Unusual bone localization of sarcoidosis mimicking metastatic lesions

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Besma Hamdi
Emna Ben Jemai
Monia Attia
Ikbel Khalfallah
Hend Riahi
Anissa Berraies
Mohamed Faouzi Ladeb
Soumaya Rameh
Agnes Hamzaoui


Sarcoidosis ; Bone lesions ; Radiographic imaging ; Granuloma


Sarcoidosis is a multisystem disease of unknown origin. Diagnosis remains challenging, based on organ site involvement, histological confirmation of non-caseating granuloma and an appropriate clinical syndrome. Granulomatous bone involvement is rare and may be ignored because it is usually asymptomatic. Vertebrae, ribs and skull localizations are rarely reported. We described an interesting case of a woman with chronic and multiorgan sarcoidosis with unusual bone localizations.

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