Traumatic extensor tendons injuries of the foot in childhood: a case report

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Alessio Pedrazzini
Pier Giulio Valenti
Nicola Bertoni
Bianca Pedrabissi
Henry Yewo Simo
Roberto Bisaschi
Vanni Medina
Francesco Ceccarelli
Francesco Pogliacomi


extensor tendons, foot, children, injury, rupture


Background and aim of the work: Extensor tendon injuries of the foot in children represent a rare foot injury. We report a case of a 9 year-old male who suffered of a traumatic wound laceration in the distal third of the right leg with a glass the day before in another country, getting a combined injury of tibialis anterior (TA), extensor hallucis longus (EHL) and extensor digitorum longus (EDL). Methods: After an initial clinical and radiological evaluation, antibiotic prophylaxis was immediately started. Surgery was necessary for the repair of the lesions and after rehabilitation the patient recovered a good function with a complete return to a normal life. Results: 5 years follow-up clinical examination revealed a complete and painless range of movement comparable to the other foot. The patient regained active dorsiflexion without functional limitations, deformity or contracture. Conclusions: Early exploration is important to allow full definition of the extent of injury and early surgical repair of tendons is recommended to avoid future disability.


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