Sarcoidosis vasculitis and diffuse lung diseases

Published: 01-06-2010


Sarcoidosis requiring systemic treatment: why not a steroid-sparing regimen up-front?

N. Sweiss, H. Yeager
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Epithelial stem cell exhaustion in the pathogenesis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

M. Chilosi, C. Doglioni, B. Murer, et al.
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Original Articles: Clinical Research

Is tobacco smoking protective for sarcoidosis? A case-control study from North India

D. Gupta, A.D. Singh, R. Agarwal, et al.
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Perceptions and beliefs in sarcoidosis

J. Ireland, M. Wilsher
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Minimally invasive diagnosis of sarcoidosis by EBUS when conventional diagnosis fail

J. Eckardt, K.E. Olsen, O.D. Jørgensen
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C-reactive protein predicts response to infliximab in patients with chronic sarcoidosis

N.J. Sweiss, E.S. Barnathan, K. Lo
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Original Articles: Laboratory Research

Cathepsin-K is a sensitive immunohistochemical marker for detection of micro-granulomas in hypersensitivity pneumonitis

D. Reghellin, V. Poletti, S. Tomassetti, et al.
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CD24 gene exon 2 dimorphism does not affect disease susceptibility in Japanese sarcoidosis patients

K. Tanizawa, T. Handa, S. Nagai, et al.
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Cytokine gene polymorphisms in sarcoidosis

M. Vasakova, M. Sterclova, L. Kolesar, et al.
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