When 3D echocardiography truly makes the difference: a case report of mitral annular ring dehiscence.

When 3D echocardiography truly makes the difference: a case report of mitral annular ring dehiscence.


  • Daniele Sartorio Parma University Hospital
  • Bruno Borrello Parma University Hospital
  • Domenico Tuttolomondo Parma University Hospital
  • Massimo De Filippo Parma University Hospital
  • Nicola Gaibazzi Parma University Hospital


3D echocardiography, Three dimensional transesophageal echocardiography Multi-modality Imaging and adult congenital heart disease, mitral regurgitation, cardiac surgery, computed tomography


Real time 3D echocardiography has an established incremental diagnostic value over 2D imaging, especially during transesophageal evaluation of native and prosthetic heart valves.

A 66 years old male patient, with an history of previous cardiac surgery for mitral annuloplasty and recurrent fever, came to the attention of our echo lab with an indication for transesophageal echocardiography after previous inconclusive transthoracic echocardiograms.

Real time 3D echocardiography and 3D color doppler imaging resulted of outmost importance to clarify the presence of annular ring dehiscence, previously not well defined from 2D echocardiography imaging.



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