Published: 04-08-2015


6° Convegno Nazionale: “Acidi Grassi Omega 3, CLA e Antiossidanti”

N. G. Frega
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Page 69-74

Letture Magistrali

Metabolic syndrome in Italy: a pilot study

U. Cornelli, G. Belcaro, M. R. Cesarone, A. Di Rienzo, M. Cornelli, F. Bamonti, A. Ledda
Abstract 152 | PDF (Italian) Downloads 87

Page 75-87

From foods to human consumption: bioavailability, metabolic conversion and blood levels in populations

C. Galli, P. Risé, F. Marangoni
Abstract 58 | PDF (Italian) Downloads 110

Page 88-93

Platelets, fatty acids, depression and ischemic cardiovascular disease

M. Cocchi, L. Tonello
Abstract 173 | PDF (Italian) Downloads 1016

Page 94-104

Conjugated linoleic acid in meat and milk from ruminants: genetic and dietary sources of variation

P. Secchiari, M. Mele, A. Serra
Abstract 277 | PDF (Italian) Downloads 1666

Page 108-123

Diet, exercise, long chain polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids and the metabolic syndrome

B. Berra, G. Montorfano, P. Berselli, A. M. Rizzo
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Page 124-133

Quality, composition and production process of virgin olive oils

G. Lercker, A. Bendini, L. Cerretani
Abstract 197 | PDF (Italian) Downloads 1295

Page 134-148