Published: 04-08-2015


L’alimentazione nella donna diabetica gravida

Leone Arsenio
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Page 3-8


Metal chelates in nutrition. Structural features, functions and analytical methods

G. Ballarini, G. Predieri
Abstract 100 | PDF (Italiano) Downloads 1211

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Original articles

The influence of calcium on renal stone disease

F. Vescini, A. Buffa, R. Caudarelli
Abstract 53 | PDF (Italiano) Downloads 1431

Page 20-28

Xenobiotics concentration and mobility in bovine milk from Italian farms

C. Beni, S. Marconi, B. Pennelli, B. Ronconi
Abstract 114 | PDF (Italiano) Downloads 30

Page 39-45

Antioxidative effects of sulphurous water from Macerata Feltria Thermal resort in patients with osteoarthritis

S. benedetti, S. Pagliari, F. Benvenuti, D. Marini, T. Galli, F. Oliva, P. Lazzari, F. Canestrari
Abstract 162 | PDF Downloads 41

Page 46-52

Baseline respiratory quotient predicts weight change in overweight and obese young women

V. Boschi, G. Matrone, C. Falcone, M. Siervo
Abstract 101 | PDF Downloads 70

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