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Sarcoidosis Vasculitis and Diffuse Lung Diseases publishes original articles on the prevalence, causes, mechanisms, diagnosis, management, treatment and prevention of sarcoidosis, vasculitis and interstitial lung diseases.

The Journal is the official journal of the World Association of Sarcoidosis and other Granolumatous Disorders (WASOG).

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Online First

The right upper lobe bronchus angle: A tool for differentiating fibrotic and non-fibrotic sarcoidosis

Mary Salvatore, Danielle Toussie, Nadiya Pavlishyn, David Yankelevitz, Timothy O'Connor, Claudia Henschke, Maria Padilla
Abstract 13 | PDF Downloads 5

Current Issue

Vol. 37 No. 1 (2020)

Published: 2020-03-25

Original Articles: Clinical Research

Serum amyloid A in lung transplantation

Lucia Vietri, Elena Bargagli, David Bennett, Antonella Fossi, Paolo Cameli, Laura Bergantini, Miriana d’Alessandro, Piero Paladini, Luca Luzzi, Francesco Gentili, Maria Antonietta Mazzei, Donatella Spina, Piersante Sestini, Paola Rottoli
Abstract 98 | PDF Downloads 37

Page 2-7

Serum soluble interleukin-2 receptor level is a predictive marker for EBUS-TBNA-based diagnosis of sarcoidosis

Jun Miyata, Takunori Ogawa, Yoichi Tagami, Takashi Sato, Mikie Nagayama, Toshiyuki Hirano, Naofumi Kameyama, Koichi Fukunaga, Akihiko Kawana, Takashi Inoue
Abstract 39 | PDF Downloads 20 Supplementary file Downloads 2

Page 8-16

Factors associated with implantable cardioverter defibrillators appropriate therapy in cardiac sarcoidosis: a meta-analysis

Levi-Dan Azoulay, Xavier Waintraub, Julien Haroche, Zahir Amoura, Fleur Cohen Aubart
Abstract 66 | Supplementary files Downloads 7 PDF Downloads 34

Page 17-23

The incidence, comorbidity and mortality of sarcoidosis in Korea, 2008-2015: a nationwide population-based study

Mi Hye Jeon, Taeuk Kang, Sang Hoon Yoo, Heather S Swan, Hyun Jung Kim, Hyeong Sik Ahn
Abstract 43 | PDF Downloads 30 Suppl file 1 Downloads 2 Suppl file 2 Downloads 0

Page 24-36

Interstitial lung disease and microscopic polyangiitis in chilean patients

Pamela Wurmann, Francisca Sabugo, Fabian Elgueta, Macarena Mac-Namara, Karen Vergara, Daniela Vargas, Maria Luisa Molina, Juan Carlos Diaz, Hector Gatica, Annelise Goecke
Abstract 43 | PDF Downloads 20

Page 37-42

Incidence and economic burden of sarcoidosis in years 2011–2015 in Silesian voivodeship, Poland

Ewa Niewiadomska, Małgorzata Kowalska, Michał Skrzypek, Agata Bocionek, Elżbieta Czech
Abstract 40 | PDF Downloads 16

Page 43-52

Miliary Sarcoidosis: does it exist? A case series and systematic review of literature

Srinivas Rajagopala, Sakthi Shankari, Roopa Kancherla, Ramanathan Palaniappan Ramanathan, Devanand Balalakshmoji
Abstract 55 | PDF Downloads 34 Supplementary file Downloads 4

Page 53-65

The effect of global longitudinal strain on ımpaired six-minute walk test performance in patients with sarcoidosis

Deniz Kaptan Ozen, Bülent Mutlu, Derya Kocakaya, Burak Turan, Sena Sert Sekerci, Berrin Ceyhan, Alper Kepez, Okan Erdoğan
Abstract 34 | PDF Downloads 19

Page 66-73

Case Series

Safety of macitentan in sarcoidosis-associated pulmonary hypertension: a case-series

H. Mathijssen, M.P. Huitema, A.L.M. Bakker, R.J. Snijder, J.J. Mager, J.C. Grutters, M.C. Post
Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 27

Page 74-78

Case reports

Desquamative interstitial pneumonia induced by metal exposure

Timothée Blin, Anne De Muret, Marion Teulier, Marion Ferreira, Michel Vincent, Mickaël Catinon, Antoine Legras, Patrice Diot, Sylvain Marchand-Adam
Abstract 103 | PDF Downloads 49

Page 79-84

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