Giant Myositis ossificans of the thigh. A case report

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Hafid Arabi


Myositis Ossificans, Calcification heterotopic, Thigh


Myositis Ossificans is an unusual pathological entity, characterized by calcification heterotopic of intramuscular connective tissue. In our knowledge, this giant ossification of the thigh has never described. We report the giant ossification of the thigh in woman 30 years old. A few years later after surgical treatment of femoral fracture, she consulted for knee stiffness and induration of his quadriceps, without pain or fever. Clinic, radiography and histology were in favor of myositis. There were no complications. Therapeutically, there was no medical treatment or surgery. The development the giant myositis ossificans is possible after a trauma. Different mechanisms are been discussed. Surgery is indicated if complications. The functional prognosis of such injury requires monitoring of the lower limbs after trauma. The reeducation is an absolute necessity.


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