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Online First

Relationship between the serum levels of Vitamin D and inflammatory markers in ESRD patients

Abbas Etminan, Seyed Mostafa Seyed Askari, Ahmad Naghibzade Tahami, Seyed Adel Mahdi, Mina Behzadi, Mohammad Shabani
Abstract 17 | PDF Downloads 14

Page e2020099

Survey of nutrition knowledge of Kuwaiti health influencers in social media

Ahmad R Allafi
Abstract 6 | PDF Downloads 3

Page e2020100

Septic femoral shaft non-union treated by one-step surgery using a custom-made intramedullary antibiotic cement-coated carbon nail: case report and focus on surgical technique

Enrico Bonicoli, Nicola Piolanti, Michele Giuntoli, Simone Polloni, Michelangelo Scaglione
Abstract 6 | PDF Downloads 4

Page e2020176

Colorectal cancer screenings: a single center experience

Lorenzo Viani, Paolo Dell'Abate, Paolo Del Rio, Federico Marchesi, Francesco Tartamella, Matteo Rossini, Elisa Bertocchi, Mario Giuffrida
Abstract 5 | PDF Downloads 4

Page e2020101

Determining genetic variants in children and adolescents suffering from tetralogy of Fallot with a positive family history: methodology

Mohammad Reza Sabri, Mojgan Gharipour, Naeimeh Tayebi, Ladan Sadeghian, Shaghayegh Haghjooy Javanmard, Nizal Sarrafzadegan
Abstract 43 | PDF Downloads 29

Page e2020096

Treatment of hypoglycemia during prolonged physical activity in adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus

Jennifer Fumanelli, Roberto Franceschi, Monica Bonani, Massimo Orrasch, Vittoria Cauvin
Abstract 4 | PDF Downloads 3

Page e2020103

Association between serum folate with inflammatory markers, disease clinical activity and serum homocysteine in patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Does folate level have an effect on maintaining clinical remission?

Soheila Moein, Mostafa Vaghari-Tabari, Durdi Qujeq, Mehrdad Kashifard, Javad Shokri-Shirvani, Karimollah Hajian-Tilaki
Abstract 25 | PDF Downloads 7

Page e2020106

Various causative factors and associated complications of childhood obesity in Jeddah, western region, Saudi Arabia

Abdulmoein Al-Agha, Rahaf Ragbi, Yusra Mabkhoot, Ashjan Bahwirith, Arwa Mohammed, Elham Alhabi, Bashayer Dumyati, Asmaa Adel Milyani
Abstract 2 | PDF Downloads 0

Page e2020107

Upper extremity reconstruction following open surgical repair of giant arteriovenous fistula aneurysm: clinical case and systematic review of the literature

Tariq A Almerey, Jeremie D Oliver, Matthew S Jorgensen, Brian D Rinker, Houssam A Farres, Albert G Hakaim, Antonio Jorge Forte
Abstract 2 | PDF Downloads 1

Page e2020093

A new era for medical liability in Italy: back to positivism

Emanuele Armocida
Abstract 9 | PDF Downloads 3

Page e2020177

Consumer prevalence, attitude and dietary behavior of online food delivery applications users in Kuwait

Fawaz D Almansour, Ahmad R Allafi, Tasleem A Zafar, Ahmad R Al-Haifi
Abstract 16 | PDF Downloads 5

Page e2020178

Recurrent respiratory infections in children: a study in clinical practice

Franco Ameli, Fabio Brocchetti, Sofia Mignosi, Maria Angela Tosca, Fabio Gallo, Giorgio Ciprandi
Abstract 0 | PDF Downloads 0

Page e2020179

Factors influencing the willingness to perform bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the workplace: a study from North-Eastern Italy

Matteo Riccò, Mirco Berrone, Luigi Vezzosi, Giovanni Gualerzi, Chiara Canal, Giuseppe De Paolis, Gert Schallenberg
Abstract 22 | PDF Downloads 2

Page e2020180

Cross-cultural differences in food safety knowledge, attitudes and practices of food handlers working at restaurants in Kuwait

Ahmad R Allafi, Dina Al-Kandari, Jumanah Al-abdeen, Ahmad R Al-Haifi
Abstract 3 | PDF Downloads 1

Page e2020181

Non-invasive haemodynamic monitoring with Clearsight in patients undergoing spinal anaesthesia for total hip replacement. A prospective observational cohort study.

Daniela Ghisi, Marco Garroni, Sandra Giannone, Giovanni De Grandis, Andrea Fanelli, Maria Cristina Sorella, Stefano Bonarelli, Rita Maria Melotti
Abstract 0 | PDF Downloads 0

Page e2020182

Correlation of dental anxiety with oral health status and treatment needs among 12-year old indian school going children

Kuracha Chakradhar, Doshi Dolar, Suhas Kulkarni, Bandari Srikanth Reddy, Madupu Padma Reddy, Adepu Srilatha
Abstract 53 | PDF Downloads 14

Page e2020095

Impact of nutritional knowledge on dietary behaviors of students in Kuwait University

Fawaz D. Almansour, Ahmad R. Allafi, Ahmad R. Al-Haifi
Abstract 0 | PDF Downloads 0

Page e2020183

Chronic migraine caused a higher rate of tendency to cannabinoid agonist compared to morphine

Mojdeh Mansoori, Mohamad Reza Zarei, Goli Chamani, Masoud Nazeri, Fatemeh Mohamadi, Samane Sadat Alavi, Mohammad Shabani
Abstract 1 | PDF Downloads 1

Page e2020185

Anxiety in adolescents with severe asthma and response to treatment.

Amelia Licari; Riccardo Ciprandi; Gianluigi Marseglia, Giorgio Ciprandi
Abstract 0 | PDF Downloads 0

Page e2020186

Understanding leprosy in a nonendemic area: a pilot study on knowledge, attitudes, beliefs of medical professionals from North-Western Italy

Matteo Riccò, Luigi Vezzosi, Silvia Ranzieri, Federica Balzarini, Angelo Giosuè Mezzoiuso, Fabrizio Giovanni Vaccaro
Abstract 45 | PDF Downloads 4

Page e2020187

Platet Rich Plasma or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as callus accellerator in aseptic tibial non union. Evaluate of outcomes.

Giuseppe Rollo, Enrico Maria Bonura, Gabriele Falzarano, Michele Bisaccia, Julio Ribes Iborra, Predrag Grubor, Marco Filipponi, Paolo Pichierri, Philip Hitov, Danilo Leonetti, Valentina Russi, Walter Daghino, Luigi Meccariello
Abstract 2 | PDF Downloads 0

Page e2020188

Can Google Trends and Wikipedia help traditional surveillance? A pilot study on measles

Omar Enzo Santangelo, Sandro Provenzano  , Dimple Grigis, Domiziana Giordano, Francesco Armetta, Alberto Firenze
Abstract 127 | PDF Downloads 10

Page e2020190

Effects of vitamin D on apoptosis and betatrophin in the kidney tissue of experimental diabetic rats

Selçuk Demircan, Erhan Onalan, Tuncay Kuloğlu, Süleyman Aydın, Mehmet Hanifi Yalçın, Nevzat Gözel, Emir Dönder
Abstract 21 | PDF Downloads 21

Page e2020089

Impact of anticoagulants in elderly patients who suffer a hip fracture. Should we have a different approach?

Francisco Lotti, Cristina Maria Elizondo, Jorge Barla, Guido Carabelli, Maria Lilliana Soruco, Bruno Rafael Boietti, Javier Alberto Benchimol
Abstract 36 | PDF Downloads 12

Page Epub ahead of print

Ozone therapy for musculoskeletal disorders Current concepts

Ibrahim Akkawi
Abstract 5 | PDF Downloads 2

Page e2020191

A late self-portrait of Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564) in the cartoon of the Epifania in the British Museum

Deivis de Campos, Luciano Buso
Abstract 93 | PDF Downloads 31

Page Epub ahead of print

Prevalence of Burnout among Italian Nurses: a descriptive study

Elsa Vitale, Erika Cesano, Francesco Germini
Abstract 28 | PDF Downloads 0

Page e2020117

Management of abdominal wall recurrent subfascial seroma after pelvic surgery

Gianluca Raffaello Damiani, Eleonora Pulerà, Claudio Lombardi, Matteo Loverro, Giuseppe Muzzupapa, Mario Villa, Edoardo Di Naro
Abstract 64 | PDF Downloads 0

The Prevalence of Genu Varum and Genu Valgum in Overweight and Obese Patients: Assessing the Relationship between Body Mass Index and Knee Angular Deformities

Fahimeh Soheilipour, Abdolreza Pazouki, Ali Mazaherinezhad, Khatereh Yagoubzadeh, Haleh Dadgostar, Farzaneh Rouhani
Abstract 58 | PDF Downloads 0

Page Epub ahead of print

Which role for synthetic ligaments in the reconstruction of patellar tendon chronic rupture after TKA? Mid-term outcomes using LARS ligament.

Michele Giuntoli, Enrico Bonicoli, Nicola Piolanti, Edoardo Ipponi, Antonella Vigorito, Stefano Marchetti, Michelangelo Scaglione
Abstract 5 | PDF Downloads 0

Page e2020113

The role of superior capsular approach (SuperPATH) in the treatment of femoral neck fractures with hemiarthroplasty implantation: our experience and review of literature

Michelangelo Scaglione, Francesco Casella, Michele Giuntoli, Fabio Celli, Luca Fabbri, Stefano Marchetti
Abstract 1 | PDF Downloads 0

Page e2020114

Perimyocarditis as first sign of systemic onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis treated successfully with anakinra: a case-based review

Silvia Ciancia, Michela Cappella, Alessandro De Fanti, Lorenzo Iughetti
Abstract 6 | PDF Downloads 6

Page Epub ahead of print

Synthesis, validation and quality controls of [68Ga]-DOTA-Pentixafor for PET imaging of chemokine receptor CXCR4 expression

Antonino Sammartano, Silvia Migliari, Maura Scarlattei, Giorgio Baldari, Livia Ruffini
Abstract 76 | PDF Downloads 1

Page e2020097

A consecutive series of patients undergoing trans-urethral cystolithotripsy with ballistic lithotripsy by a tertiary referral center for neurogenic bladder

Matteo Maltagliati, Gianluca Sampogna, Marco Citeri, Chiara Stefania Guerrer, Lucia Giovanna Zanollo, Luigi Rizzato, Emanuele Montanari, Salvatore Micali, Bernardo Rocco, Michele Spinelli
Abstract 33 | PDF Downloads 16

Page e2020112

Posterior thigh compartment syndrome associated with hamstring avulsion and antiplatelet therapy

Matteo Primavera, Andrea Gatti, Umberto Tarantino, Monica Gasparini
Abstract 16 | PDF Downloads 0

Page e2020111

The ideal marker for measuring GFR: what are we looking for?

Claudio Maioli, Michela Mangano, Ferruccio Conte; Angelo Del Sole; Luca Tagliabue, Federico Alberici, Andrea Galassi, Mario Cozzolino
Abstract 12 | PDF Downloads 1

Page e2020132

Two Masters of Surgery in Parma during the Middle Ages

Gianfranco Cervellin, Michele Mitaritonno, Ugo Longobardi, Raffaele Virdis
Abstract 34 | PDF Downloads 3

Page e2020109

The clinical legal medicine: a need for quality of care and patient’s safety. A single center five-year experience

Matteo Bolcato, Marianna Russo, Matteo Sanavio, Daniele Rodriguez, Anna Aprile
Abstract 87 | PDF Downloads 2

Page e2020090

Study, conservation and exhibition of human remains: the need of a bioethical perspective

Marta Licata, Alessandro Bonsignore, Rosa Boano, Francesca Monza, Ezio Fulcheri, Rosagemma Ciliberti
Abstract 13 | PDF Downloads 0

Page e2020110

COVID-19 and its impact on cardiology service

Amer Harky, Cheryl Yan Ting Chor, Yuti Khare
Abstract 85 | PDF Downloads 34

Page Epub ahead of print

Antithyroid treatment improves thrombocytopenia in a young patient with graves' disease

Maria Felicia Faienza, Viviana Valeria Palmieri, Mariangela Chiarito, Giuseppe Lassandro, Paola Giordano
Abstract 1 |

Page e2020194

Monteggia-like lesions: preliminary reports and mid-term results of a single center

Filippo Calderazzi, Margherita Menozzi, Alessandro Nosenzo, Cristina Galavotti, Sofia Solinas, Enrico Vaienti, Francesco Ceccarelli
Abstract 5 | PDF Downloads 0

Page e2020134

Ventilatory Support for COVID-19 Patients

Amer Harky, Tinotenda A Harahwa, Inayat H Khan
Abstract 62 | PDF Downloads 1

Page Epub ahead of print

Telepsychology: a new way to deal with relational problems associated with the COVID-19 epidemic.

Rocco Salvatore Calabrò, Maria Grazia Maggio
Abstract 0 |

Page e2020140

Air temperatures and occupational injuries in the agricultural settings: a report from Northern Italy (Po River Valley, 2013-2017)

Matteo Riccò, Luigi Vezzosi, Federica Balzarini, Giovanni Gualerzi, Marina Valente, Nicola Luigi Bragazzi
Abstract 61 | PDF Downloads 1

Pandemic COVID-19: the residents’ resilience

Laura Pasin, Nicolò Sella, Christelle Correale, Annalisa Boscolo, Giulia Mormando, Maria Zordan, Giovanni Landoni, Paolo Navalesi
Abstract 12 |

Page e2020120

The role of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 in COVID-19 induced lung injury

Sara Torabi, Farbod Bahreini, Nima Rezaei
Abstract 9 |

Page e2020142

How Covid 19 have changed Neurorehabilitation in Italy: a critical appraisal

Rocco Salvatore Calabrò, Alfredo Manuli, Antonino Naro, Giuseppe Rao
Abstract 2 |

Page e2020143

The characteristics of cancerous patients infected with COVID-19 in hospital setting

Amir Sadeghi, Arash Dooghaie Moghadam, Pegah Eslami , Ali Pirsalehi, Sajad Shojaee, Ghazal Sanadgol, Laya Jalilian Khave , Mohammad Vahidi, Hamid Asadzadeh Aghdaei , Ehsan Nazemalhosseini Mojarad
Abstract 9 |

Page e2020145

Hemorrhagic pericardial effusion leading to cardiac tamponade, as presenting feature of COVID-19 in a young man: a case report

Amir Heidari, S.Enssieh Hashemi, Mohammad Parsa mahjoob, Amir Nasser Jadbabaei
Abstract 7 |

Page e2020146

Clinical features and short-term outcomes of COVID-19 in Tehran, Iran: An analysis of mortality and hospital stay

Alireza Kashefizadeh, Laya Ohadi, Maryam Golmohammadi, Farnaz Araghi, Sahar Dadkhahfar, Arda kiani, Atefeh Abedini, Abbas Fadaii, Alieh Ghojoghi, Mehdi Nouraie, Mohammadreza Tabary
Abstract 39 |

Page e2020147

Treatment of COVID-19 in Pregnancy with Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin: a case report

Giovanni Sisti, Antonio Schiattarella, Andrea Sisti
Abstract 379 | PDF Downloads 0

Page e2020123

Analysis of Patients Presenting to Emergency Department of a Pandemic Hospital

Ertuğrul Altınbilek, Derya Öztürk, Ceren Atasoy, Miray Özlem, fevzi yılmaz, Cemil kavalci
Abstract 64 |

Page Epub ahead of print

What we have learned for the future about COVID-19 and healthcare management of it?

Ioannis Alexandros Charitos, Francesco Inchingolo, Andrea Ballini, Luigi Santacroce
Abstract 41 |

Page e2020126


Manuela Gallo, Maria E Street, Fabiola Guerra, Vassilios Fanos, Maria Antonietta Marcialis
Abstract 18 |

Page e2020148

Prevalence of Obesity and Overweight among School-Aged Children in Saudi Arabia and Its Association with Vitamin D Status

Adnan Al Shaikh, Fayssal Farahat, Bahaa Abaalkhail, Ibrahim Kaddam, Khalid Aseri, Yousef Al Saleh, Ali Al Qarni, Ahmed Al Shuaibi, Waleed Tamimi
Abstract 6 | PDF Downloads 2

Page e2020133

Clinical outcome before and after COVID-19 quarantine in patients affect of knee and hip osteoarthritis

Marco Mattia Larghi, Miriam Grassi, Faugno Luca, Emanuele Placenza, Corrado Rampulla, Alfonso Manzotti
Abstract 11 |

Page e2020150

Practical tips for prevention of cardiovascular disease in women after quarantine for COVID-19 disease.

Anna Vittoria Mattioli, Alberto Farinetti
Abstract 46 |

Page e2020127

How COVID-19 pandemic has changed elective surgery: the experience in a general surgery unit at a COVID-hospital

Mario Giuffrida, Federico Cozzani, Matteo Rossini; Elena Bonati; Paolo Del Rio
Abstract 1 |

Page e2020152

The Psychological Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the population of Bahrain

Ali Alsalman, Haitham Jahrami, Hajar Mubarak, Majed Aljabal, Mahmood Abdulnabi, Adel Yusuf, Alharith Ishaq, Nicola Bragazzi
Abstract 53 |

Page e2020131

End of life in the time of COVID-19 pandemic: take care of death

Pasquale Buonanno, Maria Vargas, Annachiara Marra, Carmine Iacovazzo, Giuseppe Servillo
Abstract 3 |

Page e2020153

Sri Petaling COVID-19 cluster in Malaysia: challenges and the mitigation strategies

Sabreena Safuan, Hisham Atan Edinur
Abstract 4 |

Page e2020154

Evidence of significant difference in key COVID-19 biomarkers during the Italian lockdown strategy. A retrospective study on patients admitted to a hospital emergency department in Northern Italy.

Davide Ferrari, Anna Carobene, Andrea Campagner, Federico Cabitza, Eleonora Sabetta, Daniele Ceriotti, Chiara Di Resta, Massimo Locatelli
Abstract 3 |

Page e2020156

The impact of COVID-19 prevention measures on epidemiology of orthopedic injuries: the outbreak ages fractures!

Giuseppe Gianluca Costa, Giuseppe Fanzone, Angelo Graceffa, Michele Lauria, Gianluca Zocco, Antonino Cassarà, Alberto Campailla, Alessia Saccà, Enrico Santanna, Gianclaudio Caputo, Arcangelo Russo
Abstract 1 |

Page e2020158

Supporting healthcare workers on front lines of the Covid-19 fight

Mario Malerba, Beatrice Ragnoli, Edmond Puca, Pellumb Pipero
Abstract 2 |

Page e2020157

The Italian Covid-19 Phase 2 in Piacenza: results of the first semester of 2020 and future prospective of new orthopedics surgical procedures

Pietro Maniscalco, Fabrizio Quattrini, Corrado Ciatti, Serena Gattoni, Calogero Puma Pagliarello, Valeria Burgio, Giovanni Di Stefano, Michele Cauteruccio, Matteo Giovanelli, Alessandra Magro, Patrizio Capelli
Abstract 15 |

Page e2020159

Taking care of healthcare workers during COVID-19 pandemic: does plastic surgery have a role?

Francesco Ruben Giardino, Roberto Cuomo, Andrea Sisti, Jingjian Han, Nisi Giuseppe, Luca Grimaldi
Abstract 4 |

Page e2020160

The impact of COVID-19 in diabetic kidney disease and chronic kidney disease: A population-based study

Juan Alonso Leon-Abarca, Roha Saeed Memon, Bahar Rehan, Maimoona Iftikhar, Antara Chatterjee
Abstract 16 |

Page e2020161

Triage protocol for allocation of critical health resources during the COVID-19 health emergency. A review.

Laura Iacorossi, Alice J. Fauci, Antonello Napoletano, Daniela D'Angelo, Katia Salomone, Roberto Latina, Daniela Coclite, Primiano Iannone
Abstract 16 |

Page e2020162

The Impact of COVID-19 on Medical Examinations

Amer Harky, Donia Karimaghaei, Hannah Katmeh, Savini Hewage
Abstract 91 | PDF Downloads 9

Page e2020135

Meaning in life and demoralization: a mental-health reading perspective of suicidality in the time of COVID-19

Alessandra Costanza, Sarah Di Marco, Marta Burroni, Francesco Corasaniti, Patrizia Santinon, Massimo Prelati, Vasileios Chytas, Christine Cedraschi, Julia Ambrosetti
Abstract 19 |

Page e2020163

Medicine and humanism in the time of COVID-19. Ethical choices

Marco Doldi, Andrea Moscatelli, Angelo Ravelli, Raffaele Spiazzi, Paolo Petralia
Abstract 3 |

Page e2020167

Congenital malformations potentially affecting respiratory function: multidiscplinary approach and follow-up

Valentina Fainardi, laura nicoletti, cristiano conte, serena massa, lisa torelli, alberto attilio scarpa, emilio casolari, susanna mariA ROBERTA ESPOSITO, GIOVANNA PISI
Abstract 4 |

Page Epub ahead of print

Prospective studies are needed of the neurology and neuropsychiatry of COVID-19: reply to Odone et al.

James Badenoch, Cameron Watson, Benjamin Cross, Timothy R Nicholson, Alasdair G Rooney
Abstract 20 |

Page Epub ahead of print

How the Workload and Outcome of Imaging Examinations Changed During the COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown

Vincenzo Vingiani, Andres F. Abadia, Alessandro Posa, Antonio Corvino, Luigi Pasqualetto, Alfonso Presidente, Matteo Losco, Hunter N Gray, U. Joseph Schoepf
Abstract 21 |

Page e2020166

Rehabilitative treatment of patients with COVID-19 infection: the P.A.R.M.A. evidence based clinical practice protocol

Federica Petraglia, Marco Chiavilli, Barbara Zaccaria, Monica Nora, Patrizia Mammi, Elena Ranza, Anais Rampello, Antonio Marcato, Fabio Pessina, Annamaria Salghetti, Cosimo Costantino, Antonio Frizziero, Patrizia Fanzaghi, Silvia Faverzani, Ottavia Bergamini, Stefania Allegri, Francesca Rodà, Rodolfo Brianti, the COVID-19 Rehabilitation Group
Abstract 19 |

Page e2020169

Surgical mask and N95 in healthcare workers of Covid-19 departments: clinical and social aspects

Matteo Gelardi, Valeria Fiore, Rossana Giancaspro, Emanuel La Gatta, Francesca Fortunato, Onofrio Resta, Giovanna Elisiana Carpagnano, Carla Santomasi, Michela Dimitri, Maria Pia Foschino Barbaro, Donato Lacedonia, Giulia Scioscia, Laricchiuta Antonio, Michele Cassano
Abstract 3 |

Page e2020171

Proposed Scoring System for Evaluating Clinico-radiological Severity of COVID- 19 using Plain Chest X- ray (CXR) changes (CO X-RADS): Preliminary results

Vincenzo De Sanctis, Elsaid M.A Bedair, Ashraf T Soliman, Arun Prabhakaran Nair, Muna A. Al Masalamani , Mohamed Yassin
Abstract 140 |

Page e2020172

Quarantine of Health Care Workers in the COVID-19 Crisis: Why and How Long?

Benhur Joel Shadrach, Kunal Deokar
Abstract 9 |

Page e2020174

Current Perspectives of convalescent plasma therapy in COVID-19

Kamal Kant Sahu, Ajay Kumar Mishra, Manish Raturi, Amos Lal
Abstract 88 |

Page e2020175

An Update on Pulmonary Hypertension in Coronavirus Disease-19 (COVID-19)

Ajay Mishra, Amos Lal, Kamal Kant Sahu, Anu Anna George, Kevin Martin, Jennifer Sargent
Abstract 8 |

Page e2020155

Agony of the laborers and daily wagers during the COVID-19 induced lockdown in India

Richa Mukhra, Kewal Krishan, Tanuj Kanchan
Abstract 10 |

Page e2020141

The regarding the call to explore the unexpected low severity of COVID-19 in Sub-Saharan Africa

Luis Fonte, Maria Ginori, Gissel García
Abstract 1 |

Page e2020151

Antithrombotic prophylaxis in children and adolescents’ patients with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) infection: A practical guidance for clinicians

Mehran Karimi, Haleh Bozorgi, Tahereh Zarei, Mohammadreza Bordbar, Ali Amanati, Arash Safaei, Vincenzo De Sanctis
Abstract 6 |

Page e2020170

Nations with high smoking rate have low SARS-CoV-2 infection and low COVID-19 mortality rate

Giovanni Landoni, Alberto Zangrillo, Carolina Soledad Romero García, Carolina Faustini, Martina Di Piazza, Francesca Conte, Simone Gattarello, Artem Kuzovlev , Valery Likhvantsev , Riccardo Puglisi
Abstract 3 |

Page e2020168

Therapeutic support protocol for patient with dysosmia with or without dysgeusia related to the SARS-CoV2 virus infection

Ignazio Milone, Riccardo Vento, Luigi Ippolito, Samuel Paroni, Maurizio Giuseppe Vento
Abstract 107 | PDF Downloads 45

Page e2020130

Psychological and psychiatric impact of COVID-19 pandemic among children and adolescents.

Michela Deolmi, Francesco Pisani
Abstract 12 |

Page e2020149

Efficacy and safety of sofosbuvir/ ledipasvir in treatment of patients with COVID-19; A randomized clinical trial

Hossein khalili, Anahid Nourian, Zahra Ahmadinejad, Hamid Emadi Kouchak, Sirous Jafari, Sayed Ali Dehghan Manshadi, Mehrnaz Rasolinejad, Abbas Kebriaeezadeh
Abstract 36 |

Page e2020102

COVID-19 and NF-kB: The Hepcidin paradox and the Iron Storm

Filippo Banchini
Abstract 15 |

Page e2020137

SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 Testing: The Tower of Babel

Chiara Reno, Jacopo Lenzi, Davide Golinelli, Davide Gori, Carlo Signorelli, John Kraemer, Michael A. Stoto, Elisa Avitabile, Maria Paola Landini, Tiziana Lazzarotto, Maria Carla Re, Paola Rucci, Gloria Taliani, Davide Trerè, Caterina Vocale, Maria Pia Fantini
Abstract 94 |

Page e2020144


carlotta mutti, Nicoletta Azzi, Margherita Soglia, Irene Pollara, Francesca Alessandrini, Liborio Parrino
Abstract 2 |

Page e2020196

Diabetic ketoacidosis at type 1 diabetes onset: indirect impact of COVID-19 pandemic

Pietro Lazzeroni, Luca Bernardi, Francesco Pecora, Matteo Motta, Laura Bianchi, Maria Beatrice Ruozi, Alessandra Giacometti, Silvia Venezia, Icilio Dodi, Brunella Iovane
Abstract 0 |

Page e2020193

Settings linked to SARS-CoV-2 transmission in the Lombardy Region the increase of household contagion and its implication on containment measures

Carlo Signorelli, Anna Odone, Giuseppe Stirparo, Danilo Cereda, Maria Gramegna, Marco Trivelli, Gianni Rezza
Abstract 2 | PDF Downloads 0

Page e2020195

Two Weeks of “COVID-19” Search on PubMed.gov

Antonio Liu
Abstract 0 |

Page e2020199

One holy man, one eponym, three distinct diseases. St. Anthony’s fire revisited

Gianfranco Cervellin, Ugo Longobardi, Giuseppe Lippi
Abstract 12 | PDF Downloads 13

Page Epub ahead of print

Do certain rituals adapt to psychology or does psychology adapt to rites? Post mortem photography: the last “picture of life” in “death”

Silvia Iorio, Valentina Gazzaniga, Rosagemma Ciliberti, Marta Licata
Abstract 5 | PDF Downloads 4

Page Epub ahead of print

Investigating changes in calcium, phosphorus, alkaline phosphatase, and 25-hydroxy Vitamin D after surgical repair of fractures of femur or tibia

Amir Sobhai Eraghi, Saba Saberi, Borzouyeh Molazemsanandaji, Alireza Ghaznavi
Abstract 2 |

Page e2021019

Is direct per-oral pancreatoscopy a standardized technique for the diagnosis of pancreatic lesions?

Pablo Cortegoso Valdivia, Federica Gaiani, Claudia Chialà, Gian Luigi de'Angelis
Abstract 5 |

Page Epub ahead of print

Shared care plan: an extraordinary tool for the personalisation of medicine and respect for self-determination

Greta Bevilacqua, Matteo Bolcato, Daniele Rodriguez, Anna Aprile
Abstract 39 |

Long term outcomes of infants born by mothers with thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy.

Laura Lucaccioni, Monica Ficara, Valentina Cenciarelli, Alberto Berardi, Barbara Predieri, Lorenzo Iughetti
Abstract 0 |

Page e2021028

Jawbone fibrous dysplasia: retrospective evaluation in a cases series surgically treated and short review of the literature

Gino Amleto           Pacino, Salvatore Cocuzza, Giovanni Tonoli , Paolo Boscolo Rizzo , Giancarlo Tirelli , Margherita Tofanelli , Giorgio Ciprandi , Ignazio La Mantia, Antonino Maniaci, Maria Cristina Da Mosto , Giacomo Spinato
Abstract 2 |

Page e2021018

Cetirizine improves the quality of life and symptoms in children with seasonal allergic rhinitis.

Marco Benazzo, Salvatore Leonardi, Angelo Corsico, Amelia Licari, Michele Miraglia del Giudice, Diego Peroni, Carmelo Salpietro, Gian Luigi Marseglia, Giorgio Ciprandi
Abstract 68 |

Concomitant Substance Use Increases the Toxic Effect of Bonsai: A Prospective Study

İnan Beydilli, Murat DUYAN, Fevzi Yılmaz, Arslan ED, İlhan Korkmaz, Mehmet Akçimen, Mustafa Keşaplı, Arefe İmak, Umut Cengiz Çakır, Cemil Kavalcı, Ertan Ararat, Hamit Ellidağ
Abstract 33 |

Page Epub ahead of print

A cluster analysis of epidemiological and clinical factors associated with accumulation process of the burden of COVID-19 in European countries

Sajad Shojaee, Pegah Eslami, Arash Dooghaie Moghadam, Mohamad Amin Pourhoseingholi, Sara Ashtari, Amir Vahedian-Azimi, Mohammad Reza Zali
Abstract 9 |

Page e2021022

The state of knowledge of young Italian medicolegal doctors on the law of provisions for informed consent and advance treatment directives: a multi-centric survey two years after the enactment of Law 219 of 2017.

Matteo Bolcato, Alessandro Feola, Matteo Sanavio, Alberto Amadasi, Stefano Crenna, Gianluca Landi, Camilla Tettamanti
Abstract 21 |

Page Epub ahead of print

Preliminary results of a multidisciplinary Italian study adopting a Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunological (PNEI) approach to the study of colorectal adenomas

Stefano Mancini, Silvia Alboni, Giorgio Mattei, Giulia Rioli, Paola Sena, Mattia Marchi, Andrea Sacchetti, Valentina Boarino, Luca Roncucci, Gian Maria Galeazzi, Silvia Ferrari
Abstract 79 |

Page Epub ahead of print

Potential Prophylactic and Therapeutic Effects of Respiratory Physiotherapy for COVID-19

Narges Shakerian, Razieh Mofateh, Amene Saghazadeh, Niloofar Rezaei, Nima Rezaei
Abstract 29 |

Page e2021020

Cardiovascular impact of COVID-19: an array of presentations

Hira Maab, Faryal Mustafa, Syeda Javeria Shabbir
Abstract 24 |

Page e2021021

Low dose radiotherapy for COVID pneumonia: Irradiate to Eradicate – Will it be possible?

Kunal Deokar, Benhur Joel Shadrach, Gopal Chawla, Shahir Asfahan, Naveen Dutt, Ram Niwas, Mehul Agarwal, Aneesa Shahul S
Abstract 15 |

Page e2021023

Predictors of Clinical Outcomes in Adult COVID-19 Patients Admitted to a Tertiary Care Hospital in India: an analytical cross-sectional study

Nishant Kumar Chauhan, Benhur Joel Shadrach, Mahendra Kumar Garg, Pradeep Bhatia, Pankaj Bhardwaj, Manoj Kumar Gupta, Naveen Dutt, Ram Niwas Jalandra, Pawan Garg, Vijaya Lakshmi Nag, Praveen Sharma, Gopal Krishna Bohra, Deepak Kumar, Poonam Abhay Elhence, Mithu Banerjee, Deepti Mathur, Abhishek HL Purohit, Ravisekhar Gadepalli, Binit Sureka, Sanjeev Misra
Abstract 34 |

Page e2021024

Italian survey on the residents' surgical level in gynecology and obstetrics.

Vito Andrea Capozzi, Andrea Rosati, Giulio Sozzi, Giulia Armano, Stefano Cianci, Vito Chiantera, Giovanni Scambia, Roberto Berretta, Tiziana Frusca
Abstract 40 |

Page Epub ahead of print

Tuberculosis and COVID-19 Co-infection: An Updated Review

Ajay Mishra, Anu Anna George, Kamal Kant Sahu, Amos Lal, George Abraham
Abstract 5 |

Page e2021025

Need to promote healthy lifestyle as primary prevention to the COVID-19 and to improve the immune response to vaccines

Miguel Á De la Cámara, Ana I Pardos-Sevilla, Augusto Jiménez-Fuente, Óscar L Veiga
Abstract 5 |

Page e2021026

Brazil before and during COVID-19 pandemic: Impact on the practice and habits of physical exercise

Anelise Sonza, Danubia da Cunha de Sá-Caputo, José Alexandre Bachur, Maria das Graças Rodrigues de Araújo, Karen Valadares Trippo Valadares Trippo, Dirceu Ribeiro Nogueira da Gama Ribeiro Nogueira da Gama, Daniel Lago Borges, Vanessa Amaral Mendonça, Mario Bernardo-Filho
Abstract 13 |

Page e2021027

Salernitan Medical School or Langobardic Medical School?

Ugo Longobardi, Michele Mitaritonno, Gianfranco Cervellin
Abstract 7 | PDF Downloads 16

Page Epub ahead of print

Current Issue

Vol. 91 No. 3 (2020): COVID-19 Update

Published: 2020-09-11


Towards realization of longer life

Vladimir Khavinson, Irina Popovich, Olga Mikhailova
Abstract 153 | PDF Downloads 30

Page e2020054


COVID-19 cases before and after the “I Stay at home” decree, Bologna Local Health Authority, Italy

Elisa Stivanello, Vincenza Perlangeli, Davide Resi, Paolo Marzaroli, Lorenzo Pizzi, Paolo Pandolfi
Abstract 187 | PDF Downloads 88

Page e2020001

Routine blood analysis greatly reduces the false-negative rate of RT-PCR testing for Covid-19.

Davide Ferrari, Eleonora Sabetta, Daniele Ceriotti, Andrea Motta, Marta Strollo, Giuseppe Banfi, Massimo Locatelli
Abstract 562 | PDF Downloads 160

Page e2020003

Development, validation and reliabilty of a questionnaire to evaluate the changes on the level of physical exercises and in daily life habits due to COVID-19 pandemic social distancing

Danúbia da Cunha de Sá-Caputo, Anelise Sonza, José Alexandre Bachur, Mario Bernardo-Filho
Abstract 486 | PDF Downloads 188 Suppl file Downloads 14 Questionnaire Downloads 42

Page e2020004

The successful management of Thirty-six hepatopancreatobiliary surgeries under the intensive protective arrangements during the COVID-19 pandemic

Davood Tasa, Pegah Eslami, Habibollah Dashti, Mohsen Nassiri Toosi, Seyed Yahya Zarghami, Seyed Yahya Zarghami, Ali Jafarian
Abstract 124 | PDF Downloads 56

Page e2020005

Google search volume predicts the emergence of COVID-19 outbreaks

Giuseppe Lippi, Camilla Mattiuzzi, Gianfranco Cervellin
Abstract 157 | PDF Downloads 79

Page e2020006

Prevalence and severity of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Transfusion Dependent and Non-Transfusion Dependent β-thalassemia patients and effects of associated comorbidities: an Iranian nationwide study

Mehran Karimi, Sezaneh Haghpanah, Tahereh Zarei, Azita Azarkeivan, Afshan Shirkavand, Sara Matin, Maryam Akavan Tavakoli, Zohre Zahedi, Vincenzo De Sanctis
Abstract 304 | PDF Downloads 118

Page e2020007

Lymphopenia and neutrophilia at admission predicts severity and mortality in patients with COVID-19: a meta-analysis

Brandon Henry, Isaac Cheruiyot, Jens Vikse, Victor Mutua, Vincent Kipkorir, Justin Benoit, Mario Plebani, Nicola Bragazzi, Giuseppe Lippi
Abstract 1267 | PDF Downloads 105 File suppl Downloads 3

Page e2020008

Routine blood tests as an active surveillance to monitor COVID-19 prevalence. A retrospective study.

Davide Ferrari, Federico Cabitza, Anna Carobene, Massimo Locatelli
Abstract 337 | PDF Downloads 100

Page e2020009

Prevalence, clinical manifestations, and biochemical data of type 2 diabetes mellitus versus nondiabetic symptomatic patients with COVID-19: A comparative study

Ashraf T Soliman, Arun Prabhakaran Nair, Muna S. Al Masalamani , Vincenzo De Sanctis, Mohamad A. Abu Khattab , Arwa E. Alsaud, Sreethish Sasi, Elrazi A. Ali, Hassan Ola A., Fatima M. Iqbal, Abdulqadir J. Nashwan, Jesin Fahad, Ihab El Madhoun , Mohamed A. Yassin
Abstract 704 | PDF Downloads 237

Page e2020010

Future psychiatric services in Italy: lesson from the COVID-19 pandemic

Lorenzo Pelizza, Simona Pupo
Abstract 132 | PDF Downloads 70

Page e2020011

SARS-CoV-2 recurrent RNA positivity after recovering from coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): a meta-analysis

Camilla Mattiuzzi, Brandon M. Henry, Fabian Sanchis-Gomar, Giuseppe Lippi
Abstract 639 | PDF Downloads 235

Page e2020014

An Outbreak of Kawasaki-like Disease in children during SARS-CoV- 2 Epidemic: No Surprise?

Federica Cavallo, Francesco Chiarelli
Abstract 103 | PDF Downloads 38

Page e2020015

COVID-19: What happened to the healthcare workers of a research and teaching hospital in Milan, Italy?

Dario Consonni, Lorenzo Bordini, Carlo Nava, Aldo Todaro, Giovanna Lunghi, Andrea Lombardi, Davide Magioni, Francesco De Palo, Lidia Guerrieri, Michele Gatti, Daniele Serra, Marco Polonioli, Simone Pratò, Antonio Muscatello, Alessandra Bandera, Francesco Auxilia, Silvana Castaldi
Abstract 146 | PDF Downloads 76

Page e2020016

Hospital Acquired Infections in COVID-19 patients in sub intensive care unit

Silvana Castaldi, Ester Luconi, Giuseppe Marano, Francesco Auxilia, Anna Maraschini, Patrizia Bono, Riccardo Ungaro, Alessandra Bandera, Patrizia Boracchi, Elia Biganzoli
Abstract 155 | PDF Downloads 81

Page e2020017

Covid-19 and the role of smoking: the protocol of the multicentric prospective study COSMO-IT (COvid19 and SMOking in ITaly).

Maria Sofia Cattaruzza, Giuseppe Gorini, Cristina Bosetti, Roberto Boffi, Alessandra Lugo, Chiara Veronese, Giulia Carreras, Claudia Santucci, Chiara Stival, Roberta Pacifici, Vincenzo Zagà, Silvano Gallus, Federico Giulietti, Riccardo Sarzani, Francesco Spannella, Mario Del Donno, Stefania Tartaglione, Giuseppina Marrazzo, Girolamo Pelaia, Vincenzo D'Agosto, Alice Berti, Fabio Voller, Salvatore Cardellicchio, Chiara Cresci, Maria Pia Foschino Barbaro, Raffaele De Palma, Simone Negrini, Vera Sicbaldi, Antonella Serafini, Mario Bisconti, Leonida Refolo, Giovanni Landoni, Patrizia Rovere, Giulia Veronesi, Paola Faverio, Werner Garavello, Alberto Pesci, Raffaella Giacobbe, Paola Martucci, Roberto Parrella, Francesco Scarano, Marina Aiello, Alfredo Chetta, Cosimo Franco, Angelo Mangia, Laura Carrozzi, Fabrizio Maggi, Fabio Monzani, Francesco Pistelli, Patrizia Russo, Antonio Sanna, Filippo Maria Barreca, Valentina Conti, Enrico Rossi, Mei Ruli, Silvana Ruli, Shokoofe Eslami Varzaneh, Rosastella Principe, Simone Guerrini, Alfredo Sebastiani , Giovanni Galluccio, Aldo Pezzuto, Alberto Ricci, Elena Casali, Claudio Mastroianni, Pietro Pirina, Francesca Polo, Fabio Beatrice, Micaela Romagnoli, Massimo Baraldo, Pier Giorgio Cojutti, Carlo Tascini, Davide Pecori, Elena Graziano, Biagio Tinghino
Abstract 2333 | PDF Downloads 173

Page e2020062


Cardiovascular system is at higher risk of affecting by COVID-19

Seyed Aria Nejadghaderi, Arash Heidari, Narges Shakerian, Amene Saghazadeh, Nima Rezaei
Abstract 171 | PDF Downloads 98

Page e2020018

The role of imaging and other diagnostic approaches in COVID-19

Rohma Shammus, Samiha Mahbub, Muhammad Atif Rauf , Amer Harky
Abstract 163 | PDF Downloads 61

Page e2020019

COVID-19 and literature evidence: should we publish anything and everything?

Jeremy Chan, Shwe Oo, Cheryl Yan Ting Chor, Daniel Yim, Jeffrey Shi Kai Chan, Amer Harky
Abstract 85 | PDF Downloads 41

Page e2020020

How to overcome cardiovascular challenges in COVID-19 patients: a guide for common practice

Pegah Eslami, Mohammadreza Tabary, Arash Dooghaie-Moghadam, Isa Khaheshi
Abstract 116 | PDF Downloads 53

Page e2020021

Implications of Telemedicine in Oncology during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Manasi Mahesh Shirke, Safwan Ahmed Shaikh, Amer Harky
Abstract 290 | PDF Downloads 192

Page e2020022

Negative nasopharyngeal swabs in COVID-19 pneumonia: the experience of an Italian Emergengy Department (Piacenza) during the first month of the Italian epidemic

Erika Poggiali, Andrea Vercelli, Giovanni Battista Vadacca, Roberta Schiavo, Silvana Mazzoni, Eva Ioannilli, Elena Demichele, Andrea Magnacavallo
Abstract 183 | PDF Downloads 45

Page e2020024

RT-qPCR assays based on saliva rather than on nasopharyngeal swabs are possible but should be interpreted with caution: results from a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Matteo Riccò, Silvia Ranzieri, Simona Peruzzi, Marina Valente, Federico Marchesi, Federica Balzarini, Nicola Luigi Bragazzi, Carlo Signorelli
Abstract 493 | PDF Downloads 364

Page e2020025

A comprehensive update of ICET-A Network on COVID-19 in thalassemias: what we know and where we stand

Vincenzo De Sanctis, Duran Canatan, Joan Lluis Vives Corrons, Mehran Karimi, Shahina Daar, Christos Kattamis, Ashraf T Soliman, Yasser Wali, Salam Alkindi, Valeh Huseynov, Afag Nasibova, Tarık Onur Tiryaki , Melike Sezgin Evim, Adalet Meral Gunes, Zeynep Karakas, Soteroula Christou, Mohamed A Yassin , Maria Concetta Galati, Saveria Campisi, Tahereh Zarei, Doaa Khater, Yesim Oymak, Valeriya Kaleva, Denka Stoyanova, Atanas Banchev, Myrto Skafida, Yurdanur Kilinc
Abstract 349 | PDF Downloads 218

Page e2020026

Congenital Bleeding Disorders amid the COVID-19 pandemic: Open questions and recommendations

Majid Naderi, Fatemeh Malek , Ghasem Miri Aliabad , Mahammad Behnampoor , Mehran Karimi, Vincenzo De Sanctis
Abstract 261 | PDF Downloads 131

Page e2020028

Acute Kidney Injury is Associated with Worse Prognosis In COVID-19 Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Isaac Cheruiyot, Brandon Henry, Giuseppe Lippi, Vincent Kipkorir, Brian Ngure, Jeremiah Munguti, Musa Misiani
Abstract 237 | PDF Downloads 76

Page e2020029

Updates on laboratory investigations in coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Giuseppe Lippi, Brandon M. Henry, Fabian Sanchis-Gomar, Camilla Mattiuzzi
Abstract 325 | PDF Downloads 173

Page e2020030

Coronavirus infections in children: from SARS and MERS to COVID-19, a narrative review of epidemiological and clinical features

Rosanna Iannarella, Claudia Lattanzi, Giulia Cannata, Alberto Argentiero, Cosimo Neglia, Valentina Fainardi, Giovanna Pisi, Susanna Esposito
Abstract 404 | PDF Downloads 183

Page e2020032

COVID-19 and Type 1 Diabetes: Concerns and Challenges

Lorenzo Iughetti, Viola Trevisani, Umberto Cattini, Patrizia Bruzzi, Laura Lucaccioni, Simona Madeo, Barbara Predieri
Abstract 546 | PDF Downloads 305

Page e2020033

The “perfect” storm: Current evidence on pediatric inflammatory multisystem disease during SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

Francesca Lami, Ilaria Scalabrini, Laura Lucaccioni, Lorenzo Iughetti
Abstract 425 | PDF Downloads 246

Page e2020034

Sars-CoV-2 infection in patients with cystic fibrosis. An overwiew

Valentina Fainardi, Francesco Longo, Alfredo Chetta, Susanna Esposito, Giovanna Pisi
Abstract 283 | PDF Downloads 160

Page e2020035

Possible modes of transmission of Novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2: a review

Richa Mukhra, Kewal Krishan, Tanuj Kanchan
Abstract 678 | PDF Downloads 360

Page e2020036

#StayHomeStayFit: UNIMI’s approach to online healthy lifestyle promotion during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Daniela Lucini, Cecilia Eugenia Gandolfi, Clara Antonucci, Anna Cavagna, Esther Valzano, Elena Botta, Matteo Chiari, Lorenzo Mameli, Margherita Nahum, Marina Marzia Brambilla, SIlvana Castaldi, Elia Biganzoli
Abstract 427 | PDF Downloads 265

Page e2020037

Therapeutic strategies against COVID-19

Susanna Esposito, Margherita Gnocchi, Martina Gagliardi, Paola Affanni, Licia Veronesi, Maria Eugenia Colucci, Cosimo Neglia, Alberto Argentiero, Nicola Principi
Abstract 251 | PDF Downloads 100

Page e2020038

Vaccine hesitancy in COVID-19 times. An update from Italy before flu season starts

Anna Odone, Daria Bucci, Roberto Croci, Matteo Riccò, Paola Affanni, Carlo Signorelli
Abstract 1079 | PDF Downloads 294

Page e2020031


The rebirth of health system in Italy after COVID-19 pandemia: starting points.

Alessandro Guido Actis, Gianpiero Actis
Abstract 217 | PDF Downloads 55

Page e2020039

Inappropriate risk perception for SARS-CoV-2 infection among Italian HCWs in the eve of COVID-19 pandemic

Matteo Riccò, Luigi Vezzosi, Federica Balzarini, Nicola Luigi Bragazzi
Abstract 318 | PDF Downloads 144

Page e2020040

International Efforts to Save Healthcare Personnel during COVID-19

Kawthar Mohamed, Nima Rezaei, Eduardo Rodríguez-Román, Farzaneh Rahmani, Hongbo Zhang, Mariya Ivanovska, Sara A. Makka, Musa Joya, Rangarirai Makuku, Md Shahidul Islam, Nesrine Radwan, Laila Rahmah, Rayan Goda, Sunny O. Abarikwu, Mujtaba Shaw, Samaneh Zoghi, Sevan Irtsyan, Irene Ling, Orsolya Cseprekal, Faten Attig-Bahar, Esra Hazar Sayar, Chagajeg Soloukey , Giulia Grancini
Abstract 500 | PDF Downloads 156

Page e2020044

COVID-19 pandemic, Piacenza calling. The survival strategy of an Italian Emergency Department.

Erika Poggiali, Andrea Vercelli, Silvana Mazzoni, Davide Bastoni, Teresa Iannicelli, Elena Demichele, Eva Ioannilli, Andrea Magnacavallo
Abstract 110 | PDF Downloads 24

Page e2020045

Oncolytic effect of SARS-CoV2 in a patient with NK lymphoma

Federico Pasin, Matteo Mascalchi Calveri, Alberto Calabrese, Ginevra Pizzarelli, Isabel Bongiovanni, Michele Andreoli, Chiara Cattaneo, Giovanni Rignanese
Abstract 431 | PDF Downloads 272

Page e2020047

Treatments for COVID-19: emerging drugs against the coronavirus

Sara Khademolhosseini, Hadiseh Kavandi, Samad Ghaffari
Abstract 124 | PDF Downloads 65

Page e2020048

Treatments for COVID-19: emerging drugs against the coronavirus - reply

Francesco Potì
Abstract 91 | PDF Downloads 80

Page e2020049

Covid-19: The last call for telepsychiatry

Andrea Amerio, Anna Odone, Lisa Marzano, Alessandra Costanza, Andrea Aguglia, Gianluca Serafini, Carlo Signorelli, S. Nassir Ghaemi, Mario Amore
Abstract 184 | PDF Downloads 129

Page e2020050

Using video presentation to recruit healthcare workers during COVID-19 pandemic

Filippo Binda, Alberto Bisesti, Silvia Pazzaglia, Dario Laquintana
Abstract 85 | PDF Downloads 30

Page e2020051

The Telematic solutions in plastic surgery during COVID-19 pandemic

Giorgio De Santis, Teresa Palladino, Andrea Leti Acciaro, Marta Starnoni
Abstract 100 | PDF Downloads 60

Page e2020053

Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) resistance in African populations: A cause worth exploring

Kewal Krishan, Tanuj Kanchan
Abstract 657 | PDF Downloads 208

Page e2020023

Surgical activity organization during COVID-19 outbreak: a teaching hospital experience

Valentina Bellini, Federico Cozzani, Paolo Del Rio, Elena Giovanna Bignami
Abstract 40 | PDF Downloads 21

Page e2020027

Intrauterine transmission of COVID-19 in Pregnancy: case report and review of literature

Deena Elkafrawi, Julie Joseph, Antonio Schiattarella, Brian Rodriguez, Giovanni Sisti
Abstract 719 | PDF Downloads 320

Page e2020041

Newly-onset type 1 diabetes mellitus precipitated by COVID-19 in an 8-month-old infant

Ashraf T Soliman, Mohamed Al-Amri , Khaled Alleethy, Nada Alaaraj, Noor Hamed, Vincenzo De Sanctis
Abstract 233 | PDF Downloads 122

Page e2020046

Platypnea-orthodeoxia after fibrotic evolution of SARS-CoV-2 interstitial pneumonia. A case report

Chiara Longo, Livia Ruffini, Nicola Zanoni, Francesco Longo, Rocco Accogli, Tiziano Graziani, Alfredo Chetta
Abstract 267 | PDF Downloads 96

Page e2020052

Iron overload and Hepcidin overexpression could play a key role in COVID infection, and may explain vulnerability in elderly, diabetics, and obese patients

Filippo Banchini, Daniele Vallisa, Pietro Maniscalco, Patrizio Capelli
Abstract 498 | PDF Downloads 258

Page e2020013

Elevated transaminases in a COVID-19 positive patient at term of gestation: a case report

Claudia Nkeih, Giovanni Sisti, Antonio Schiattarella
Abstract 322 | PDF Downloads 88

Page e2020002


An approach to the management of children with problematic severe asthma

Valentina Fainardi, Sejal Saglani
Abstract 123 | PDF Downloads 45

Page e2020055

Celiac disease and headache in children: a narrative state of the art

Luca Sabino, Silvia Marino, Raffaele Falsaperla, Francesco Pisani, Carmen Massimino, Piero Pavone
Abstract 123 | PDF Downloads 75

Page e2020056

Original articles

The advantages of carbon fiber based orthopedic devices in patients who have to undergo radiotherapy

Antonella Soriani, Lidia Strigari, Maria Grazia Petrongari, Vincenzo Anelli, Jacopo Baldi, Nicola Salducca, Roberto Biagini, Carmine Zoccali
Abstract 30 | PDF Downloads 12

Page e2020057

Correlation between CT findings and thoracoscopic diagnosis in diffuse pleural disease

Edoardo Piacibello, Luciano Cardinale, Luisella Righi, Nicola Sverzellati, Francesco Ardissone, Andrea Veltri
Abstract 137 | PDF Downloads 26

Page e2020058

Evaluating Pharmacist’s Patient Care Process in Shiraz, using a newly-validated questionnaire: The First Report from Iran

Marziyeh Zare, Leila Zarei, Saba Afifi, Iman Karimzadeh, Mustafa Ghaeminia, Farzad Peiravian, Mohammad Salehi-Marzijarani, Kamran B Lankarani, Payam Peymani
Abstract 59 | PDF Downloads 33

Page e2020059

Periprosthetic fractures of the proximal femur within first year of the index hip prosthesis

Mauro Spina, Andrea Scalvi
Abstract 48 | PDF Downloads 53

Page e2020060

Analysis of relation between placental lesions and perinatal outcome according to Amsterdam criteria: a comparative study

Maria Teresa Loverro, Gianluca Raffaello Damiani, Edoardo Di Naro, Luca Maria Schonauer, Nicola Laforgia, Matteo Loverro, Teresa Capursi, Giuseppe Muzzupapa, Leonardo Resta
Abstract 82 | PDF Downloads 37

Page e2020061

Retrospective analysis of the cholesterol levels in a European mid-latitude population between 2007 and 2018: controversies and therapeutic implications

Davide Ferrari, Andrea Motta, Marta Strollo, Massimo Locatelli
Abstract 76 | PDF Downloads 50

Page e2020063

International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) and correlation between disability and finance assets in chronic stroke patients

Nicola Marotta, Antonio Ammendolia, Cinzia Marinaro, Andrea Demeco, Lucrezia Moggio, Cosimo Costantino
Abstract 231 | PDF Downloads 79

Page e2020064

Functional outcomes of percutaneous correction of hallux valgus in not symptomatic flatfoot: a case series study

Ottorino Catani, Federico Fusini, Fabio Zanchini, Fabrizio Sergio, Giovanni Cautiero, Jorge Hector Villafañe, Francesco Langella
Abstract 113 | PDF Downloads 54

Page e2020065

Vascular malformation and their unpredictable evolution: A true challenge for physicians

Norman Della Rosa, Nicolò Bertozzi, Roberto Adani
Abstract 30 | PDF Downloads 17

Page e2020067

Describing the health behaviours of future nurses: a cross-sectional study among Italian nursing students

Cristina Arrigoni, Anna Maria Grugnetti, Rosario Caruso, Federica Dellafiore, Paola Borelli, Maria Cenzi, Luisa Gallotti, Carlo Signorelli
Abstract 39 | PDF Downloads 23

Page e2020068

Functional Dyspesia

Pellegrino Crafa, Marilisa Franceschi, Kryssia Isabel Rodriguez Castro, Alberto Barchi, Michele Russo, Lorella Franzoni, Antonio Antico, Gianluca Baldassarre, Maria Piera Panozzo, Francesco Di Mario
Abstract 108 | PDF Downloads 53

Page e2020069

Association of state and trait anxiety with oral health status among adult dental patients

Nagarani Veeraboina, Dolar Doshi, Suhas Kulkarni, Shiva Kumar Patanapu , Satya Narayana Dantala, Srilatha Adepu
Abstract 51 | PDF Downloads 36

Page e2020070

Focus On

Respiratory infections in allergic children: the preventive role of a multicomponent nutraceutical

Anna Maria Zicari, Giovanan De Castro, Giulia Brindisi, Maria Papale, Guido Marinelli, Amelia Licari, Giorgio Ciprandi
Abstract 55 | PDF Downloads 18

Page e2020072

To prevent the allergic disease: the dream of the allergist

Giorgio Ciprandi, Amelia Licari, Gian Luigi Marseglia
Abstract 74 | PDF Downloads 25

Page e2020073

Design and development of a non-contact robotic gripper for tissue manipulation in minimally invasive surgery

Şenol Ertürk, Fehmi Erzincanlı
Abstract 110 | PDF Downloads 58

Page e2020071

Case Reports

Case report: successful endoscopic removal of a large rectal foreign body

Simone Bosi, Gian Luigi de'Angelis
Abstract 130 | PDF Downloads 47

Page e2020074

Neuropsychological and behavioral disorders as presentation symptoms in two brothers with early-infantile Niemann-Pick type C

Luca Soliani, Grazia Gabriella Salerno, Francesco Pisani, Ilaria Barigazzi, Susanna Rizzi, Carlotta Spagnoli, Daniele Frattini, Andrea Zangrandi, Carlo Fusco
Abstract 163 | PDF Downloads 54

Page e2020075

Humeral head necrosis associated to shaft non-union with massive bone loss: a case report

Alfonso Manzotti, Davide Brioschi, Miriam Grassi, Alessio Biazzo, Pietro Cerveri
Abstract 80 | PDF Downloads 37

Page e2020076

Early detection of fibrotic areas in anterior STEMI by echocardiography. A case report

Carmine Siniscalchi, Nicola Gaibazzi
Abstract 48 | PDF Downloads 24

Page e2020077

Bonebridge implantation for mixed hearing loss in a patient with Kabuki syndrome

Giovanni Pepe, Maurizio Negri, Maurizio Falcioni, Filippo Di Lella, Vincenzo Vincenti
Abstract 87 | PDF Downloads 38

Page e2020079

Left ventricular free-wall rupture, a potentially lethal mechanical complication of coronaric angioplasty : an unusual case report

Ludovica Marangoni, Walter Serra, Bruno Borrello, Antonella Vezzani, Andrea Ramelli, Maria Alberta Cattabiani
Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 29

Page e2020080

Bone methabolic disorders in HIV positive patients: a case report.

Angelo De Carli, Edoardo Gaj, Davide Desideri, Marco Scrivano, gianluca fedeli, Antonio Pasquale Vadala
Abstract 101 | PDF Downloads 39

Page e2020081

Oil injection for cosmetic enhancement of the upper extremities: a case report and review of literature

Andrea Sisti, Maria T. Huayllani, David J. Restrepo, Daniel Boczar, Oscar J. Manrique, Peter N. Broer, Shane A. Shapiro, Antonio J. Forte
Abstract 107 | PDF Downloads 112

Page e2020082

Nystagmus in Infantile Pompe Disease: a new feature?

Emanuela Claudia Turco, Carlotta Facini, Benedetta Piccolo, Francesco Pisani
Abstract 113 | PDF Downloads 55

Page e2020083

e-Letters: Comments and Responses

Spinal Cord Injury Without Radiological Abnormalities and the importance of Magnetic Resonance

Rafael Martinez-Perez, Holger Joswig, Natalia Rayo, Giuliano Bertazzo-Silveira
Abstract 99 | PDF Downloads 36

Page e2020084


Polycystic ovarian syndrome in adolescents: From diagnostic criteria to therapeutic management

Nicolas C. Nicolaides, Andreas Matheou, Florentia Vlachou, Vassos Neocleous, Nicos Skordis
Abstract 147 | PDF Downloads 80

Page e2020085

The clinical application of metformin in children and adolescents: A short update

Ashraf Soliman , Vincenzo De Sanctis, Nada Alaaraj , Noor Hamed
Abstract 132 | PDF Downloads 51

Page e2020086

Hashimoto encephalopathy: a case report and a short revision of current literature

Paola Chiarello, Valentina Talarico, Angela Nicoletti, Benedetta Rodio, Pier Paolo Arcuri, Domenico Bosco, Francesco Gigliotti, Maria Concetta Galati, Giuseppe Raiola
Abstract 90 | PDF Downloads 35

Page e2020087

HEALTH SYSTEM RESEARCH (Editor: Carlo Signorelli)

Prevalence of Parkinson Disease in Italy: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Matteo Riccò, Luigi Vezzosi, Federica Balzarini, Giovanni Gualerzi, Silvia Ranzieri, Carlo Signorelli, Maria Eugenia Colucci, Nicola Luigi Bragazzi
Abstract 220 | PDF Downloads 56

Page e2020088

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