Pneumomediastinum: a rare complication in COVID-19 patients

Pneumomediastinum: a rare complication in COVID-19 patients


  • Francesco Saverio Guerra
  • Roberta Piccarreta
  • Rossella Carpentiere
  • Annalori Panunzio
  • Giuseppe Guglielmi


Pneumomediastinum, Pneumothorax, COVID-19, Computed tomography, X-ray, SARSCOV-2


A 62-year-old man with COVID-19 had PS for fever, coughing, and breathlessness. Two days after therapy, the patient’s clinical condition worsened. X-ray and CT showed pneumomediastinum, emphysema and pneumothorax. The patient was intubated and subjected to conservative therapy. The patient was discharged after about 20 days.

Radiological imaging plays a key role in the proper diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 patients with related complications.


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