The effect of coffee-enriched chlorogenic acid on insulin, GIP and GLP-1 levels in healthy humans: a systematic review

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Hossein Faraji


Chlorogenic acid, Coffee, Insulin, GIP, GLP-1


Recent evidence indicates that there are different drugs and supplements in the market in order to prevent and treat some disorders. Chlorogenic acid is one of the polyphenolic compounds with effect on insulin, GIP and GIP-1 to animal study as prevention factor for diabetes but human studies show conflict results in his regard. Regarding that systematic review has not been performed on this subject, so the goal of this study is to investigate this subject. Due to it, systematic research was done in databases of google scholar, PubMed, ISI, Science direct, Scopus and Medline by the end of Feb. of 2017. Keywords for the pub med database included: “Chlorogenic Acid”, “Green coffee”, “Coffee”, “GIP”, “GLP-1” and “Insulin”. Also, qualitative evaluation of studies was conducted by the jaded table. After searching based on research literature, 1631 studies were found that 8 studies were entered into the qualitative synthesis stage after classifying studies based on duplication and eligibility criteria. The results of studies showed no significant effect of chlorogenic acid in the form of coffee extracts on blood insulin concentration. Also, GIP was decreased in one study and GLP-1 was increased in another one study as following the use of coffee extracts-enriched chlorogenic acid. So, our findings in this systematic review demonstrated that the consumption of Chlorogenic acid may be has lowering effect on GIP and increasing effect on GLP-1 but regard to the lack of enough study it has needed more studies in future.


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