Published: 21-12-2020


Determination of DNA Damage Caused by Food Additives Using Comet Assay Method

Mine Dosay-Akbulut
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The Effect of different level of Pomegranate molasses on performance, egg quality trait, serological and hematological parameters in older laying hens

Aamir Iqbal, PhD student, Ismail Bayram, Professor, Eyup Eren Gultepe , Research Assistant, Cangir Uyarlar, Assistant Professor, Ümit Õzçınar, PhD student, İbrahim Sadi Cetingul, Associate Professor
Abstract 468 | PDF Downloads 540

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The dietary habits and life satisfaction according to the food groups consumed by young people

Hülya Türkmen, Sibel Karaca Sivrikaya
Abstract 809 | PDF Downloads 528

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Effect of raw grain feeding on obesity factors

Jong Suk Park, Tae Hyun Hwang, Yeon Hee Son
Abstract 234 | PDF Downloads 232

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Appraisal of Anti-anemic potential of food and synthetic source of iron in women of childbearing age

Muhammad Abdullah, Zaheer Ahmed, Shahid Mahmood, Hajra Ahmad
Abstract 390 | PDF Downloads 247

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Smart NIR tomoscopy to predict oxidative stress in rabbits

Giorgia Meineri, Prof., Alessia Candellone, Giorgio Masoero, Pier Giorgio Peiretti, MVD
Abstract 198 | PDF Downloads 168

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Development and characterization of micronutrient fortified sesame cake flour supplemented doughnuts

Sabiha Abbas, Mian Kamran Sharif, Muhammad Tauseef Sultan , Atif Nisar Ahmad , Muhammad Junaid Anwar, Meijun Zhu
Abstract 615 | PDF Downloads 318

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The relationship between malnutrition, diet quality and health-related quality of life among the elderly: A cross-sectional study

Ceren Gezer, Merve Yurt , Begüm Harmancıoğlu, Ayşen Yıldırım, Cemre Elmas
Abstract 1556 | PDF Downloads 615

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Influence of gamma radiation on nutritional quality and shelf life of fresh red chilies (Capsicum annuum)

Afshan Kaleem, Ramish Shafique, Mehwish Iqtedar, Roheena Abdullah, Faiza Saleem, Mahwish Aftab, Shagufta Naz, Saima Sharif, Saeeda Alyas
Abstract 273 | PDF Downloads 494

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Assessment of antioxidant activity, amino acids, phenolic acids and functional attributes in defatted rice bran and rice bran protein concentrate

Ahmed A. Zaky, Zhou Chen, Ming Qin, Meizi Wang, Yingmin Jia
Abstract 802 | PDF Downloads 570

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Does Exercise And Nutrition Style Affect Intestinal Microbiota Diversity?

Ayça Genç
Abstract 481 | PDF Downloads 241

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Consumer profile in terms of food label reading in Mures county, Romania– a pilot study

Calin Avram, Laura Avram, Florina Ruta, Ion Mihai Georgescu, Victoria Rus
Abstract 539 | PDF Downloads 253

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Intuitive Eating, Diet Quality, Body Mass Index and Abnormal Eating: A Cross-Sectional Study in Young Turkish Women

Serra Atalay, Murat Baş, Berna Eren, Esen Karaca, Dilşat Baş
Abstract 1188 | PDF Downloads 666

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Effect of Different Intensity Exercise on Intestinal Microbiota

Ali ÖZKAN, Bilal DEMİRHAN, Ayça genç, Recep AYDIN, Ali Ozan ERKILIÇ, Ferhat GÜDER, Mustafa Alper MÜLHİM
Abstract 542 | PDF Downloads 290

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Preservative effect of coriander essential oil applied in different proportions on the storage of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fillets

Nermin Karaton Kuzgun, Pınar Erecevit Sönmez, Muhammet Şaban Tanyildizi
Abstract 431 | PDF Downloads 240

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Household Food Security Status, Food Purchasing, and Nutritional Health of Saudi Girls Aged 6-12 Years

Walaa A. Mumena, Hebah A. Kutbi
Abstract 597 | PDF Downloads 271

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Quality changes and storage life of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) with the use of Ginger (Zingiber officinale) essential oil

Pinar Erecevit Sönmez, Nermin Karaton Kuzgun, Sevda Kırbağ
Abstract 355 | PDF Downloads 179

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Association between Vitamin D Receptor methylation with vitamin D, parathyroid hormone levels and lipid profile in normal and obese Saudi Females

Sahar Abdulaziz AlSedairy, Manal Abdulaziz Binobead, Laila Naif Al-Harbi, Naveed Ahmad Syed, Periasamy Vaiyapuri Subbarayan, Shaista Arzoo, Ali Abdullah Alshatwi
Abstract 369 | PDF Downloads 217

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How Does Emotional Appetite and Depression Affect BMI and Food Consumption?

Hande Öngün Yılmaz, Gizem Köse
Abstract 633 | PDF Downloads 284

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Factors affecting diet quality in adolescents: the effect of sociodemographic characteristics and meal consumption

Abstract 1946 | PDF Downloads 655

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Better Outcomes with a new Type of Pressure Wound Therapy for Mediastinitis after Cardiac Surgery

Hayati Deniz, Yavuz Arslanoglu, Murat Ari
Abstract 350 | PDF Downloads 189

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Determining the Knowledge Levels and Opinions of Athletes who is age Under-16 in Different Branches about Doping and Ergogenic Aids

Abdil Ceylan, Fehmi Çalık, Serdar Geri, Murat Şen, Cuma Ece, Mehmet Sumer
Abstract 869 | PDF Downloads 275

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Focus on

FAD DIETS: what is true about fad

Marina Taus, Elsa Veronica Mignini, Debora Busni, Daniele Fumelli, Arianna Vignini, Giulia Nicolai, Albano Nicolai
Abstract 792 | PDF Downloads 285

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