Published: 2015-12-21


Prognostic factors in sex cord stromal tumors of the ovary

Achraf Hadiji, Tarak Damak, Lamia Charfi, Jamel Ben Hassouna, Riadh Chargui, Khaled Rahal
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Page 133-138

The relationship between abdominal fat, glucose-regulated protein 78, and endometrial cancer

Razvan Ciortea, Mihai Capilna, Andrei Mihai Malutan, Lenuta Maria Angheluta, Carmen Elena Bucuri, Dan Mihu
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Page 139-145

Diagnostic accuracy of fine needle aspiration of the thyroid: a comparative study of the technique with and without ultrasonography

Daysi Maria de Alcântara-Jones, Julia Mandaro Lavinas-Jones, Bruno de Oliveira Rocha, Rafael Daltro de Oliveira, Fernanda Tavares de Alcântara, Allan Chastinet Pitangueira Santana, Fabiana Raynal Floriano, Leila Maria Batista de Araújo
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The role of disaccharide complexes in triggering programmed cell death in cancer cells MCF-7 and HeLa

Romina Schwarzlin, Nika Pušenjak, Sejjad Salam
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Soluble cMet expression in the serum of patients with different stages of prostate cancer

Farhad Mashayekhi, Sara Pishgah Hadiyan, Zivar Salehi
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Safety and effectiveness of docetaxel combinated with S-1 for patients with incurable recurrent squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck

Naruhiko Morita, Shigemichi Iwae, Yuji Hirayama, Koichiro Yonezawa, Tatsuya Furukawa
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Case reports

Asbestosis, lung adenocarcinoma with lymphocytic infiltration, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Claudio Bianchi, Tommaso Bianchi
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Page 193-198

PSA negative cerebellar metastasis from prostate cancer: a case report

Michele Federico Pecoraro, Nicola Marengo, Rebecca Senetta, Francesco Calamo Specchia, Alessandra Pittaro, Alessandro Ducati, Diego Garbossa
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Page 199-202

Letters to the Editor

Primary temporal bone squamous cell carcinoma with intracranial extension

Cenk Ahmet Sen, Vildan Kaya, Murat Cem Miman, Cagatay Arslan
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Specific topics


Role of [18F]FDG PET/CT scan in management of gynecologic malignancies: a literature review

Luca Tagliabue, Silvia Seghezzi
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Page 183-192