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Progress in Nutrition was founded in 1999 as an independent journal, a multidisciplinary approach, dedicated to issues of nutrition and metabolism. Official journal of the Italian Society of Nutritional Science(SISA) and sponsored by Nutrition and Food Researchers Association (ARNA). Progress in Nutrition is a peer-reviewed Journal and from 2001 is indexed by Excerpta Medica/Scopus, and from 20
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Usage of nutritional supplements for individuals with Down syndrome

Maja Ergović Ravančić, Valentina Obradović
Abstract 88 | PDF Downloads 282

Page e2021092

Investigating the Role of Social Functions of Parks on Adherence to Physical Activity of Elderly People During an Epidemic Disease (COVID-19)

Amin Azimkhani, Habib Honari, Mutlu Türkmen, Javad Gholamian, Vahid Saatchian, Reyhane Salari
Abstract 117 | PDF Downloads 51

Page e2021093

Determination by Priority Weight of Motoric Function in Children by Age Groups

Ali KELEŞ, Gökhan Deliceoğlu
Abstract 60 | PDF Downloads 24

Page e2021124

Nutritional value of selected former food products for ruminant

Hayrullah Bora Ünlü
Abstract 77 | PDF Downloads 21

Page e2021101

Calcium supplementation improves in vitro salt tolerance of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)

Suliman Al-Khateeb, MNSattar, AA Al-Khateeb, AS Mohmand
Abstract 121 | PDF Downloads 20

Page e2021097

Physical activity levels and eating habits of students in different educational levels

Mustafa Hoca, Gülşen Özduran
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 58

Page e2021081

Genetic improvement of white button mushrooms for qualitative and quantitative traits

Tayebe Harfi, Alireza Motallebi-Azar, Farzad Rasouli, Fariborz Zaree Nahandi
Abstract 74 |

Page e2021152

Glycemic, Insulinemic and Trygliceride Responses of Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes to Bread Types

Hidayet Ağören, Emine Yıldız, Seyit Mehmet Mercanlıgil
Abstract 103 | PDF Downloads 27

Page e2021095

Body composition analysis by bioelectrical impedance and its relationship with nutritional status in older adults-a cross sectional descriptive study

Adel Alhamdan, May Al-Muammar, Saad Bindawas, Sulaiman Alshammari, Maysoon Al-Amoud, Philip Calder
Abstract 239 | PDF Downloads 40

Page e2021082

Investigation of nutritional status, life-style and eating habits in vocational Chinese college teachers: A cross-sectional survey

Ijaz ul Haq, Chenming Ji , Chunlan Cui, Liu Cheng , Qing Tian, Xiumei Meng, Qinmin Wu, Li Jing, Miao Jing
Abstract 40 | PDF Downloads 25 Supplement PDF Downloads 12

Page e2021122

Association between nutrients intake and coronary heart disease among adults in Saudi Arabia: a case-control study

Najlaa Aljefree, Israa Shatwan, Noha Almoraie
Abstract 118 | PDF Downloads 0

Page e2021111


Sermin Algul, Ilcin S, Ozcelik O
Abstract 50 | PDF Downloads 24

Page e2021114

University Students’ Approaches to Nutrition

Hikmet Vurgun, Nebahat Eler
Abstract 91 | PDF Downloads 33

Page e2021091

Characterization of Propolis Extracts Prepared Using Different Solvents at the Different Concentrations

Aslı Özkök, Merve Keskin, Aslı Elif Tanuğur Samancı, Elif Yorulmaz Önder, Çiğdem Takma
Abstract 111 | PDF Downloads 47

Page e2021108

Cellular Behavior of Colchicum troodi Treated Primary and Metastatic Colon Adenocarcinoma Cell Lines

Dudu Özkum Yavuz, Eda Becer, Hafize Seda Vatansever, Hilal Kabadayı, Azmi Hanoğlu, Filiz Meriçli, Ali Hikmet Meriçli
Abstract 52 |

Page e2021168

One of the work accidents in the military unit: food poisoning and solution recommendations

Turabi Karadağ, Habip Dayıoglu
Abstract 153 | PDF Downloads 7

Page e2021087

Mediterranean Type Diet Protects Adult Individuals From Diabetes

Zeliha Uçar, Mehmet Akman
Abstract 122 | PDF Downloads 28

Page e2021086

Demographic trends and global assessment functioning of intellectually disabled patients admitted in rehabilitations centre Majmaah

Tabassum Alvi, Aalia Akhtar Hayat, Waqas Sami, Saira Farhan
Abstract 52 | PDF Downloads 14 Supplementary file Downloads 0

Page e2021102

Types of Bread Preferred by Adult Individuals and Bread's Place in Daily Nutrition

Havvanur Yoldas Ilktac, Merve Sadik, Muazzez Garipagaoglu
Abstract 139 | PDF Downloads 3

Page e2021096

The Effects of Dietary Inositol on Dimensional Obsessive Compulsive Scale Score

Aysel Sahin Kaya, Yaprak Sarıteke, Hüseyin Murat Özkan
Abstract 191 | PDF Downloads 23

Page e2021117

Nutrition Knowledge Scale (NKS): Development, Factor Structure, and Validation for Healthy Adults

Abstract 209 | PDF Downloads 72

Page e2021104

Dietary factors associated with premenstrual syndrome: A cross-sectional study of Turkish university students

Müge Yılmaz, Salime Mucuk, Tutku Atuk, Kahraman
Abstract 40 |

Page e2021174

Relationship between Dysmenorrhea, Dietary Inflammatory Index, and C-reactive Protein Level

Salime Mucuk, Müge Yılmaz, Aslı Onur
Abstract 136 |

Page e2021156

Evaluation of Dietary Intake and Body Composition of Collegiate American Football Players

Bartu Eren Güneşliol, Murat Baş
Abstract 136 |

Page e2021198

Culture and Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet: An Island’s Scope

Taygun Dayi, Adile Oniz
Abstract 73 |

Page e2021157

Evaluating of aerobic exercise induced metabolic stress on serum asprosin levels: comparison of fitness status

Sermin Algul, Gulnihal Deniz, Hamit Hakan Alp, Seda Uğraşında, Oguz Ozcelik
Abstract 74 |

Page e2021192

Chemical and biological food safety threats associated with fresh juices consumed in Capital territory Islamabad Pakistan

Shazia Iqbal, Imran Hashmi, Ali Akbar, Hamid Ullah, Hamida Panezai, Shaista Zahoor, Anwar Khan, Sadia Majid
Abstract 75 |

Page e2021144

Gundelia tournefortii L. (Kenger): Determination of in vitro Antidiabetic Activities

Merve Keskin, Gulsen Kaya, Saban Keskin
Abstract 40 | PDF Downloads 11

Page e2021163

The Relationship of Emotional Eating Behavior with Stress and Depression in Adults

Özlem Tekir, Songül Duran
Abstract 48 |

Page e2021201

Effect of resistant starch type 4 addition on the in vivo and invitro glycemic index of Turkish noodle

Ezgi Toptaş Bıyıklı, Levent Kebapçılar, Efsun Karabudak
Abstract 36 |

Page e2021203

Investigation of Retired Elite Athletes' Food Addiction

Naci Kalkan
Abstract 31 |

Page e2021195

The state of oral health in children with increased body weight in Montenegro

Mirjana Đuričković, Milan Martinović, Milica Martinović, Marina Jakšić, Mirjana Nedović-Vuković
Abstract 26 |

Page e2021208

Lichen: A comprehensive review on Lichens as a natural sources exploring nutritional and biopharmaceutical benefits

Ajay Kumar Gautam, Dhananjay Yadav, Khem Chand Saini, Pramod Kumar Singh, Jun-O Jin
Abstract 76 | PDF Downloads 22

Page e2021153

Defensive Medicine in Family Physicians

Giray Kolcu, Gökmen Özceylan
Abstract 46 | PDF Downloads 3

Page e2021212

Can elastography visualize kidney damage in bodybuilders with high protein intake?

Umut Kantarcı, Zekine Punduk, Omer Senarslan
Abstract 21 |

Investigation on Iodine levels in canine and feline canned food products in Italy

DEBORA GUIDI, Natalia Russo, Diana Vergnano, Elena Pagani, Liviana Prola
Abstract 20 |

Page e2021151

Effect of nutritional education on serum potassium level in patients receiving haemodialysis

Mehmet Çavdar, Habibe Şahin
Abstract 32 | PDF Downloads 4

Page e2021115

The effect on performance of detraining during Covid-19 pandemic period in amateur soccer players

Mehmet Fatih Yüksel, Ömer Fatih Koç, Bülent Işık, Kenan Erdağı
Abstract 32 |

Determination of Nutrition Knowledge Levels of Teachers Working in Edirne Center

Abstract 50 | PDF Downloads 2

Page e2021222

Effects of different irrigations levels on fatty acid components of soybean plant

Mualla Keten, Seyma Yilmaz, Cagatay Tanriverdi, Hasan Degirmenci
Abstract 18 |

Page e2021223

The Effect of Virtual Reality on Isometric Muscle Strength

Umut Dolu, Asiye Filiz Camliguney
Abstract 43 |

Page e2021227

Potential nutritive value of some tree leaves commonly used for small ruminant in the Aegean region of Turkey

Hayrullah Bora Ünlü, Çağrı Özgür Özkan, Adem Kamalak
Abstract 25 |

Page e2021229

Anti-Tumorigenic Effect of Resveratrol in HepG2 cells Controlled with Cytochrome-c Dependent Cell Death

Eda Becer, Nadire Kıyak, Hafize Seda Vatansever, Aysel Kükner
Abstract 20 |

Page e2021230

Is there a perfect way for food security measurement? Evaluation for Turkey

Berkay Keskin, Nevin Demirbaş
Abstract 25 |

Page e2021231

Antioxidant and antibacterial potential of cinnamon bark, fennel seeds and peppermint leaves

Muhammad Riaz, Mian Anjum Murtaza, Sonia Ashraf, Iram Hafiz
Abstract 32 |

A Native Mobile-Based App for Nutritional Self-Care Behavior Assessment

Amir Jamshidnezhad, Seyed Mohammad Hossein Mousavi Jazayeri, Behzad Fouladi Dehaghi, Ali Talebi Shoushtarian
Abstract 16 | PDF Downloads 1

Page e2021179

Association of the relationship between nutritional status and certain biochemical parameters in obese children

Dilek Ozcelik-Ersu, Ozlem Persil-Ozkan, Gul Kızıltan
Abstract 18 | PDF Downloads 3

Page e2021237

A Diabetes Risk Screening In Northern Cyprus: What We Learned With FINDRISC.

Serpil Ozsoy, Emel Ozer
Abstract 22 |

Page e2021239

Use of nutritional supplements amongst individuals exercising at gymnasiums

Shizma Junejo, Shazia Shakoor, Zille Huma Mustehsan, Mehreen Lateef, Hamza Iftikhar, Sarah Rabbani
Abstract 37 | PDF Downloads 1

Page e2021186

Development and validation of food services satisfaction scale for inpatients

Ali Emrah Bıyıklı, Saniye Bilici
Abstract 22 |

Page e2021189

The Effect of Type-II Collagen on Y-Balance Performance in Men With Meniscus

Cengiz Taşkın, Ali Kemal TAŞKIN, Mehmet YILMAZ, Cevdet Can DELİHACIOĞLU, Ümmühan TÜMKAYA, ercanymk79@hotmail.com
Abstract 18 |

Page e2021244

Association between nutritional status, deficiency of protein, iron and vitamins, caloric intake and food security in Mexican school children

Fatima Ezzahra Housni, Erika Saenz Pardo Reyes, Madeline de Jesús López Larios, Claudia Llanes Cañedo, Virginia Gabriela Aguilera Cervantes, Marina Lares Michel
Abstract 24 |

A Study About The Effect of Type-II Collagen on Balance Performance in Women With Knee Osteoarthritis

Cengiz Taşkın, Ali Kemal TAŞKIN, Ümmühan TÜMKAYA, Ercan YAMAKOĞLU, Cevdet Can DELİHACIOĞLU, Mehmet YILMAZ
Abstract 11 |

Page e2021247

HLA-B27 and CYP2D6*4 polymorphism prevalence analysis in Turkey

Ali Akbaş , ismail Benli, Yalçın Önder, Beytullah Yıldırım
Abstract 20 | PDF Downloads 4

Page e2021272

Lockdown Changed Us in Turkey Eating Behaviors, Depression Levels, and Body Weight Changes during Lockdown: An Online Survey in Turkey

Nihan Çakır Biçer, Murat Baş, Gizem Köse, Pırıl Şenol Duru, Dilşat Baş, Esen Karaca Çelik, Selen Köseoğlu
Abstract 2 | PDF Downloads 0

Page e2021282

Faculty of health sciences students’ views and preferences on organic foods

Elem Kocaçal, Reyhan İrkin , Özüm Erkin , Gülbin Konakçı
Abstract 0 |

Page e2021286

Adulteration of natural honey and the nutritional effect

Steluta Radu, Cojocaru , Cojocaru , Lupu
Abstract 1 | PDF Downloads 0

Page e2021196

An An Examination of Eating Habits, Emotional Eating, And Anxiety During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Abstract 0 |


Sermin Algul, Busra Alp, Oguz Ozcelik
Abstract 0 |

Page e2021289

Sodium Intake among Adults in the Western Region of Saudi Arabia

Walaa Mumena, Walaa MohammedSaeed, Amirah Madkhali, Haneen AlJabri, Samaher AlHarbi, Sarah Taher, Shahad AlHujuri, Sahar Hammouda
Abstract 8 |

Nursing Staff Insight about Modifiable Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Diseases in a Multicultural Setting, Saudi Arabia

Anfal Alqirnas, Shahad Alotaiby, Munira Alfaqeeri , Hadel Alsaran, Waqas Sami
Abstract 0 |

Page e2021292


Kagan Kokten, Hasan Pinar, Beyza Ciftci, Necati Cetin, Muammer Ekmekci, Mahmut Kaplan
Abstract 0 |

Efficacy and safety of Curcuma longa extract as a treatment of primary knee osteoarthritis in adults and elderly: a systematic review

Ana Gutiérrez Ruiz, Ismael San Mauro Martin, Elena Garicano Vilar, Cristian Brata, Maria Alicia Camina Martín
Abstract 0 |

Page e2021294

Nutritional value and health implications of traditional foods and drinks consumed during Ramadan : A narrative review

Ebada M Said, Mohamed Emara, Prof., Hanan Soliman, Tarik Zaher, Hassan Elbatae, Ahmed Abdel-Razik, Salwa Tawfik, Mohamed Elnadry
Abstract 0 |

Page e2021293

Does Ethanolic Propolis Extract Affect Blood Clotting Parameters?

Sevgi Kolayli, Huseyin Sahin, Meltem Malkoc, Hilal Ebru Cakir, Yakup Kara, Ozlen Bektas, Kaan Kaltalioglu
Abstract 1 |

Page e2021299

Role of foods in caries among preschool-children: A cross-sectional study

Abstract 2 |

Page e2021303

Current Issue

Vol. 23 No. S2 (2021): Vol. 23 No. S2 (2021): Supplement 2/2021: Medicine, Sports for Health and Nutrition

Published: 16-09-2021

Special issue_Medicine, Sports for Health, and Nutrition

Happiness In Volleyball: Turkish Sultans League Sample

Meltem Işık Afacan, Ersin Afacan
Abstract 13 | PDF Downloads 19

Page e2021257

The Perception of Health and the Change in Nutritional Habits of Healthcare Professionals During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Yağmur Nil Doğan, Ilkay Dogan, İbrahim Kılıç
Abstract 7 | PDF Downloads 13

Page e2021266

Body Perceptions of Female Athletes Aged Between 11 and 14

Murat Şakar, Melek Bayındır, Tahir Kılıç
Abstract 14 | PDF Downloads 18

Page e2021285

The effect of Tabata training program on physical and motoric characteristics of soccer players

Yakup Akif Afyon , Olcay Mulazimoglu, Sinan Celikbilek, İbrahim Dalbudak, Cagan Kalafat
Abstract 20 | PDF Downloads 15

Page e2021255

Does MCT1-T1470A Polymorphism Modify Lactate Kinetics and Training Status?

Faruk Turgay, Zafer Bilgin, Oya Yigittürk, Burak Durmaz, Semih Aşıkovalı, Ahmet Köksal
Abstract 3 | PDF Downloads 3

Page e2021253

The Effect of Acute Phase Reactants on the Survival of COVID-19 Patients in Intensive Care

Semiha Orhan, Bilge Banu Tasdemir Mecit, Elif Dizen Kazan, Sinan Kazan, Petek Şarlak Konya, Kemal Yetiş Gulsoy
Abstract 8 | PDF Downloads 5

Page e2021268

The Effect of Nutritional Habits on Bone Minerals Density in Women with Postmenaposal Osteoporosis

Gökhan Doğukan Akarsu, Özlem Şahan, Rukiye Höbek Akarsu, Eylem Yalman
Abstract 8 | PDF Downloads 6

Page e2021277

Effect of Some Essential Oils on in vitro Ruminal Fermentation of Alfalfa Hay

Süleyman Ercüment Önel, Taylan Aksu, Adem Kalamak, Durmuş Alpaslan Kaya, Devrim Sarıpınar Aksu, Fatih Sakin, Musa Türkmen
Abstract 8 | PDF Downloads 6

Page e2021250

Ectoparasites in Some Wild Birds (Aves) in Turkey

Bilal Dik, Emine Hesna Kandir
Abstract 7 | PDF Downloads 7

Page e2021261

Synthesis, Characterization, and Antimicrobial Potential of Some Chlorinated Benzofuran Chalcones

Demet Coskun, Semih Dalkilic, Lutfiye Kadioglu Dalkilic, Mehmet Fatih Coskun
Abstract 14 | PDF Downloads 11

Page e2021256

Relationship Between the Personal Characteristics and the Attitudes of Adequate and Balanced Nutrition of the Students at the Faculty of Sports Sciences

Ibrahim Dalbudak, Oznur Yasar, Yakup Akif Afyon, Sinan Celikbilek, Olcay Mulazimoglu
Abstract 10 | PDF Downloads 13

Page e2021269

Acute Effects of Whole Body Vibration Training on Agility in Sedentary Men

Duygu Aksoy
Abstract 12 | PDF Downloads 27

Page e2021276

The Determination of Nutritional Habits of Students

Abdullah Kursad Akbulut
Abstract 11 | PDF Downloads 16

Page e2021252

Enteral Nutrition Management in the Critical Care Patient: Intensive Care Nurses' Practices of Tube Feeding

Nuri Seferoğlu, Pakize Özyürek, Öznur Gürlek Kisacik
Abstract 8 | PDF Downloads 6

Page e2021263

Artificial Intelligence Anxiety of Family Physicians in Turkey

Aysel Baser, Sibel Baktır Altuntaş, Giray Kolcu, Gökmen Özceylan
Abstract 9 | PDF Downloads 9

Page e2021275

Reflections of Nature-Oriented Outdoor Sports Activities on Coronavirus-19 Phobia During the Pandemic Process

Muhammed Bahadır Sandıkçı, Cihan Önen
Abstract 7 | PDF Downloads 10

Page e2021267

Health Habits and Vitamin Supplementation of Young Female Students with a Family History of Cancer Diagnosis

Özlem Şahan, Gökhan Doğukan Akarsu, Rukiye Höbek Akarsu, Rabia Atilla
Abstract 4 | PDF Downloads 8

Page e2021284

Investigation of Active Fitness Sportsman Attitudes toward Supplement Intake

Bülent Duran, Emrah Aykora
Abstract 11 | PDF Downloads 22

Page e2021264

The Effect of Human Factors on Raptors: A Sample of Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Turkey

Emine Hesna Kandir, Tuğrul Çağrı Gül, Beste Saraçoğlu
Abstract 13 | PDF Downloads 8

Page e2021260

Hemodialysis Patients' Experiences of Diet and Fluid Restriction: A Qualitative Study

Özlem Bulantekin Duzalan, Arife Albayrak Cosar, Sibel Sarikaya
Abstract 21 | PDF Downloads 18

Page e2021254

Reflection of Eating Awareness and Life Engagement of University Students on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Cihan Önen, Muhammed Bahadır Sandıkçı
Abstract 6 | PDF Downloads 13

Page e2021265

Nutritional Approaches of University Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Önder Karakoç
Abstract 5 | PDF Downloads 16

Page e2021281

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