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Acta Biomedica is an international peer-reviewed, PubMed-indexed, journal that publishes bimonthly Original Articles, Commentaries, Review Articles, Case Reports, Letters to editors of experimental and general medicine. Acta Biomedica is the expression of the Society of Medicine and Natural Sciences of Parma and Centre on Health System's Organization, Quality, and Sustainabili
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Fourth generation of synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists: a summary on the latest insights

Anastasio Tini, Federica Umani Ronchi, Sara Malaca
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Page e2021546

Waterbirth: current knowledge and medico-legal issues

Annalisa Vidiri, Simona Zaami, Gianluca Straface, Giuseppe Gullo, Irene Turrini, Daniela Matarrese, Fabrizio Signore, Anna Franca Cavaliere, Federica Perelli, Laura Marchi
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Page e2022077

Clinical implications of anticoagulant oral therapy in elderly patients with hip fracture.

Fabio Cosseddu, Edoardo Ipponi, Luigi Perna, Simone Paterni, Rodolfo Capanna, Lorenzo Andreani
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Page e2022071

Research productivity in genetics of papillary thyroid carcinoma (1991-2020): a bibliometric analysis

Mohammad Al Hamad , Savita Lasrado, Hassan S. Albarbari , Abu Waris, Nadeem Siddique , Muhammad Ajmal Khan , Nouf Alharbi , Shamim Shaikh Mohiuddin, Rupesh Parmar , Nehal A. Zeidan , Aqilah T. Al-Qassab , Ritesh G. Menezes
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Page e2022086

The use of orthopedic surgical devices for forensic identification: A systematic review

Abrar H. Bukhamseen, Abrar A. Aldhmeen , Nof T. Alzayyat, Maria M. Alqadeeb, Bashair K. Alotaibi, Raghad I. Aljohani, Ritesh G. Menezes
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Page e2022082

Newly diagnosed Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) during COVID-19 pandemic: changes in therapeutic approach to minimize in-hospital SARS-COV-2 contagion in pre-vaccine era

Valeria Internò, Roberta Rudà, Maria Chiara Sergi, Riccardo Soffietti, Camillo Porta
Abstract 1 |

Page e2021545

Plasma-derived exosomes implement miR-126-associated regulation of cytokines secretion in PBMCs of CHF patients in vitro

Larysa V. Natrus, Dmytro O. Labudzynskyi, Petro F. Muzychenko, Petro A. Chernovol, Yuliia G. Klys
Abstract 34 |

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Acta Biomedica (ABM) invites several of scientific and medical experts each year to review submitted manuscripts. The Editors of ABM sincerely appreciate the efforts of these reviewers who volunteer their time and expertise to provide valuable feedback to ensure the quality of the research published in each issue of ABM. Without their efforts ABM could not have maintained its standards during the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, given the rapid pace and unprecedented number of reports submitted in such a short time.

Many thanks for their outstanding contributions and dedication in 2021.

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Current Issue

Vol. 92 No. 5 (2021)

Published: 03-11-2021


The management of the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic in Italy, lessons earnt and reflections for the future

Manuel Maffeo, Antonio Azara, Enrico Di Rosa, Luigi Bertinato, Claudio Garbelli, Silvana Castaldi
Abstract 228 | PDF Downloads 105

Page e2021388

Changes in volumes and severity of surgical urgencies during the first two COVID-19 pandemic waves in a regional hospital network.

Alessandro Carrara, Dalia Amabile, Riccardo Pertile, Federico Reich, Francesca Laura Nava, Paolo Moscatelli, Luigi Pellecchia, Michele Motter, Orazio Zappalà, Gianmarco Ghezzi, Pierpaolo Benetollo, Giuseppe Tirone
Abstract 140 | PDF Downloads 73

Page e2021427

The epidemiology of proximal femur fractures during COVID-19 emergency in Italy: a multicentric study

Corrado Ciatti, Pietro Maniscalco, Fabrizio Quattrini, Serena Gattoni, Alessandra Magro, Patrizio Capelli, Filippo Banchini, Caterina Fiazza, Vito Pavone, Calogero Puma Pagliarello, Fabiana Valenti, Giulio Maccauro, Michele Cauteruccio, Riccardo Accetta, Giuseppe Basile, Carlo Ruosi, Fabio Di Santo, Nicola Orabona, Cristiano Coppola, Dario Perugia, Riccardo Maria Lanzetti, Mauro Roselli, Giuseppina Montanari, Francesco Benazzo, Mario Mosconi, Loris Perticarini, Vito Pesce, Giuseppe Maccagnano, Lorenzo Moretti, Biagio Moretti, Giuseppe Solarino
Abstract 224 | PDF Downloads 91

Page e2021398

Reorganizing stroke and neurological intensive care during the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany

Niklas Alexander Kämpfer, Andrea Naldi, Nicola Luigi Bragazzi, Klaus Fassbender, Martin Lesmeister, Piergiorgio Lochner
Abstract 174 | PDF Downloads 98

Page e2021266

COVID-19 respiratory support outside the ICU's doors. An observational study for a new operative strategy

Elena Bignami , Valentina Bellini, Giada Maspero, Barbara Pifferi, Leonardo Fortunati Rossi, Andrea Ticinesi, Michelangelo Craca, Tiziana Meschi, Marco Baciarello
Abstract 240 | PDF Downloads 109

Page e2021365

OHCA survey in Lombardy: comparison between years 2014 and 2019 (pre COVID-19)

Mirko Andreoletti, Rodolfo Bonora, Marco Botteri, Cinzia Licia Villa, Giuseppe Maria Sechi, Alberto Zoli, Guido Francesco Villa
Abstract 173 | PDF Downloads 88

Page e2021486

How COVID-19 pandemic has changed elective surgery: the experience in a general surgery unit at a COVID-hospital

Mario Giuffrida, Federico Cozzani; Matteo Rossini; Elena Bonati, Paolo Del Rio
Abstract 114 | PDF Downloads 34

Page e2021304


Occurrence of SARS-CoV-2 infection among healthcare personnel: results from an early systematic review and meta-analysis.

Matteo Riccò, Giovanni Gualerzi, Silvia Ranzieri, Simona Peruzzi, Marina Valente, Federico Marchesi, Nicola Luigi Bragazzi, Carlo Signorelli
Abstract 258 | PDF Downloads 160

Page e2021311

How Stable Ischemic Heart Disease Leads to Acute Coronary Syndrome in COVID-19?

Melika Shafeghat, Arya Aminorroaya, Nima Rezaei
Abstract 199 | PDF Downloads 113

Page e2021512

Medically assisted procreation in times of COVID-19: what impact on health care system organization and the reproductive rights of couples?

Giuseppe Rallo, Francesca Negro, Francesca Consalvo, Valeria Piersanti, Susanna Marinelli
Abstract 207 | PDF Downloads 83

Page e2021275


Recurrent Status Epilepticus and SARS-CoV-2 infection: the “perfect storm”

Giada Pauletto, Annacarmen Nilo, Cristian Deana, Lorenzo Verriello, Ilaria Del Negro, Christian Lettieri, Luigi Vetrugno, Mariarosaria Valente, Gian Luigi Gigli
Abstract 313 | PDF Downloads 115

Page e2021208


Nepal’s COVID-19 Crisis: A Global Call to Arms

Upasana Maskey, Yub Raj Sedhai, Alok Atreya, Aasim Kidwai
Abstract 146 | PDF Downloads 60

Page e2021421

Epidemiological analysis on children and adolescents with COVID-19 in a central area of Calabria region: one year of pandemia

Valentina Talarico, Katia Roppa, Teresa Alcaro, Maria Vinci, Pasquale Minchella, Giuseppe Raiola
Abstract 105 | PDF Downloads 37

Page e2021381

Original articles

Factors contributing to poor outcome in patients on warfarin receiving 4-factor prothrombin complex concentrate in critically ill

Ajay Kumar Mishra, Kamal Kant Sahu, Amos Lal, Susan V George
Abstract 210 | PDF Downloads 117

Page e2021281

A Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Reference Range: Iranian Thyroid Cohort study

Rokhsareh Meamar, Awat Feizi, Ashraf Aminorroaya, Massoud Amini; Maryam nasri; Azamosadat Tabatabaei, Majid Abyar
Abstract 164 | PDF Downloads 55

Page e2021283

Diagnostic significance of combining D-dimer with high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I for improving the diagnosis of venous thromboembolism in the emergency department

Laura Bonfanti, Gianfranco Cervellin, Simone Calamai, Marco Lunian, Rosalia Aloe, Giuseppe Lippi
Abstract 133 | PDF Downloads 74

Page e2021287

Postoperative outcomes in total hip arthroplasty following femoral head avascular necrosis in HIV-positive patients.

Alfonso Manzotti, Marco Larghi, Emanuele Placenza, Francesca Susini, Miriam Grassi
Abstract 137 | PDF Downloads 76

Page e2021296

The use of resected SMAS as autologous graft for the correction of nasolabial folds during rejuvenating procedures

Alessandro Innocenti, Dario Melita, Marco Innocenti
Abstract 134 | PDF Downloads 81

Page e2021299

Wounds morphologic assessment: application and reproducibility of a virtual measuring system, pilot study

Giuseppe Guarro, Federico Cozzani, Matteo Rossini, Elena Bonati, Paolo Del Rio
Abstract 220 | PDF Downloads 35

Page e2021227

The metastatic lymph node ratio is a better prognostic factor than the number of metastatic limph node after curative resection for gastric cancer

Mario Giuffrida, Lorenzo Viani, Gioacchino Giovanni Iapichino; Federico Cozzani; Paolo Dell'Abate, Paolo Del Rio
Abstract 146 | PDF Downloads 59

Page e2021284

Correlation of Serum Decoy Receptor 3 and Interleukin-6 with Severity of Coronary Artery Diseases in Male Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients

Hossein Doustkami, Leli Avesta, Behzad Babapour, Mohammad Hossein Boskabady, Ali Nikoukhesal, Mohammad Reza Aslani
Abstract 304 | PDF Downloads 82

Page e2021285

Prolactin Level in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): An approach to the diagnosis and management

Zahra Davoudi, Farnaz Araghi, Maryam Vahedi, Navid Mokhtari, Mehdi Gheisari
Abstract 314 | PDF Downloads 130

Page e2021291

Evaluation of vaginal microbiota in women admitted to the hospital for premature labour

Bruno Arena, Maria Diletta Daccò
Abstract 176 | PDF Downloads 101

Page e2021292

The No-reflow Phenomenon: Is it Predictable by Demographic factors and Routine Laboratory Data?

Mohammadhasan Namazi, Elham Mahmoudi, Morteza Safi, Yaser Jenab, Hossein Vakili, Habibollah Saadat, Saeed Alipour Parsa, Isa Khaheshi, Azita Hajhossein Talasaz, Seyed Hossein Hosseini, Mohammadreza Tabary, Hamidreza Poorhosseini
Abstract 164 | PDF Downloads 102

Page e2021297

Invasive Breast Carcinoma with Abundant Collagenous Stroma Shows Lower Level of CD68-Positive Tumor Associated Macrophages than Those of Invasive Carcinoma without Abundant Collagenous Stroma 

Canan Kelten Talu, Ezgi Hacihasanoglu, Cem Leblebici, Mehmet Ali Nazli, Esra Arslan, Didem Can Trabulus
Abstract 253 | PDF Downloads 73

Page e2021254

Fissurectomy and anoplasty in posterior normotensive chronic anal fissure

Beatrice D'Orazio, Bianca Cudia, Sebastiano Bonventre, Fausto Famà, Carmelo Sciumé, Bianca Cudia, Dario Calì, Giovanni Corbo, Gaetano Di Vita, Girolamo Geraci
Abstract 163 | PDF Downloads 70

Page e2021176

Clinical and metabolic characteristics of children with hybrid diabetes mellitus (HD) compared to children with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM): A preliminary comparative study

Vincenzo De Sanctis, Ashraf Soliman, Fawzia Alyafei, Nada Alaaraj, Shayma Ahmed, Ahmed Elawwa, Noor Hamed
Abstract 169 | PDF Downloads 91

Page e2021511

Multifocality in patients treated for papillary Thyroid Carcinoma: a preliminary analysis of related risk factors.

Paolo Del Rio, Tommaso Loderer, Mario Giuffrida, Federico Cozzani, Matteo Rossini, Deborah Bonfili, Elena Bonati
Abstract 191 | PDF Downloads 74

Page e2021017

Relationship between surgeon experience and adverse events in thyroid surgery

Tommaso Loderer, Davide Beretta, Federico Cozzani, Elena Bonati, Matteo Rossini, Paolo Del Rio
Abstract 80 | PDF Downloads 36

Page e2021294

Outcome of surgical treatment of 54 Periprosthetic femoral fractures after total hip arthroplasty at mid term follow-up

Ibrahim Akkawi, Daniele Fabbri, Matteo Romantini, Massimo Laus, Alfonso Calogero
Abstract 333 | PDF Downloads 48

Page e2021312

Dynamic evaluation of THA components by Prosthesis Impingement Software (PIS)

Matteo Giachino, Alessandro Aprato, Tullio Andrea Revetria, Enrico Vezzetti, Alessandro Massè, Luca Ulrich, Leonardo Tanzi
Abstract 97 | PDF Downloads 39

Page e2021295

Improvement in glycaemic control in paediatric and young adult type 1 diabetes patients during COVID-19 pandemic: role of telemedicine and lifestyle changes.

Pietro Lazzeroni, Matteo Motta, Sara Monaco, Serena Rosa Laudisio, Daria Furoncoli, Valentina Maffini, Monica Rubini, Bertrand Tchana, Claudio Ruberto, Icilio Dodi, Brunella Iovane
Abstract 272 | PDF Downloads 188

Page e2021399

Remodeling of distal radius fractures in children: preliminary retrospective cost/analysis in level II pediatric trauma center

Mario Marinelli, Daniele Massetti, Giulia Facco, Danya Falcioni, Valentino Coppa, Valentina Maestri, Antonio Gigante
Abstract 101 | PDF Downloads 57

Page e2021390

Potentially inappropriate brain CT-scan requesting in the emergency department: A retrospective study in patients with neurologic complaints

Hossein Alimohammadi, Shima Zareh Shahamati, Abdolazim Karkhaneh Yousefi, Behnam Safarpour Lima
Abstract 172 | PDF Downloads 58

Page e2021302

Longitudinal evaluation of endothelial markers in children and adolescents with familial hypercholesterolemia.

Patrizia Bruzzi, Barbara Predieri, Simona Madeo, Francesca Lami, Lorenzo Iughetti
Abstract 137 | PDF Downloads 70

Page e2021343


Sex estimation from fingerprint ridge density. A review of literature

Siddharatha Sharma, Rijen Shrestha, Kewal Krishan, Tanuj Kanchan
Abstract 309 | PDF Downloads 114

Page e2021366

An overview of mallet finger injuries

Bhavika Khera, Chad Chang, Waseem Bhat
Abstract 269 | PDF Downloads 101

Page e2021246

Pleural effusion aetiology, presentation, treatment and outcome in haematological diseases: a review

Alberto Fantin, Nadia Castaldo, Paolo Vailati, Giuseppe Morana, Daniele Orso, Luigi Vetrugno, Vincenzo Patruno
Abstract 217 | Supplementary material Downloads 63 PDF Downloads 34

Page e2021268

Peripherally Inserted Central Venous Catheters (PICC) versus totally implantable venous access device (PORT) for chemotherapy administration: a meta-analysis on gynecological cancer patients

Vito Andrea Capozzi, Luciano Monfardini, Giulio Sozzi, Giulia Armano, Diana Butera, Elisa Scarpelli, Giuseppe Barresi, Alessandro Benegiamo, Roberto Berretta
Abstract 250 | PDF Downloads 172

Page e2021257

Inflammatory bowel disease and infertility: analysis of literature and future perspectives

Francesco Carini, Margherita Mazzola, Carola Gagliardo, Marco Scaglione, Marco Giammanco, Giovanni Tomasello
Abstract 168 | PDF Downloads 106

Page e2021264

Letters to the Editor

Uterus Transplantation and the redefinition of core bioethics precepts

Federica Umani Ronchi, Gabriele Napoletano
Abstract 265 | PDF Downloads 189

Page e2021435

Termites and asthma: is there a connection?

Rafael Martinez-Giron, Hugo Cornelis van Woerden, Cristina Martínez-Torre
Abstract 118 | Video 1 Downloads 0 PDF Downloads 52

Page e2021286

The Empty Nose Syndrome: a pragmatic classification in clinical practice

Desiderio Passali, Rosario La Rosa, Giulio Cesare Passali, Giorgio Ciprandi
Abstract 114 | PDF Downloads 51

Page e2021288


The role of pelvic ultrasound for the diagnosis and management of central precocious puberty: An update

Valentina Talarico, Maria Benedetta Rodio, Antonio Viscomi, Eulalia Galea, Maria Concetta Galati, Giuseppe Raiola
Abstract 206 | PDF Downloads 98

Page e2021480

The Myxedema coma in children and adolescents: A rare endocrine emergency - Personal experience and review of literature

Vincenzo De Sanctis, Ashraf Soliman , Shahina Daar , Salvatore Di Maio , Noora Alhumaidi, Mayam Alali, Aml Sabt, Christos Kattamis
Abstract 275 | PDF Downloads 142

Page e2021481

Focus On

The pathophysiology and complications of Fontan circulation

Giuseppe Antonio Mazza, Elena Gribaudo, Gabriella Agnoletti
Abstract 326 | PDF Downloads 181

Page e2021260

Medical Humanities

The Holmes-Adie Syndrome in the Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

Deivis de Campos, Danielle Coutinho Rodrigues, Luciano Buso
Abstract 110 | PDF Downloads 63

Page e2021305

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Acta Biomedica (ABM) invites several of scientific and medical experts each year to review submitted manuscripts. The Editors of ABM sincerely appreciate the efforts of these reviewers who volunteer their time and expertise to provide valuable feedback to ensure the quality of the research published in each issue of ABM. Without their efforts ABM could not have maintained its standards during the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, given the rapid pace and unprecedented number of reports submitted in such a short time.

Many thanks for their outstanding contributions and dedication in 2021.


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