Progress in Nutrition in Cerebral Palsy Children – A Literature Review

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Ali Madi Almajwal
Iftikhar Alam


cerebral palsy, nutrition, growth, nutritional status, Saud Arabia


Despite its high prevalence in the Kingdom, cerebral palsy (CP) in children in Saudi Arabia has not been given much of the research attention, particularly aspects related to nutrition. Nutrition is usually overlooked for many reasons, but mostly because the medical physicians are usually not skilled in nutritional care. This gap needs to be filled. There are numerous approaches and nutrition awareness is the primary one. In this explanatory review, we present  a brief overview on nutrition and CP; how is nutritional status and growth assessed in CP children? What are their common feeding problems? What is the status of CP in developing countries like Saudi Arabia? These are important questions since the overall health of CP children depends mainly depends on how they are nutritionally cared.


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