Published: 21-06-2024

Reviews, Commentaries, Perspectives

Risk of Gynecological and Breast Cancers in Workers Exposed to Diesel Exhaust: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Of Cohort Studies

Marika D'Agostini, Giulia Collatuzzo, Federica Teglia, Paolo Boffetta
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The Digital Economy and Hybrid Work Call for a Review of Compensation Criteria for Musculoskeletal Disorders

Yves Roquelaure, Julie Bodin, Florence Cros, Alexis Descatha, Marc Fadel
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Original articles

Benzene Exposure in Workers From a Waste Oil Regeneration Plant During Ordinary Activities by Air and Biological Monitoring

Laura Campo, Luca Boniardi, Luca Olgiati, Elisa Polledri, Rosa Mercadante, Silvia Fustinoni
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Comparing Exposure to Psychosocial Risks: Face-to-Face Work vs. Telework

Angela Gomez-Dominguez, Pedro Ferrer-Rosende, Laura Esteve-Matali, Clara Llorens-Serrano, Sergio Salas-Nicás, Albert Navarro-Giné
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Job Retention by People With Disabilities: A Qualitative Study of the Perspectives of People With Multiple Sclerosis

Michela Ponzio, Elena Pignattelli, Anna Verri, Erica Grange, Benedetta Persechino, Bruno Kusznir Vitturi, Paolo Bandiera, Tommaso Manacorda, Matilde Inglese, Paolo Durando, Mario Alberto Battaglia
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Occupational Physicians’ Management of Workers With Multiple Sclerosis in Italy: Results From a Survey

Bruna Maria Rondinone, Giuliana Buresti, Sergio Iavicoli, Paolo Durando, Mario Alberto Battaglia, Guglielmo Dini, Alfredo Montecucco, Alborz Rahmani, Nicoletta Debarbieri, Paolo Bandiera, Michela Ponzio, Tommaso Manacorda, Elena Pignattelli, Matilde Inglese, Benedetta Persechino
Abstract 132 | PDF Downloads 181

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Case report

Managing Allergic Nickel Dermatitis in Occupational Settings: A Case Report

Rui Mendes Ribeiro, Vanessa Teófilo, Salomé Moreira, Paulo Pinho, Pedro Norton, Teresa Pereira
Abstract 239 | PDF Downloads 223

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