COVID-19 and food allergy in children

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Enza D'Auria
Caterina Anania
Barbara Cuomo
Fabio Decimo
Giovanni Cosimo Indirli
Violetta Mastrorilli
Angelica Santoro
Marco U.A. Sartorio
Elisabetta Veronelli
Carlo Caffarelli
Gian Luigi Marseglia
Mauro Calvani
the Italian Society of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology (SIAIP) “Food Allergy Study Group”


COVID-19, food allergy, children, food challenge, oral immunotherapy


In children with food allergy the visits should be limited to those that are unequivocally needed on clinical basis. Food challenge can be performed in selected situations, taking a more detailed history to make sure that patients provide whatever information we need. The maintenance of a safe diet can be hampered by several factors. Nutritional supplementation may be necessary. 


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