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Acta Biomedica (ActaBiomed) is an international Journal on Clinical and Surgical Aspects of Medicine, peer-reviewed, open access, bi-monthly.

The Journal publishes mainly national and international scientific activities of Mediterranean and Middle East countries.

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Online First

Acrodermatitis enteropathica during parenteral nutrition: a pediatric case report

Francesco Proli, Gaia Margiotta, Serena Ferretti, Alessandra Drosi, Piero Valentini, Danilo Buonsenso, Roberta Onesimo, Valentina Giorgio, Cristina Guerriero, Giuseppe Zampino, Ilaria Lazzareschi
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Page e2023180

Radiological manifestation of avascular necrosis (AVN) in sickle cell disease (SCD): a review of diagnostic imaging

Elsaid Bedair, Nasser Almaslamani, Mohamed Yassin
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Page e2023177

Outcomes at 2 years follow-up of sacral fractures associated with unstable vertical pelvic ring injuries in obese patients: a multicentric retrospective study

Francesco Liuzza, Amarildo Smakaj, Giuseppe Rovere, Domenico De Mauro, Giuseppe Rollo, Rocco Erasmo, Andrea Fidanza, Predrag Gruobor, Luigi Meccariello
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Page e2023153

An overview on the use of ultraviolet radiation to disinfect air and surfaces

Roberto Albertini, Maria Eugenia Colucci, Alessia Coluccia, Mostafa Mohieldin Mahgoub Ibrahim , Roberta Zoni, Licia Veronesi, Paola Affanni, Cesira Pasquarella
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Page e2023165

An overview of the studies on microbial air contamination in operating theatres and related issues over time: a useful tool for a multidisciplinary approach

Roberto Albertini, Alessia Coluccia, Maria Eugenia Colucci, Roberta Zoni, Paola Affanni, Licia Veronesi, Cesira Pasquarella
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Page e2023149

The role of Mayors in protecting citizens’ health: a brief report from Italy

Lorenzo Blandi , Vincenzo Navobi Porrello, Carlo Signorelli, Anna Odone
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Current Issue

Vol. 94 No. 2 (2023)

Published: 24-04-2023

Original clinical research

Adjunctive inhaled amikacin in infants with Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia optimizes the complex antimicrobial therapy: pilot study

Bohdan Levchenko, Oleksandr Nazarchuk, Dmytro Dmytriiev, Natalia Bahniuk, Mykola Melnychenko, Kostiantyn Dmytriiev
Abstract 243 | PDF Downloads 211

Page e2023084

Correlation between relative age-standardized mortality rates and COVID-19 mortality over time in Italy

Camilla Mattiuzzi, Brandon M. Henry, Giuseppe Lippi
Abstract 128 | PDF Downloads 95

Page e2023056

Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Autism Spectrum Disorders: clinical and neuroradiological phenotypes

Francesco Pizzolorusso, Maria Teresa Paparella, Ilaria Pizzolorusso, Federica Masino, Giuseppe Guglielmi
Abstract 129 | PDF Downloads 97

Page e2023027

Changes in coffee and caffeine intake during the pandemic in women smokers and non-smokers: a future challenge for cardiovascular prevention

Francesca Coppi, Mario Migaldi, Claudio Stefanelli, Alberto Farinetti, Anna Vittoria Mattioli
Abstract 118 | PDF Downloads 80

Page e2023114

Crocin lessens desipramine-induced phospholipidosis biomarker levels via targeting oxidative stress- related PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling pathways in the rat liver.

Amal Ahmed El-Sheikh, Heba A. Mahmoud, Eman Ali El-Kordy, Amal M. Abdelsattar, Fatma H. Rizk , Radwa Mahmoud El-Sharaby, Shimaa S. Mashal, Amira A. EL Saadany, Rania H. Shalaby , Amira M. Elshamy, Omnia Safwat El-deeb, Rowida Raafat Ibrahim, Hoda A. Ibrahim
Abstract 165 | PDF Downloads 89

Page e2023141

Oridonin supplementation in rabbits may help to improve the outcome of induced atherosclerosis via autophagy induction

Ahmed Sultan, Bassim Mohammad, Najah Hadi, Azhar Al-Shaibany, Anil Philip, Dina Jamil, Hayder Al-Aubaidy
Abstract 88 | PDF Downloads 123

Page e2023015

A gender based comparison and correlation of spatiotemporal gait parameters and postural stability

Abdulhadi Al-Makhalas, Turki Abualait, Mohammad Ahsan, Sahar Abdulaziz, Wafa Al Muslem
Abstract 135 | PDF Downloads 88

Page e2023057

Is good dietary diversity a predictor of academic success?

Said Bouchefra, Safouane El Ghouddany, Karim Ouali, Abdellatif Bour
Abstract 118 | PDF Downloads 96

Page e2023014

Diabetes mellitus: relation between cardiovascular events and pharmacological treatment

Cláudio Santos, Sónia Brito-Costa, Luis Margalho, Pedro Monteiro
Abstract 207 | PDF Downloads 184

Page e2023012

Review clinical articles, Update review, Focus on

Video games and violence among children and adolescents in the Arab world: A systematic review

Shahad A. AlHazzaa, Rawaa N. Alwohaibi, Latifah I. AlMusailet, Afnan J. Alshrefy, Reema A. Almaimoni, Ritesh G. Menezes
Abstract 124 | PDF Downloads 78

Page e2023060

Diagnosing acute mastoiditis in a Pediatric Emergency Department: a retrospective review

Chiara Bertolaso, Ignazio Cammisa, Nicola Orsini, Michela Sollazzo, Valeria Sardaro, Antonio Gatto, Antonio Chiaretti, Bruno Sergi
Abstract 115 | PDF Downloads 82

Page e2023037

Orthopaedics and Surgery

Treatment of Achilles insertional tendinopathy: our surgical procedure and medium-term results

Giovanni Lugani, Alessandro Santandrea, Domenico Mercurio, Leonardo Puddu, Jessica Silvestri, Fabrizio Cortese
Abstract 102 | PDF Downloads 73

Page e2023053

Maximizing rehabilitation outcomes in geriatric hip fracture patients: the impact of surgical variables

Oriana Amata, Erminia Ridolo, Valeria Costantino, Lorenzo Panella, Cristoforo Incorvaia, Antonello Valerio Caserta, Camilla Callegari
Abstract 84 | PDF Downloads 58

Page e2023046

Anterior shoulder instability: comparison between Latarjet open procedure and arthroscopic capsuloplasty

Eugenio Vecchini, Matteo Ricci, Jacopo Chiappi, Carlo Ambrosini, Giacomo Fasoli, Beatrice Crespan, Tommaso Maluta, Bruno Magnan
Abstract 110 | PDF Downloads 76

Page e2023022

Role of intraoperative parathyroid hormone in guiding parathyroidectomy

Chirag Pereira
Abstract 89 | PDF Downloads 56

Page e2023040

Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

Unilateral breast enlargement in males during adolescence (10-19 years): Review of current literature and personal experience

Vincenzo De Sanctis, Ashraf T. Soliman, Ploutarchos Tzoulis, Shahina Daar, Salvatore Di Maio, Christos Kattamis
Abstract 154 | PDF Downloads 23

Page e2023004

Sexual activity and the adolescent with haemophilia

Atanas Banchev
Abstract 87 | PDF Downloads 70

Page e2023003

Clinical and immunological features in children with multisystem inflammatory syndrome associated with SARS-CoV-2

Indira Jaxybayeva, Riza Boranbayeva, Munira Bulegenova, Nataliya Urazalieva
Abstract 148 | PDF Downloads 192

Page e2023016

Gynecomastia: an uncommon, destabilizing condition of the male adolescent. our therapeutic choice

Massimo Pinelli, Federico De Maria, Pierluca Ceccarelli, Barbara Pedrieri, Maria Anastasia Bianchini, Lorenzo Iughetti, Giorgio De Santis
Abstract 115 | PDF Downloads 80

Page e2023055

Analyses of ethical and social aspects

End-of-life in the operational functioning of public healthcare: ethical and legal issues

Giuseppe Basile, Angelo De Nina, Angelo Montana, Francesca Negro, Marco Straccamore, Gabriele Napoletano, Enrico Marinelli
Abstract 91 | PDF Downloads 67

Page e2023110

Patients’ awareness of their rights: An insight from a teaching hospital in Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Madadin, Ritesh G. Menezes, Abdulaziz A. Almazrua , Bandar A. Alzahrani , Maha A. Alassaf , Abdullah K. Al-Hwiesh , Muhammad Shariq Usman
Abstract 65 | PDF Downloads 45

Page e2023059

Health Professions

The expert vascular access nurse: a pilot study of competencies

Alfonso Sollami, Elisa Fabbri, Luca Bertolaccini
Abstract 94 | PDF Downloads 403

Page e2023067

How shift work influences anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia conditions in Italian nurses: an exploratory study

Elsa Vitale, Roberto Lupo, Giovanna Artioli, Rocco Mea, Pierluigi Lezzi, Luana Conte, Giorgio De Nunzio
Abstract 196 | PDF Downloads 148

Page e2023102

Home rehabilitation using android-based system as booster on the independences of stroke patients in local government hospital in Aceh, Indonesia

Marlina Marlina, Imran Imran, Ian Kurniawan, Elisabeth Surbakti
Abstract 153 | PDF Downloads 99

Page e2023083

Are Italian nurses ready for patient blood management program? A national social media survey

Chiara Barchielli, Sara Landriscina, Sabrina Claudia Castelluzzo , Marco Alaimo
Abstract 148 | PDF Downloads 99

Page e2023068

Estimation of the optimal time needed for weaning of Intensive Care Unit tracheostomized patients on mechanical ventilation. A prospective observational study.

Chrisoula Marinaki, Theodoros Kapadochos, Theodoros Katsoulas, Ivan Rubbi, Athanasia Liveri, Areti Stavropoulou, Antonio Bonacaro, Dimitrios Papageorgiou
Abstract 109 | PDF Downloads 92

Page e2023103

Letters to the Editor and Correspondence

Naegleria fowleri - The brain-eating amoeba: an emerging threat in Pakistan

Muhammad Raza Sarfraz, Hafsa Tariq, Sadia Rehman, Seemab Khan
Abstract 149 | PDF Downloads 81

Page e2023024

The general interest in running and walking has increased during the COVID-19

Camilla Mattiuzzi, Giuseppe Lippi
Abstract 83 | PDF Downloads 66

Page e2023072

Polymorphism of tmprss2 (rs12329760) and severity of COVID-19 in the Ukrainian population: Response

Olga Izmailova, Oksana Shlykova, Alina Kabaliei, Anastasia Vatsenko, Dmytro Ivashchenko, Maksym Dudchenko , Andrii Volianskyi , Gennadiy Zelinskyy, Tetiana Koval, Ulf Dittmer, Igor Kaidashev
Abstract 76 | PDF Downloads 53

Page e2023109

Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting: an urgent call to action

Alessandro Libretti, Gabriele Bianco, Christian Corsini, Valentino Remorgida
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 62

Page e2023064

Are women with PCOS more at risk for endometrial cancer? What approach for such patients?

Vladislava Valerievna Khalenko , Rosa Anna Guiglia, Marta Alioto
Abstract 124 | PDF Downloads 88

Page e2023081

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Please reject all the non official comunications of Acta Biomedica and contact us before doing anything.

We hope to solve this fraudolent behaviour as soon as possibile.

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