Supplement - Health Professions (I-2015)

Published: 13-03-2015


Factors affecting women’s well-being during the experience of acute myocardial infarction: a literature review

Chiara Foà, Giulia Fuochi, Laura Fruggeri
Abstract 137 | PDF Downloads 52

Page 51-61

The hypothesis of contact in nursing: a narrative review of the literature

Giuseppe Marletta, Giovanna Artioli, Leopoldo Sarli, Tiziana Mancini
Abstract 186 | PDF Downloads 54

Page 62-68


The metaphors of collaboration, or the social construction of collaborative interactions between health professionals

Stefano Tomelleri, Roberto Lusardi, Giovanna Artioli
Abstract 196 | PDF Downloads 686

Page 7-18

Ambivalent stereotypes of nurses and physicians: impact on students’ attitude toward interprofessional education

Alfonso Sollami, Luca Caricati, Tiziana Mancini
Abstract 155 | PDF Downloads 169

Page 19-28

Threats to identity: lipodystrophy and identity changes in people with HIV/AIDS (PWA)

Tiziana Mancini, Gianfranco Secchiaroli
Abstract 116 | PDF Downloads 107

Page 29-39

Correlation between quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and self-efficacy measured during in-hospital cardiac arrest simulation; preliminary results

Gianluca Gonzi, Fiorella Sestigiani, Antonella D’errico, Antonella Vezzani, Laura Bonfanti, Giancarlo Noto, Giovanna Artioli
Abstract 333 | PDF Downloads 129

Page 40-45

Strangers in a strange land: work experiences of foreign nurses in Parma’s territory

Pietro Vesperoni, Giuliana Masera
Abstract 110 | PDF Downloads 63

Page 46-50


The journey continues

Leopoldo Sarli
Abstract 171 | PDF Downloads 24

Page 5-6