Published: 16-02-2022


Courage and trust in research

Marta Licata
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Reply to Editorial: The challenge of Knowledge Contamination

Lorenzo M . Capasso
Abstract 164 | PDF Downloads 56

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Original articles: History of Medicine

Analysis of Graves' disease from the origins to the current historical evolution

Lorenzo Mortara, Grace Coco, Lucrezia Gatti, Eliana Piantanida, Daniela Gallo
Abstract 1635 | PDF Downloads 370

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Giuseppe Pasta (1742–1823) and the Courage in Medicine.

Erik Pietro Sganzerla, Michele Augusto Riva
Abstract 157 | PDF Downloads 76

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Robert Koch (1843-1910): A Pioneer and Leader in Medicine and Bacteriology

Christian Stadtländer
Abstract 945 | PDF Downloads 205

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Italian nominees for the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine 1901-1950: Scholars, Research trends, Hotspots.

Giacomo Padrini, Luca Borghi, Nils Hansson
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Original articles: Paleopathology

Original articles: Bioethics

How to interpret the ethical dimension in medicine?

Paolo Petralia, Marco Doldi
Abstract 192 | PDF Downloads 66

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Letter to Editor: History of Medicine

Tuberculosis and cretinism in the Lombrosian school, an open question

Caterina Pangrazzi
Abstract 154 | PDF Downloads 60

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A letter by Nicolaus Steno about a cavern near Como

Massimo Aliverti
Abstract 134 | PDF Downloads 51

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Letter to Editor: Paleopathology

Medieval body embalming in the Blessed Ranieri da Borgo (†1304)

Martina Mandarano, Andrea Czortek, Luca Ventura
Abstract 293 | PDF Downloads 162

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Letter to Editor: Bioethics

The story of Henrietta Lacks: an opportunity to make up for past mistakes

Alessandro Bonsignore, Francesco Ventura
Abstract 124 | PDF Downloads 56

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