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An An Examination of Eating Habits, Emotional Eating, And Anxiety During The Covid-19 Pandemic Eating Habits During The Covid-19 Pandemic

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A systematic review, meta-analysis, and meta-regression of ketogenic diet intervention in children with autism spectrum disorder -

Fatema ALfayez
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Evaluation of Relationship of Intuitive Eating and Eating Awareness with Body Mass Index and Anthropometric Measurements in Adults

Ayhan Dağ, Aliye Özören, Özlem Baran
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The effect of seasonal variation on macromineral contents of sainfoin genotypes and assessments with biplot analysis

Mehmet Salih Sayar, Yavuz Han
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"Pullum ovum" - highlighting the nutrient content through innovative determination methods "PULLUM OVUM" - HIGHLIGHTING THE NUTRIENT CONTENT

Florina Ruta, Radu Fechete, Eliana Coman, Remus Sebastian Sipos
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Comparative study of molecular mechanism of action of allopathic drugs and herbal drugs: A mini review

Pramod Kumar Singh, Ajay Kumar Gautam, Nidhi Puranik, Dr.Bijendra Rai , Dhananjay Yadav
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Impact of the exercise on the Gut microbiota and short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) production

Mashael W. Alruways
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Prevalence of Self-reported Food Allergies among the Saudi Population and Investigation of the Challenges Faced by People with Food Allergy: A cross sectional online survey-based study.

Sara Zaher, Khlood Bookari, Jamila Arrish, Ruyuf Alnafisah, Rawan alobaid, Norah Albuayjan, Albandari Binammar, Abdulrahman Alsayegh, Eman A. Abduljawad, Reham A. Halawani, Majid M Alkhalaf, Hala Al-Otaibi
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The role of miR-17-1-3p in mitochondrial fusion gene expressions and muscle biogenesis with swimming exercise intervention in metabolic syndrome rat model Exercise and miR-17-1-3p

Muhammed Emre KARAMAN, Ahmet TEKTEMUR, Muhammed PERIHAN, Cengiz ARSLAN, Onur GURSU
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Effect of maternal thyroid hormone levels in late pregnancy on risk of singleton low birth weight

Qing Lin
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Effect of non- nutritive sweeteners on body weight and composition: a systematic review and meta-analysis

shuting Li, kun Li, xingqi Yin, ke Yu, dong zhao
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Nutritional characteristics of some wheat varieties Nutritional characteristics of some wheat varieties

Figen Kırkpınar, Hayrullah Bora Ünlü, Selim Mert
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Designing and validation of an instrument for the assessment of dietary habits, physical activity, sun exposure and sleeping patterns among community-based Saudi adults

Mohamed F. Farahat, Iftikhar Alam, Dara Aldisi, Mohamed H. Mahmoud , Mahmoud M. A. Abulmeaty
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Development of tempe flour-enriched snacks to prevent anemia in adolescent girls

LILIK Hidayanti, MOHAMMAD Zen Rahfiludin, SRI Achadi Nugraheni, RETNO Murwani
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Effect of Obesity on Covid-19 Anxiety and role of self-esteem on women Obestiy and Covid-19 anxiety

Çetin Altunal, Betül Borku Uysal, Mehmet Sami İslamoğlu
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Oral intake of porcine placental extract improves skin hydration and wrinkles in a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study Porcine placental extract improves skin hydration and wrinkles

Eun Young Jung, Yang Hee Hong
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Importance of application development for korean rice cake culture succession and adolescent obesity

Ki Han Kwon, Jian Han, Young Bae Kim
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Risk of Eating Disorders and Its Association with Expectations of Thinness, Body Satisfaction and Body Mass Index in Turkish University Students: A Cross-Sectional Study Eating Disorders, Expectations of Thinness, and Body Satisfaction

Ahmet Murat Günal, Kevser Karlı, Hande Öngün Yılmaz
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Knowledge, certification, and consumers’ willingness to pay for origin labelled table olive

Gulay Ozkan, Ismail Bulent Gurbuz
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Is intuitive eating linked to waist circumference and the waist-to-height ratio, both of which are risk factors for cardiometabolic disease?

Yağmur Yaşar Fırat, Betul Cicek
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Dietary habits, physical activity, sleep duration, and their association with overweight and obesity among children aged 6-10

Halime Pulat Demir, Hatice Merve Bayram
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