the Open Science process thanks to the agreement between SIML, the State University of Milan, and the publisher "Mattioli 1885". This philosophy encourages transparency, reproducibility, and responsibility in scientific research. It aims to make the research results accessible to all in a free and open way, respecting the authors’ intellectual property to be acknowledged through the citation of their work.


La serie storica de La Medicina del Lavoro è disponibile in formato digitale

La Società Italiana di Medicina del Lavoro e la Redazione de La Medicina del Lavoro annunciano con orgoglio che l'intera collezione della rivista dal 1901 è ora disponibile in formato digitale. Le annate fino al 1925 sono state pubblicate sotto la testata “Il Lavoro”, divenuta quella attuale dal 1925, cioè dal volume 16.

Il collegamento alla serie storica della rivista si ottiene tramite il Servizio Biblioteche dell’Università Statale di Milano al link https://collezioni.unimi.it/dcb/rivlavoro/index.php. In attesa di sviluppi informatici, è garantito l’accesso a tutti i volumi identificati dall’annata. Una volta ottenuto l’accesso al volume (tutte le annate) o al fascicolo (dal 1972 al 2002), si possono ricercare singole parole o stringhe digitando Ctrl+F e riempendo la finestra che si apre in alto a destra. Dal 2003 in poi la rivista è accessibile al sito https://mattioli1885journals.com/index.php/lamedicinadellavoro.

Grazie all’accordo tra SIML, Università Statale di Milano e la casa editrice “Mattioli 1885”, la nostra rivista può vantare la piena adesione al processo Open Science, una filosofia che incoraggia la trasparenza, la riproducibilità e la responsabilità nella ricerca scientifica e mira a rendere i risultati della ricerca accessibili a tutti in modo gratuito e libero, nel rispetto della proprietà intellettuale degli autori, da riconoscere attraverso la citazione del loro lavoro.