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Acta Biomedica (ActaBiomed) is an international Journal on Clinical and Surgical Aspects of Medicine, peer-reviewed, open access, bi-monthly.

The Journal publishes mainly national and international scientific activities of Mediterranean and Middle East countries.

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Psyche and human thought from the anatomies of the past

Roberta Fusco, Rosagemma Ciliberti
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Page e2023235

Adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction (SVF) for the treatment of androgenic alopecia (AGA): a systematic review

Gian Piero Mantovani, Caterina Marra, Federico De Maria, Valentina Pinto, Giorgio De Santis
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Page e2023236

Quality of life following LASIK surgery at a tertiary center in North India

Anil Kumar, Ujjwal Prakash Jha, Suresh Kumar, Sudesh Kumar Arya, Deepika Rani, Vinod Kumar, Gayathiri Pathmanathan
Abstract 5 | PDF Downloads 0

Page e2023216

Dyspepsia in the Middle Ages: A reference in Giovanni Boccaccio’s Decameron (14th century AD)?

Francesco Maria Galassi, Giovanni Spani, Michael Papio, Fabrizio Toscano, Marco Artico, Elena Varotto
Abstract 0 |

Page e2023237

Association Between Severity of Sepsis and Thyroid Function Profile

Vindy Nugraha Siampa, Satriawan Abadi, Andi Makbul Aman, Syakib Bakri, Risna Halim, Andi Alfian Zainuddin
Abstract 0 |

Page e2023239

Outcome of simultaneous bi-unicompartmental knee arthroplasty: a systematic review

Ibrahim Akkawi, Maurizio Draghetti, Hassan Zmerly
Abstract 2 |

Page e2023240

Factors influencing final rendering in areola tattoo reconstruction: a statistical analysis

Irene Laura Lusetti, Caterina Marra, Lucrezia Pacchioni, Giorgio De Santis
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Current Issue

Vol. 94 No. S3 (2023): Vol. 94 Suppl. 3 (2023): Public Health Challenges in The Post-Pandemic Era: Guest Editors: Carlo Signorelli, Cesira Pasquarella, Stefano Capolongo, Anna Odone

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Published: 30-08-2023



Emergency Department waiting-time in the post pandemic era: new organizational models, a challenge for the future

Giuseppe Stirparo, Erika Kacerik , Aida Andreassi, Paolo Pausilli, Francesca Cortellaro, Anna Coppo, Maurizio Migliari, Andrea Albonico, Giuseppe Maria Sechi, Alberto Zoli, Carlo Signorelli
Abstract 67 | PDF Downloads 64

Page e2023122

Compliance with recommended preventive behaviours and restrictions for COVID-19: an exploratory analysis of Italians’ attitudes

Guido Travaini, Emma Flutti, Lorenzo Blandi, Roberta Sala, Sarah Songhorian , Palmina Caruso, Giulia Mugellini
Abstract 81 | PDF Downloads 28

Page e2023182

Between mandatory vaccination and the COVID-19 pandemic: effects on the vaccination coverage trend in a province of Southern Italy

Cristina Genovese, Giuseppe Pantò, Isabella La Spina, Paola Tripodi, Smeralda D'Amato, Alessio Facciolà, Vincenza La Fauci, Raffaele Squeri
Abstract 28 | PDF Downloads 12

Page e2023211

An overview on the use of ultraviolet radiation to disinfect air and surfaces

Roberto Albertini, Maria Eugenia Colucci, Alessia Coluccia, Mostafa Mohieldin Mahgoub Ibrahim , Roberta Zoni, Licia Veronesi, Paola Affanni, Cesira Pasquarella
Abstract 84 | PDF Downloads 62

Page e2023165

An overview of the studies on microbial air contamination in operating theatres and related issues over time: a useful tool for a multidisciplinary approach

Roberto Albertini, Alessia Coluccia, Maria Eugenia Colucci, Roberta Zoni, Paola Affanni, Licia Veronesi, Cesira Pasquarella
Abstract 88 | PDF Downloads 49

Page e2023149

HB-HTA focus in a tertiary hospitals' network in Northern Italy: A three-years experience analysis

Sudwaric Sharma, Silvana Castaldi, Pier Mario Perrone, Michele Giovanni Cusmai
Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 56

Page e2023136

The DianaWeb cohort during the first COVID-19 lockdown: changes in eating behaviour in women with breast cancer

Mattia Acito, Valentina Natalucci, Tommaso Rondini, Giuliana Gargano, Rita Emili, Massimo Moretti, Elena Barbieri, Anna Villarini, Milena Villarini
Abstract 69 | PDF Downloads 51

Page e2023135

Structural accreditation of healthcare facilities: comparison of the requirements by Italian Presidential Decree 14/01/1997 and regional regulations. A proposal for updating the minimum environmental units at national level

Marco Gola, Martina Sapienza , Faris Slama, Laura Brundu , Roberta Campus, Stefano Manai , Roberto Nicosanti, Silvia Ogana , Marco Orrù, Giovanni Maria Ortu, Giulia Piga , Daniele Ignazio La Milia , Chiara Cadeddu, Gaia Ferraguzzi, Silvia Mangili, Gianfranco Damiani, Carlo Favaretti, Antonio Azara, Stefano Capolongo, Walter Ricciardi
Abstract 140 | Supplementary file Downloads 0 PDF Downloads 32

Page e2023158

The meta-projects of the new community health centers, community hospitals and local operative centers for the Italian country

Stefano Capolongo, Maddalena Buffoli, Marco Gola, Alice Borghini, Federica Riano, Stefano Arruzzoli, Erica Brusamolin, Yong Yu, Alessandro Izzi, Domenico Mantoan
Abstract 107 | PDF Downloads 56

Page e2023154

Built environment impact on people with dementia (PwD) health and well-being outcomes: a systematic review of the literature

Silvia Mangili, Andrea Brambilla, Marco Trabucchi, Stefano Capolongo
Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 55

Page e2023155

Evaluation of stakeholder opinion about Long Term Care Facilities for People with Dementia perceived quality: a web-based survey in the Italian context

Silvia Mangili, Luca Ciaffoni, Tianzhi Sun, Andrea Brambilla, Stefano Capolongo
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 64

Page e2023143

Covid-19 emergency management and preparedness in cross-border territories. Collection of experiences, needs and public health strategies in the framework of interreg GESTI.S.CO. project

Andrea Brambilla, Erica Isa Mosca, Arianna Isabella, Daniele Fabrizio Bignami, Maddalena Buffoli, Marco Gola, Silvia Mangili, Manuel Bertulessi, Federica Zambrini, Arianna Pogliani, Ilaria Boschini, Luca Callari, Andrea Rebecchi, Massimo Caldera, Giovanni Menduni, Stefano Capolongo
Abstract 63 | PDF Downloads 34

Page e2023115

Innovative COVID-19 diagnostics and testing strategies in Italy, Denmark, UK, Israel and Sweden: a comparative analysis including tests, incidence and mortality

Pietro Melodia, Manuel Stocchi, Leandro Gentile, Anna Odone, Cristina Renzi, Carlo Signorelli
Abstract 93 | PDF Downloads 64

Page e2023190

Promoting societal resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic: a multi-country analysis of public health strategies

Anna Carole D'Amelio, Sarah Cataldi, Giulia Dallagiacoma, Leandro Gentile, Anna Odone, Carlo Signorelli
Abstract 107 | PDF Downloads 58

Page e2023181

Impact of the educational program “Igiene Insieme”in 1,991 Italian primary schools: student behavior and incidence of SARS-CoV-2

Lucia Bricchi, Carlo Signorelli, Anna Odone, Danilo Cereda, Lucia Bisceglia, Pier Luigi Lopalco
Abstract 84 | PDF Downloads 47

Page e2023184

Genesis and prospects of the shortage of specialist physicians in Italy and indicators of the 39 schools of hygiene and preventive medicine.

Flavia Pennisi , Massimo Minerva, Zeno Dalla Valle, Anna Odone, Carlo Signorelli
Abstract 101 | PDF Downloads 32

Page e2023159

Can youtube be trusted as a source of quality and reliable information on COVID-19 vaccination in Italy?

Leandro Gentile, Paola Bertuccio, Angela Ancona, Andrea Cucchi, Giulia Dallagiacoma, Martino Alberto Godoy, Carlo Signorelli, Anna Odone
Abstract 124 | PDF Downloads 65

Page e2023163


The potential of digital health records for public health research, policy, and practice: the case of the Lombardy Region Data Warehouse

Lorenzo Blandi , Alessandro Amorosi, Olivia Leoni, Timo Clemens, Helmut Brand, Anna Odone
Abstract 91 | PDF Downloads 48

Page e2023121

Population Health Management: principles, models and areas of application in public health

Lorenzo Blandi, Leonardo Pegollo, Leandro Gentile, Anna Odone
Abstract 76 | PDF Downloads 45

Page e2023162


Green space in hospital built environment. A literature review about therapeutic gardens in acute care healthcare settings before Covid-19.

Andrea Brambilla, Matilde Del Pio, Roberto Ravegnani Morosini, Stefano Capolongo
Abstract 83 | Supplementary file Downloads 0 PDF Downloads 59

Page e2023137

Use of digital technologies in public health: a narrative review

Paolo Castiglia, Marco Dettori, Antonella Arghittu, Guglielmo Campus, Danila De Vito
Abstract 157 | Supplementary file Downloads 32 PDF Downloads 56

Page e2023164

Metformin and Covid-19: a systematic review of systematic reviews with meta-analysis

Fabio Petrelli, Iolanda Grappasonni, Cuc Thi Thu Nguyen, Marina Tesauro, Paola Pantanetti, Sonila Xhafa, Giovanni Cangelosi
Abstract 174 | PDF Downloads 121

Page e2023138

The efficacy of digital media tools to promote a healthy diet in children: A systematic review of intervention studies

Giulia Dallagiacoma, Federica Alberti, Anna Odone
Abstract 91 | PDF Downloads 68

Page e2023157


Delays in cancer diagnosis: challenges and opportunities in Europe

Cristina Renzi, Stefano Odelli, Federica Morani, Sara Benitez Majano, Carlo Signorelli
Abstract 145 | PDF Downloads 89

Page e2023161

Rolling e-learning: an educational model to support Italian healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic

Fabrizio Ernesto Pregliasco, Maria Rosa Valetto, Filippo Anelli, Ugo Moretti, Nicoletta Scarpa, Pietro Dri
Abstract 82 | PDF Downloads 48

Page e2023123

The role of Mayors in protecting citizens’ health: a brief report from Italy

Lorenzo Blandi , Vincenzo Navobi Porrello, Carlo Signorelli, Anna Odone
Abstract 68 | PDF Downloads 34

Page e2023139

Population-based breast cancer screening in Pavia (northern Italy) in 2016-2018: Key performance indicators and sensitivity estimate

Silvia Deandrea, Federica Manzoni, Marina Tanious, Andrea Parrini, Marinella Crema, Pietro Perotti, Simona Dalle Carbonare, Giancarlo Magenes, Ennio Cadum, Lorenza Boschetti, Stefano Marguati, Lorella Cecconami, Anna Odone
Abstract 78 | PDF Downloads 34

Page e2023160

The selfie project: A successful approach to lifestyle monitoring and health promotion in adolescents

Giansanto Mosconi , Simone Feder, Ilaria Albertin, Marcello Esposito, Anna Polgatti, Franco Taverna, Diego Turcinovich, Tomaso Vecchi, Anna Odone
Abstract 125 | PDF Downloads 55

Page e2023133


The nosocomial Legionnaires’ disease: The role of different molecular methods in identifying the infection source.

Osvalda De Giglio, Marilena D'Ambrosio, Carla Calia, Valentina Spagnuolo, Marta Oliva, Marco Lopuzzo, Francesca Apollonio, Francesco Triggiano, Giusy Diella, Maria Scaturro, Maria Luisa Ricci, Maria Elena Caringella, Carla Maria Leone, Federica Romanelli, Stefania Stolfa, Adriana Mosca, Carlo Pazzani, Maria Teresa Montagna
Abstract 34 | PDF Downloads 13

Page e2023217

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