Mechanisms of hypersensitivity reactions induced by drugs

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Fabrizio Franceschini
Paolo Bottau
Silvia Caimmi
Fabio Cardinale
Giuseppe Crisafulli
Lucia Liotti
Francesca Saretta
Roberto Bernardini
Francesca Mori
Carlo Caffarelli


Drug allergy, prevention, beta lactam hypersensitivity, NSAIDs hypersensitivity, hypersensitivity reactions, children, skin test, specific IgE, drug provocation test


Adverse drug reactions include drug hypersensitivity reactions (DHRs), which can be immunologically mediated or non-immunologically mediated. The high number of DHRs unconfirmed and/or self-reported is a frequent problem in daily clinical practice, with considerable impact on future prescription choices and patient health. It is important to distinguish between hypersensitivity and non-hypersensitivity reactions by adopting a structured diagnostic approach to confirm or discard the suspected drug, not only to avoid life-threatening reactions, but also to reduce the frequent over-diagnosis of DHRs.


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