Published: 2014-09-22

Lorenzo Tomatis 3 January 1929 - 21 September 2007

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Critical Review

Environmental risk factors in primary liver cancer: a review of the literature and perspectives for primary prevention and early detection

Davide Degli Esposti, Patrick Pham, Raphaël Saffroy, Daniel Azoulay, Brigitte Debuire, Antoniette Lemoine
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Health risks from hazardous waste disposal: the need for international scientific cooperation

Daniela Marsili, Lucia Fazzo, Pietro Comba
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Articles on original studies and research

Evaluation of genomic imprinting employing the analysis of Loss Of Imprinting (LOI) at the RNA level: preliminary results

Luca Lamberti, Andreas I. Diplas, James Wetmur, Men-Jean Lee, Jia Chen
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Prostate cancer epidemiology in the French West Indies and French Guyana

Annie J. Sasco, Rishika Banydeen, Hervé Azaloux, Moustapha Dieye, Guillaume Le Mab, Lydia Foucan, Nicolas Olea, Roger Salamon
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