Economics and Human Biology. Active acceleration in pediatric growth and development: explanation provided by economic theory

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Natalya Alexandrovna Skoblina
Valery Ivanovich Popov
Omar Larentis
Elena Vadimovna Skoblina
Marta Licata


children and adolescents, acceleration, deceleration, physical development, puberty, risk factors, economic theory


Currently, the pediatric population's health is the focus of research studies describing the long-term dynamics of physical development and processes of acceleration and deceleration in growth and development in various countries and regions of Russia.

The aim of the study is to validate a hypothesis explaining acceleration – deceleration in growth and development of the pediatric population.

The authors performed an analytical investigation based on the archival and proper data on the physical development of the child population in Moscow, which is a point of long-term observation of the growth and development of the pediatric ages. The study included 7484 people in total. To analyze the impact of economic factors, the publicly available data of international organizations, such as the World Bank, and literature data were used.

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