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Current Issue

Vol 20 No 4 (2018)

Published: 2018-12-17

Cover and Index

Cover and Index

Editorial Office
Abstract 121 | PDF Downloads 84

Page 00-00


Oral hyaluronan for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review

Simone Guadagna, Dionisio Franco Barattini, Marius Pricop, Serban Rosu
Abstract 143 | PDF Downloads 89

Page 537-544

Lycopene and prostate cancer: an overview

Francesco Carini, Marie Noel Zeenny; Margherita Mazzola; Benedetto Di Trapani, Vincenzo Palumbo, Alice Geagea Gerges, Emanuele Sinagra, Angelo Leone, Giovanni Tomasello
Abstract 90 | PDF Downloads 71

Page 545-548

The role of Tripterygium wilfordii extract in weight loss, energy expenditure, glucose and lipid metabolism

Mahdi Mousavi Mele, Mostafa Nachvak, Mohammad Asghari-Jafarabadi, Beitallah Alipour, Amin Zohourtabar, Mehdi Fasihi
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 51

Page 549-553

Dietary Strategies in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Ayten Aylin Tas
Abstract 192 | PDF Downloads 132

Page 554-562

Original articles

Obesity: Familiarity and Unhealthy Lifestyle

Giorgia Vici, Luca Belli, Roberto Ceci, Leonardo Cesanelli, Valeria Polzonetti
Abstract 62 | PDF Downloads 53

Page 578-584

Anthropometric indices of the newborns related with some lifestyle parameters of women during pregnancy in Tirgu Mures region - a pilot study

Oana Maria Iacob, Anca Bacarea, Florina Daniela Ruta, Vladimir Constantin Bacarea, Florina Ioana Gliga, Florin Buicu, Monica Tarcea, Calin Avram, George Claudiu Costea, Anca Ileana Sin
Abstract 53 | pdf Downloads 39

Page 585-591

Assessment of nutritional status and quality of life among patients with cancer who underwent major upper gastrointestinal system cancer surgery

Gulsah Kaner, Ahmet Zeki Yılmaz, Neriman Inanc, Merve Nur Sultan Yıldırım, Nilgun Seremet Kurklu, Ezgi Bellikci Koyu
Abstract 91 | pdf Downloads 65

Page 592-601

What do female nursing students know about osteoporosis: A survey study

Asli Kalkim, Safak Daghan
Abstract 51 | pdf Downloads 44

Page 616-623

Investigation of association rs266729 G/C ADIPOQ gene polymorphism with type two diabetes mellitus risk in Turkish population

Ramazan Ulu, Semih Dalkilic, Nevzat Gozel, Faruk Kilinc, Ayhan Dogukan
Abstract 65 | PDF Downloads 37

Page 624-628

Short-term feeding with high fructose diet impairs bone mineralization in growing rats

Angelika Manterys, Agnieszka Filipiak-Florkiewicz, Adam Florkiewicz, Magdalena Franczyk-Zarow, Edyta Kus, Marek Sady, Renata B. Kostogrys
Abstract 58 | PDF Downloads 28

Page 629-634

Proportions of prognostic scoring models among ICU patients receiving enteral nutrition

Seyed Mohammad Hosein Mousavi Jazayeri, Alireza Ostadrahimi, Shahryar Hashemzadeh, Abdolrasoul Safaiyan, Firouz Salehpour, Meisam Barati, Fatemeh Azizi-Soleima
Abstract 49 | PDF Downloads 38

Page 635-641

Effect of fermented food consumption on biochemical parameters and adipokines levels

Yekta Gezginç, Canan Marancı
Abstract 75 | PDF Downloads 49

Page 642-647

Relationship between red blood cell membrane fatty acid composition and dietary fatty acids level in obese adolescents with/without metabolic syndrome

Ömer Güneş, Meltem Soylu, Neriman İnanç, Emre Tascılar, Erdim Sertoğlu, Ahmet Taş, Muhittin A. Serdar, Okan Özcan
Abstract 57 | PDF Downloads 36

Page 648-658

A survey of aflatoxin M1 in different milk types in Turkey: risk assessment of children’s exposure

Berna Madali, Atila Gulec, Aylin Ayaz
Abstract 80 | PDF Downloads 59

Page 659-664

Effects of dietary licorice root (Glycyrrhriza glabra) supplementation, storage time and temperature on quality of quail eggs

Sibel Canoğulları Doğan, Mikail Baylan, Sema Yaman, Ayşen Bulancak
Abstract 76 | PDF Downloads 47

Page 665-671

Maintaining the quality of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fillets by treatment of red onion peel extract during refrigerated storage

Ilknur Uçak, Rowida Khalily, Ahlam K.M. Abuibaid, Oluwatosin Abidemi Ogunkalu
Abstract 84 | PDF Downloads 57

Page 672-678

Apoptotic effects of Corchorus olitorius L. leaf extracts in colon adenocarcinoma cell lines

Gunsu Soykut, Eda Becer, Ihsan Calis, Sevinc Yucecan, Seda Vatansever
Abstract 55 | PDF Downloads 37

Page 689-698

Classification of different Sorghum bicolor genotypes depending on fatty acid composition with using Biplot Analysis

Kagan Kokten, Mahmut Kaplan, Ridvan Temizgul, Selma Buyukkilic Beyzi, Kevser Karaman
Abstract 67 | PDF Downloads 51

Page 699-705

In vitro antioxidant and cytotoxic potential of methanolic extracts of selected indigenous medicinal plants

Abida Kauser, Syed Muhammad Ali Shah, Naeem Iqbal, Mian Anjum Murtaza, Iqbal Hussain, Asma Irshad, Suhaila Nasir, Muhammad Akram, Naveed Munir, Muhammad Riaz
Abstract 51 | PDF Downloads 46

Page 706-712

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