Hypertensive crisis and pulmonary edema following rituximab-induced anaphylaxis

Hypertensive crisis and pulmonary edema following rituximab-induced anaphylaxis


  • Stylian Brili University of Athens, Greece
  • Evangelia Bei University of Athens, Greece
  • Nikolas G. Kounis University of Patras, Greece
  • Christina Chrysohoou University of Athens, Greece
  • Christos-Konstantinos Antoniou University of Athens, Greece
  • Flora Kontopidou University of Athens, Greece
  • Laura Bonfanti Emergency Department, Hospital of Sassuolo, Modena, Italy
  • Gianfranco Cervellin Academy of Emergency Medicine and Care, Pavia, Italy
  • Dimitrios Tousoulis Tousoulis University of Athens, Greece
  • Constantinos Tsioufis University of Athens, Greece


Anaphylaxis, hypertensive crisis, Kounis syndrome, pulmonary edema, rituximab


Rituximab is a monoclonal antibody against the protein CD20. Various lymphomas as well as non-malignant immune disorders are treated with this antibody. Hypersensitivity reactions associated with the use of rituximab include urticaria, hypotension, chest tightness, vomiting, oxygen desaturation and bronchospasm. A very uncommon case of hypertensive crisis and pulmonary edema following rituximab-induced hypersensitivity reaction in an 80-year-old man receiving rituximab for non-Hodgkin lymphoma is reported. Anaphylaxis manifesting as coronary vasospasm following drug treatment, including rituximab, could be proved a serious condition in patients who need specific treatment. In these patients desensitization protocols seem to be mandatory.

Author Biographies

Stylian Brili, University of Athens, Greece


Evangelia Bei, University of Athens, Greece


Nikolas G. Kounis, University of Patras, Greece


Christina Chrysohoou, University of Athens, Greece


Christos-Konstantinos Antoniou, University of Athens, Greece


Flora Kontopidou, University of Athens, Greece

Internal Medicine

Gianfranco Cervellin, Academy of Emergency Medicine and Care, Pavia, Italy

Emergency Medicine

Dimitrios Tousoulis Tousoulis, University of Athens, Greece


Constantinos Tsioufis, University of Athens, Greece



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