Intraoperative squash Cytology of diffuse glioma not otherwise specified, of the Cerebellum

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Alexandra Kalogeraki
Dimitrios Tamiolakis
Iris Zoi
John Segredakis
Antonios Vakis


Astrocytoma, cytology, histology.


Objective: Diffuse glioma arises anywhere in the CNS, but most frequent in the cerebral hemispheres. The tumor tends to be seen in children and in younger adults aged 20-30. We report one such case in an older female patient presenting the intraoperative cytology of the tumor.

Case report: A 48-year-old female was diagnosed by MRI with a tumor of cerebellum. Cytologic material was obtained during the resection of the tumor and diagnosed cytologically as glioma.

Conclusion: This case is presented to focus the ability of the intraoperative cytology in diagnosis of the glioma, using immunocytology and confirmed by histo- immunohistology.


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