Progress in Nutrition

Published: 2010-05-01


G. M. Halpern
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DNA microarray technology and Traditional Chinese Medicines

Q. Zhang, M. M. Yang
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Original articles

Genomic approach for Traditional Chinese Medicine reappraisal

S. -H.H. Juo
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Regulation of gene expression in brain and liver by marine n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids

G. Kaur, A. J. Sinclair
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Medicinal mushrooms

G. M Halpern
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Effect of a porcine liver peptide extract on TGF-β induced activation of hepatic stellate cells

Y. -F. Shi, P. -T. Cheung, C. -C. Fong, et al.
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Esophageal carcinoma - From molecular pathogenesis to therapeutics

J.C. -O. Tang
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Flavonoid dimer as modulator of drug resistance in cancer

K. -F Chan, I. L.K: Wong, B. A. burkett, Y. Zhao, et al.
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From natural products to Alzheimer experimental therapeutics, eserine based drugs as symptomatic and disease altering agents

N. H. Greig, R. E. Becker, Q. Yu, H. W. Holloway et al.
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Ancient wisdom meets modern ailment – Traditional Asian medicine improves psychological Vigor in stressed subjects

>J. Talbott, >A. -M. Christopulos, >E. Ekberg et al.
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