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Progress in Nutrition is an international, peer reviewed, Open Access journal covering topics related to human nutrition and metabolism, spanning from clinical nutrition, endocrinology, nutrition methodology and statistics, food biochemistry, and sports and fitness nutrition.

The journal publishes original research articles, reviews, case reports, and letters to the editor dealing with h
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Food labels. Consumer understanding of the information contained – A pilot study

Calin Avram, Laura Avram, Victoria Rus, Ion Mihai Georgescu, Florina Ruta, Peter Olah
Abstract 0

Nutritional Status and Quality of Life in Shift Workers Nutritional Status & QoL in Shift Workers

Ülkü Demirci, Ayşegül Kaptanoğlu
Abstract 0

Fatty Acid Compositions Of Zea Mays L. Varieties In Turkey

Abstract 0

The Determination of Fermented Food Awareness and the Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic Period on Fermented Food Consumption in Turkey

Yekta Gezginç
Abstract 0


Dilşat Baş, Özlem Sönmez, Nilay Öngen, Elif Şenocak Taşçı
Abstract 0

Does obesity in young women associated with disordered eating behaviors and mindful eating?

Seliz Bagcilar, Ceren Gezer
Abstract 0

Obesity and anemia in the diagnosis of breast cancer

Erika Martínez Cordero, María del Pilar Fernández Carrasco, Luz Elvia Vera Becerra, Carlos Alberto Esparza Martínez, Evelia Apolinar Jiménez
Abstract 0

Exploring the Impacts of Smoking, Nutrition and Physical Activity on Pulmonary Functions

Merve Uca, Canatan Taşdemir, Kenan Sivrikaya
Abstract 1

The Effects of COVID-19 restrictions on Dietary Behaviors, Supplement, and Physical Activity Habits of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Impact of COVID-19 Restrictions on Children with ASD

Erkan Gülgösteren, Nevzat Demirci, Pervin Toptaş Demirci
Abstract 2

Determination of oxidative stress level and antioxidant enzyme activities in biathlon athletes and sedentary athletes

Ceyhun Birinci
Abstract 3

Current Issue

Vol. 24 No. 2 (2022)

Published: 01-07-2022

Original articles

Determination of malnutrition risk in paediatrics patients with two screening tools: Is PYMS or STRONGkids effective?

Eda Başmısırlı, Habibe Şahin, Meltem Soylu, Neriman İnanç, Mustafa Kendirci
Abstract 30 | PDF Downloads 96

Page e2022046

Adherence to Vegetarian Diet and Weight Loss: A Meta-Analysis

Ülkü Demirci, Ayşegül Kaptanoğlu
Abstract 487 | PDF Downloads 133

Page e2022036

Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet Among Nutrition and Dietetics Students

servet madencioğlu, Sevinç Yücecan
Abstract 47 | PDF Downloads 93

Page e2022037

Salmonella in Food Environments in Canteens: A Focus on Antibiotic and Disinfectant Resistance Patterns

Şebnem Pamuk, Metin Erdoğan, Yeliz Yıldırım, Nurhan Ertaş Onmaz
Abstract 28 | PDF Downloads 90

Page e2021322

Assessing the level of knowledge and attitudes of young people about nutrition and oral health

Catalina Saveanu, Cosmin Cretu, Daniela Anistoroaei, Alexandra Saveanu, Loredana Golovcencu
Abstract 30 | PDF Downloads 85

Page e2022079

Poor nutritional status and growth retardation are associated with living in the orphanage: an observational cross-sectional study

Nilgün Seremet Kürklü, Kübra Tel Adıgüzel, Gözde Ede, Gülhan Samur
Abstract 39 | PDF Downloads 95

Page e2021317

Being “Nutritionally at Risk”: Its Effect on Health Expenses and Length of Hospital Stay

Anıl Evrim Güngör, Fatma Nişancı Kılınç, İrem Alparslan, Biriz Çakır, Esma Asil, A. Ezel Esatoğlu, Yasemin Yavuz, Seher Demirer
Abstract 28 | PDF Downloads 83

Page e2021320

Geriatric Nutrition Risk and Creatinine Indexes in Estimating the Nutritional Status of Elderly Hemodialysis Patients

Funda Datlı Yakaryılmaz, Irem Pembegül; Murat Kara
Abstract 26 | PDF Downloads 93

Page e2022090

Effect of Encapsulated Propolis on Microbial Quality and Antioxidant Activity of Yoghurt

Rabia Serpil Günhan, Şaban Keskin, Nihat Telli, Çiğdem Takma, Sevgi Kolaylı
Abstract 31 | PDF Downloads 87

The Role of exclusive breastfeeding and water source in the reduction of stunting: Mediation and moderation analysis of cross-sectional data among Beninese children aged 6 months

Jaurès F. H. Lokonon, Waliou Amoussa Hounkpatin , Sam U.F. Bodjrenou, Morel Yves Sokadjo, Nicole Idohou Dossou, Mintodê Nicodème Atchadé, Nobert M. Hounkonnou
Abstract 47 | PDF Downloads 100

Page e2022080

A diabetes risk screening in Northern Cyprus: what we learned with FINDRISC.

Serpil Ozsoy, Emel Ozer
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 86

Page e2022011

Nutritional content of gluten free foods in the northern side of Cyprus

Sabiha Gökçen Zeybek, Taygun Dayı
Abstract 34 | PDF Downloads 89

Page e2022034

Role of foods in caries among preschool-children: A cross-sectional study

Nevra Koç, Nazlı Nur Aslan, Hülya Yardimci
Abstract 83 | PDF Downloads 115

Page e2022033

Global scientific research on elderly malnutrition:A bibliometric analysis

Hua Tian, Jie Chen
Abstract 21 | PDF Downloads 89

Page e2022045

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