Effect of functional activity of walnut protein peptide on fatigue recovery after sports training

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Dongsheng Chen
Zhen Ni


basketball player, walnut protein peptide, sports training, sports fatigue, fatigue recovery


Sports fatigue will affect the performance of basketball players. In this study, the possibility of walnut protein peptide as a food supplement for basketball players was studied. Walnut protein peptide was prepared. Forty-eight ICR mice of specific pathogen free (SPF) were divided into a control group (group A) and low, medium and high walnut protein peptide content groups (group B, C and D). The mice swam until they were tired. Then the duration of exhaustive swimming, blood urea nitrogen (BUN), blood lactic acid (BLA) and glycogen of mice were measured. The results demonstrated that the swimming time of group B, C and D was significantly higher compared to group A (P < 0.05), BLA was significantly lower than that of group A (P < 0.05), BUN was significantly lower than that of group A, and the content of glycogen was significantly higher compared to group A; there were significant differences in BLA, BUN and glycogen between group D and the other groups (P < 0.05). The experimental results show that walnut protein peptide can effectively inhibit the production of BLA and BUN, increase glycogen reserve, improve the endurance of mice, and promote fatigue recovery, and this study makes some contributions to the application of walnut protein peptide in supplementary food for basketball players.


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