Published: 07-11-2014


Design evolution in total knee replacement: which is the future?

A. Causero, P. Di Benedetto, A. Beltrame, R. Gisonni, V. Cainero, M. Pagano
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Original articles

Arthroscopic treatment of isolated subscapolaris lesions: our experience

F. Mancuso, P. Di Benedetto, A. Beltrame, V. Cainero, A. Causero
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The treatment of proximal humeral fractures with a “Polarus” intramedullary nail

C. Dall'Oca, T. Maluta, N. Leone, G. M. Micheloni, F. Lavini
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Distal radius fractures: surgical treatment with internal fixation

Roberto Valentini, Giovanni De Fabrizio, Gianluca Piovan, Stefano Bolcic, Sergio Bernobi, Giovanni Fancellu
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Personal technique for wrist dorsal approach

A. Marcuzzi, M. Leigheb, A. Russomando, A. Landi
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Femoroacetabular impingement: biomechanical and dynamic considerations

C. Dall'Oca, T. Maluta, G. M. Micheloni, T. Romeo, A. Zambito, R. Malagò, B. Magnam
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Surgical treatment of anterior iliac spines fractures: our experience

F. Pogliacomi, F. Calderazzi, M. Paterlini, F. Ceccarelli
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Augmentation of unstable pertrochanteric fractures in the osteoporotic elderly patient: operative technique for 1 or 2 head screw systems

C. Dall'Oca, T. Maluta, F. Lavini, G. M. Micheloni, M. Bondi, B. Magnan
Abstract 70 | PDF Downloads 43

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Short femoral stem and porous titanium: winning combination?

P. Mantelli, A. Fioruzzi, L. Bisogno, C. Fioruzzi, U. Fusco, M. Olivieri, M. Lisanti
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Mini-invasive anterior approach in total hip arthroplasty: short-term follow-up

A. Paraskevopoulos, P. Marenghi, M. Alesci, F. Pogliacomi
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Arthroscopic treatment of meniscal tears: with all-inside suture technique: 1 years follow up results

P. Di Benedetto, Al. Beltrame, Ar. Beltrame, R. Gisonni, V. Cainero, A. Causero
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High tibial osteotomy: our experience with hemicallotasis method

F. Pogliacomi, M. Defilippo, A. Guardoli, E. Scaravella
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Unicondylar knee prosthesis: our experience

Roberto Valentini, Giovanni De Fabrizio, Gianluca Piovan, Alessandro Stasi
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The prosthetic implant of MBA Optetrak in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis: 5 years of experience

A. Pedrazzini, F. Pogliacomi, E. Scaravella, M. Pompili, F. Ceccarelli
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Thompson calf squeezing test: clinical and ultrasound correlations in the follow up of Achille’s tenorraphy

M. Leigheb, P. Conte, P. Neri, I. Zorzolo, D. Martinelli, F. Martino, A. Carriero, F. Grassi
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Percutaneous surgery of allux valgus: risks and limitation in our experience

S. Cervi, A. Fioruzzi, L. Bisogno, C. Fioruzzi
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First metatarsophalangeal joint replacement with total arthroplasty in the surgical treatment of the hallux rigidus

Roberto Valentini, Giovanni De Fabrizio, Gianluca Piovan
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Page 113-117

Percutaneous hallux valgus surgery: strengths and weakness in our clinical experience

P. Pichierri, P. Sicchiero, A. Fioruzzi, P. Maniscalco
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Case Reports

Open surgical revision of radial nerve after humeral fracture in polytrauma

Sergio Bernobi, Giovanni De Fabrizio, Matjaz Vuga, Roberto Valentini
Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 87 Fig. 1. Fracture of the middle third of the humerus in the left picture, in the middle picture urgent stabilization with intramedullary Rush nail, in the picture on the right the stabilization with locked intramedullary nail during the simultaneous revisi Downloads 0 Fig. 2. Intraoperative picture: on the left the isolation of dislocated radial nerve, neurolysis in the center and repositioning on the right picture Downloads 0

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