Published: 2011-10-01

Progress in Nutrition

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K.Y. Wong
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Novel food processing innovations to improve food safety and health

T. H. McHugh, R. J. Avena-Bustillos
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Page 146-154

Science is the ignorance of the expert (Richard Feynman)

G. M. Halpern
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The importance of safety issues in Traditional Chinese Medicinemarketing

A.K. M. Leung, D.W. F. Fong
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Advances in water disinfection by photocatalysis

L. Zhang, P.K. Wong
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Ozone applications: from farm to fork and from A to Z

G.Y. S Chan, I. L.K: Wong
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Oxidation stress and antioxidant levels in tangerine pericarp

P.M.Y. Yeung, W. Li, C.H. Ip, et al.
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Green heterogeneous catalyst for biodiesel synthesis

K.F. Yung
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The nutritional cacophony may be detrimental to your health

C. Fischler
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