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Current Issue

Vol 36 No 3 (2019)

Published: 2019-09-19

Original Articles: Clinical Research

Pharmacological treatment of acute exacerbation of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: a retrospective study of 88 patients

Susumu Sakamoto, Hirosige Shimizu, Takuma Isshiki, Atsuko Kurosaki, Sakae Homma
Abstract 171 | PDF Downloads 173

Page 176-184

Spirometry, cardiopulmonary exercise testing and the six-minute walk test results in sarcoidosis patients

Arda Kiani, Alireza Eslaminejad, Mohsen Shafeipour, Fatemeh Razavi, Seyyed Reza Seyyedi, Babak Sharif-Kashani, Habib Emami, Mehrdad Bakhshayesh-Karam, Atefeh Abedini
Abstract 215 | PDF Downloads 201

Page 185-194

Radiologic and pathologic characteristics of myeloperoxidase-antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated interstitial lung disease

Misbah Baqir, Eunhee Yi, Thomas Colby, Christian Cox, Jay Ryu, Ulrich Specks
Abstract 126 | PDF Downloads 114

Page 195-201

High incidence of venous thromboembolism but not of coronary artery disease in granulomatosis with polyangiitis in first years after diagnosis

Anna Borowiec, Malgorzata Hadzik-Blaszczyk, Ilona Kowalik, Tomasz Rusinowicz, Renata Krupa, Piotr Kandyba, Ewa Jozefik, Anna Gawalkiewicz, Jan Jankowski, Katarzyna Zycinska
Abstract 88 | PDF Downloads 73

Page 202-208

Role of cytomorphology in the diagnosis of sarcoidosis in subjects undergoing endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration

Valliappan Muthu, Nalini Gupta, Sahajal Dhooria, Inderpaul Singh Sehgal, Kuruswamy Thurai Prasad, Ashutosh Nath Aggarwal, Ritesh Agarwal
Abstract 78 | PDF Downloads 77

Page 209-216

Effectiveness and tolerability of methotrexate in pulmonary sarcoidosis: A single center real-world study

Chuling Fang, Qian Zhang, Na Wang, Xiaoyan Jing, Zuojun Xu
Abstract 113 | PDF Downloads 93

Page 217-227

A prospective study of patients diagnosed with sarcoidosis: Factors - environmental exposure, health assessment, and genetic outlooks

Louis B. Caruana, Gerald D. Redwine, Rodney E. Rohde, Chris J. Russian
Abstract 200 | PDF Downloads 1041 Appendix suppl Downloads 10

Page 228-242

Cigarette smoking and risk of primary systemic vasculitis: a propensity score matching analysis

Alireza Khabbazi, Babak Alinejati, Mehrzad Hajialilo, Morteza Ghojazadeh, Aida Malek Mahdavi
Abstract 90 | PDF Downloads 84

Page 243-250

Letter to the Editor

The role of vitamin K in the etiology of diffuse alveolar hemorrhage

Aalt Bast, Marjolein Drent
Abstract 95 | PDF Downloads 86

Page 251-252

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Online First

A case of Graves’ disease developing with exacerbation of sarcoidosis

Shinya Makino, Yagi Chisako, Naka Mariko, Hirose Sachie, Fujiwara Masayoshi, Ohbayashi Chiho
Abstract 31 | PDF Downloads 26

Are idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients more anxious and depressive than patient’s with other interstitial lung disease?

Enver Yalnız, Gulru Polat, Fatma Ucsular, Sami Deniz, Gulistan Karadeniz, Esra Aydinli, Gorkem Vayisoglu, Aysu Ayranci
Abstract 2 | PDF Downloads 0

The frequency of diastolic dysfunction in patients with sarcoidosis and it’s relationship with HLA DRB1* alleles

Ezgi Ozyilmaz, Rabia Akilli, Ilayda Berk, Ali Deniz, Ozlem Goruroglu Ozturk, Oya Baydar, Yasemin Saygideger, Gulsah Seydaoglu, Eren Erken
Abstract 13 | PDF Downloads 1

Coexistent Takayasu arteritis and sarcoidosis: A case report and review of the literature

Biplab Kumar Saha, Stacey L Burns, Llewellyn Foulke, Marc A Judson
Abstract 23 | PDF Downloads 15