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MEDICINA HISTORICA is the new official journal of the Italian Society of History of Medicine. The Journal started in 1910 as Rivista di Storia delle Scienze Mediche e Naturali, and it changed its title in Rivista di Storia della Medicina in 1957. The Journal continues focusing on the history of medicine, in all its aspects. The Medicina Historica publishes original and significant articles on H
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Current Issue

Vol 1 No 3 (2017)

Published: 2018-02-14


Internal history and external history?

Giuseppe Armocida
Abstract 113 | PDF Downloads 17

Page 137-138

Original articles: History of Medicine

The history of paranasal sinus surgery

Marta Mion, Alessia Zanon, Rosario Marchese-Ragona
Abstract 108 | PDF Downloads 33

Page 139-146

Giovanni Battista Palletta (1748-1832), precursor of modern surgery in Milan

Claudia Biraghi, Renzo Dionigi
Abstract 120 | PDF Downloads 19

Page 147-155

Hans Driesch’s Interest in the Psychical Research. A Historical Study

Germana Pareti
Abstract 100 | PDF Downloads 27

Page 156-162

Dr. Amália Frisch among women and Wars, Istanbul to Budapest

László András Magyar, Şeref Etker, Szabolcs Dobson
Abstract 93 | PDF Downloads 16

Page 163-167

The THESA Project - THEatre Science Anatomy

Chiara Mascardi, Emanuele Armocida
Abstract 105 | PDF Downloads 30

Page 168-172

Original articles: Paleopathology

Congenital anomalies in a Sardinian population of 16th century (Italy)

Valentina Giuffra, Marco Milanese, Pasquale Bandiera
Abstract 113 | PDF Downloads 16

Page 173-178

Book Reviews

Book reviews

La Redazione
Abstract 104 | PDF Downloads 15

Page 179-181

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