Diagnostic and interventional management of infective spine diseases

Diagnostic and interventional management of infective spine diseases


  • Pierpaolo Palumbo [email protected]
  • Federico Bruno Department of Biotechnology and Applied Clinical Sciences, University of L’Aquila, L’Aquila, Italy
  • Francesco Arrigoni Department of Biotechnology and Applied Clinical Sciences, University of L’Aquila, L’Aquila, Italy
  • Marcello Zappia Department of Medicine and Health Sciences "V. Tiberio", University of Molise, Campobasso, Italy
  • Anna Maria Ierardi Radiology Department, Fondazione IRCCS Cà Granda, Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Milan, Italy
  • Giuseppe Guglielmi Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, University of Foggia, Foggia, Italy
  • Luigi Zugaro Department of Emergency Radiology, San Salvatore Hospital, L’Aquila, Italy
  • Marina Carotti University Department of Radiology - Division of Special and Pediatric Radiology Hospital "Umberto I - Lancisi - Salesi", Ancona, Italy
  • Ernesto Di Cesare Department of Life, Health and Environmental Sciences, University of L'Aquila, L'Aquila, Italy
  • Alessandra Splendiani Department of Biotechnology and Applied Clinical Sciences, University of L’Aquila, L’Aquila, Italy
  • Luca Brunese Department of Medicine and Health Sciences "V. Tiberio", University of Molise, Campobasso, Italy
  • Carlo Masciocchi Department of Biotechnology and Applied Clinical Sciences, University of L’Aquila, L’Aquila, Italy
  • Antonio Barile Department of Applied Clinical Science and Biotechnology, University of L'Aquila, L’Aquila, Italy https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0253-3583


spondylodiscitis, spine infection disease, MRI, CT, CR, interventional radiology


Spondylodiscitis (SD) is one of the main causes of back pain. Although the low mortality, high morbidity is related to spondilodiscitys, leading spine instability, chronic pain or neurological deficit. Diagnostic imaging plays a primary role in diagnosing spondylodiscitis. However different accuracy is highlighted by different diagnostic tool, depending also on timing of disease which represents a cardinal element for the phenotypic manifestation of the disease, beyond spatial resolution and tissue characterization proper of specific modality imaging. Conventional Radiology (CR), Computed Tomography (CT) and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) all have proven to be of primary importance in the approach to spondylodiscitis, although magnetic resonance imaging has demonstrated the greatest advantage in identifying the disease from its earliest stages, demonstrating high sensitivity and specificity (92% and 96%, respectively). This review focus on the role of different imaging modality in the approach to the spondylodiscitis, also addressing the role of interventional radiology that is pivotal not only for a diagnosis of certainty through biopsy, but also for a minimally-invasive treatment of paravertebral abscesses spondylodiscitis-related.


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