Benign granular cell tumor of breast with malignancy: does it exist?

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Damodara Kumaran


breast, granular cell tumor, benign, malignant


A granular cell tumor of the breast parenchyma is a rare tumor accounting for 5-6% of the breast carcinomas and is mostly benign in nature. The rarer malignant granular cell tumor comprises 1-2% of all granular cell tumors. This is a case of a 35-year woman who presented with a palpable mass in the right breast. On wide local excision, a diagnosis of benign granular cell carcinoma was made. On follow up, with a disease-free interval of one year, she developed local recurrence and she underwent simple mastectomy with adjuvant radiation therapy. Histopathological examination confirmed benign granular carcinoma. This is one such case where histologically confirmed to be benign, but the clinical behavior of a tumor favored malignant variety. Hence adjuvant therapy should be considered for this benign appearing, malignant tumor.
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