Uterine rupture after previous caesarean section with hysterotomy above the lower uterine segment: Prelabour uterine rupture and placenta previa

Uterine rupture after previous caesarean section with hysterotomy above the lower uterine segment

Prelabour uterine rupture and placenta previa


  • Miriam Dellino Department of Biomedical Sciences and Human Oncology, University of Bari, Italy
  • Francesco Maria Crupano
  • Xuemin He
  • Antonio Malvasi
  • Antonella Vimercati


Uterine rupture, obstetric emergency, placenta previa




Spontaneous uterine rupture is a severe pregnancy complication. Several risk factors have been

described, especially for women with a previous caesarean section.


We reported two cases of uterine rupture (UR) occurring outside of labour in patients with a history

of caesarean section (CS) due to placenta previa.

Results: The current study evaluates how a higher hysterotomy, combined with some risk factors,

can increase the prevalence of UR in the subsequent pregnancy.


This study supports that a careful evaluation of risk factors can identify patients who need a specific

follow up to early diagnose and treat UR and thus improve the maternal-fetal outcome.


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