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Bioarchaeology in a general sense is the discipline that deals with the study of any biological remains recovered from archaeological contexts. It concerns the analysis of human osteological remains of archaeological interest.
Bioarchaeology is an integrative, holistic field that combines different theories, methods, and studies to offer a comprehensive interpretative framework of archaeol
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When Entomological studies meet Archaeology: archaeoentomology an old, new discipline for investigation of the Past

Stefano Vanin
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Editorial The new Journal of Bioarchaeology, a fundamental tool for the dissemination of research

Marta Licata
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Some paleopathological cases from a Medieval Necropolis of northern Italy

Roberta Fusco
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Interpreting diachronic changes and infra-contextual comparisons. The bioarchaeological archive of San Biagio in Cittiglio (Varese, Northern Italy)

Chiara Tesi
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Endocranial mice nesting in the body of the Blessed Antonio da Fano (dead 1435)

Mirko Traversari, Beatrice Demarchi, Annalisa Biselli, Francesco Tei, Elisabetta Cilli, Gianni D'Altri, Luca Ventura
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Peasants, nobles and religious. Mortuary archaeology in the church of SS. Eusebio and Antonio of Azzio, Varese (Northwest Italy)

Omar Larentis; Marco Calderoni
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Restoration activities for the enhancement of the anatomical collections of the Pavia University Museum System

Salvatore Restivo, Ester Maria Bernardi, Lidia Falomo Bernarduzzi, Gabriella Cusella, Maria Carla Garbarino, Dalila Giacobbe, Oreste Sacchi, Ugo Ziliani
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