Urticaria in childhood

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Carlo Caffarelli
Marzia Duse
Alberto Martelli
Mauro Calvani
Fabio Cardinale
Elena Chiappini
Gian Luigi Marseglia
Michele Miraglia del Giudice
Maria Angela Tosca
Riccardo Castagnoli
Ilaria Brambilla
Angelica Santoro
Michela Procaccianti
Arianna Giannetti
Giampaolo Ricci
Domenico Minasi


urticaria, angioedema, food allergy, anaphylaxis, asthma, allergic rhinitis, IgE antibodies, children, vaccination


Histaminergic urticaria-angiodema is a common complaint in children. According to clinical criteria, it is classified as acute and chronic urticaria. A further clinical classification relies on triggering factors. We focus on diagnosis and therapeutic strategies. We report the main progresses in the field and issues that remain to be understood.


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