Quality of packed baby kiwi cultivar ‘Hortgem Tahi®’ and ‘Hortgem Rua®’

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Nicole Roberta Giuggioli
Claudio Baudino
Rossella Briano
Cristiana Peano


Actinidia arguta, post-harvest, storage, quality, punnet


Baby kiwi fruits (Actinidia arguta) represents a relativy new product in the fresh italian market  and the crop is grown in recent years. They are similar to berries and their storage time is different from other kiwi. The aim of this work was to evaluate  the evolution of some quality parametres of packaged fruits of  two cultivar actually marked under the Nergi® brand (Hortgem Tahi®and Hortgem Rua®). Among all the monitored parametres (weight losses, colour, total soluble solids content, titratable acidity, dry matter, firmness, textural parametres  and total polyphenol content) during storage at low temperature (1±1°C), up to 60 days , is possible to adfirm as baby kiwi are very suscettible to pulp firmness decrease. Generally samples of cv Hortgem Tahi® andHortgem Rua® packed with the lid have maintained an higher pulp if compared with the control values. The stability of the peel colour and the limiting of the weight losses during all the storage time are successfully preserved in this preliminary study.

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