Published: 2011-06-01
Sarcoidosis vasculitis and diffuse lung diseases


Original Articles: Laboratory Research

The investigation of HLA microsatellites influence in predisposition to sarcoidosis among Croatians

Z. Grubić, T. Peroš-Golubičić, K. Štingl, et al.
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Page 18-26

Surfactant protein D and KL-6 serum levels in systemic sclerosis: correlation with lung and systemic involvement

F. Bonella, A. Volpe, P. Caramaschi, et al.
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Page 27-33

Original Articles: Clinical Research

Factor analysis of sarcoidosis phenotypes at two referral centers in Brazil

S.C.S. Rodrigues, N.A.S. Rocha, M.S. Lima, et al.
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Page 34-43

Non-caseating granulomas in patients after the diagnosis of cancer: clinical characteristics and outcome

S. Butt, R. Alzebdeh, T.D. Kable, et al.
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Page 44-49

Metabolism-perfusion imaging to predict disease activity in cardiac sarcoidosis

M. Isiguzo, R. Brunken, P. Tchou, et al.
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Defining the clinical outcome status (COS) in sarcoidosis: results of WASOG Task Force

R.P. Baughman, S. Nagai, M. Balter, et al.
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Page 56-64

Type D or “distressed” personality in sarcoidosis and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

M.D.P. Elfferich, J. De Vries, M. Drent
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Case reports

An isolated hand tumour as primary manifestation of sarcoidosis

S. Altmann, J. Schreiber, H-G. Damert, et al.
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Page 72-74

Rapid improvement of osseous sarcoidosis after the treatment of pulmonary aspergillosis by itraconazole

K. Murakami, T. Tamada, K. Abe, et al.
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Letter to editor

Another “chance” for Interferon gamma 1b?

G.L. Casoni, M. Chilosi, M. Romagnoli, et al.
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