Simultaneous bilateral olecranon fracture: a case report and review of the literature

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Gianluca Canton
Federico Roman
Dario Ghassempour
Luigi Murena


olecranon, bilateral, elbow, treatment



Background and aim of the work: A bilateral fracture of the olecranon is a rare injury, with only few cases reported in the literature.

Methods: A single case of bilateral Mayo type II A olecranon fracture in a 88 years old woman is described. A research of all articles regarding simultaneous bilateral olecranon fracture was performed in the PubMed database.

Result: The reported case demonstrated good clinical and radiographic results at 5 months follow-up with surgical treatment. The literature search produced other 6 cases in 5 case reports. Except for one case of fatigue fracture that had been treated conservatively, the others received surgical treatment with satisfactory results.

Conclusion: Simultaneous bilateral olecranon fracture is very uncommon. Bilateral internal fixation yields good clinical and radiographic results in most cases.


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