Published: 25-02-2020


An old journal for new challenges

Pier Alberto Bertazzi
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Advances in Occupational Medicine Research

Application of epidemiological findings to individuals

Paolo Boffetta, Andrea Farioli, Emanuele Rizzello
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Original articles

Assessment of exposure to cobalt and its compounds in Italian industrial settings

Alberto Scarselli, Davide Di Marzio, Sergio Iavicoli
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A contribution to the validation of the Italian version of the work-related quality of life scale

Giacomo Garzaro, Marco Clari, Francesca Donato, Valerio Dimonte, Nicola Mucci, Simon Easton, Darren Van Laar, Paola Gatti, Enrico Pira
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Page 32-45

Violence on doctors. An observational study in Northern Italy

Alberto Firenze, Omar Enzo Santangelo, Vincenza Gianfredi, Enrico Alagna, Fabrizio Cedrone, Sandro Provenzano, Giuseppe La Torre
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Page 46-53

Exposure to glyphosate and risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and multiple myeloma: an updated meta-analysis

Francesca Donato, Enrico Pira, Catalina Ciocan, Paolo Boffetta
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